Monday, July 16, 2012

Hitting our stride...

 Last night, as Adrain and I collapsed from an action-packed weekend, we talked about the fact that we have hit a new (and great) place in parenting.
 One of our favorite family past times in the summer, is hiking.  We're talking 5-7 mile elevation climbs into mountain-y regions.  We love it.  We pack as many as we can get into each season, and this year, our kiddos carried their own lunches.  Ha! (You have no idea how happy this made my man.)
 As we talked about our weekend, we realized it was the first time we'd pushed our kiddos to their max, and then came home, had another crazy day (more on that in my next post) and both kids still had their heads in the game so to speak. 
 It felt so good so see the maturity and growing up process in these sweet little ones who aren't so little these days.  There were no pre-bedtime melt-downs.... no tears with teeth brushing.... just smiles and "what a great day Mom... when is our next hike?"  From both kids! 
 Adrain and I were more tired than they were!
 This is the best time of the year to hike in my opinion too.  We are always careful to listen to the rangers and choose a hike they recommend... this one had some snow bridges (here you see a tiny one) and snow run-offs in the form of rushing waterfalls that we had to work together to cross. 
 The waterfalls always scare me a little.  But again, we work together as a team and we are cautious.  In fact, we turned back because we crossed a pretty big snow bridge and came to a crazy water fall.  I looked at it, and said, "Okay... I think we're good now."  We knew we wouldn't be able to go all the way to the top of a viewpoint on this hike because of the time of year, and the ranger let us know about where we'd be wanting to stop.  (We didn't even get there, because I'm very cautious and my man doesn't push us onward and upward if I'm not feeling great about it.  I love that about him.)
 The smells were amazing... it was fresh and clean and of course the colors were vibrant.  With snow still melting, everything was bright green. 
 We stopped for lunch with a magnificent view and really enjoyed the peace.  There is nothing like eating lunch on a mountaintop.  If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.
 I always try to pack fun things for our lunches too.  Just to make it a special treat, you know.
 Of course, there is plenty of goofing around... I told these two to make it look like they were pushing the rock off the trail for us.  They are so funny.
 And this is where I got my feet soaking wet.  I always come home with wet feet.  I don't know why... and I'm normally the only one too.  Ha!
 We try and take time to smell the flowers...
 And at some point in the middle of the hike, both kids start talking about ice cream.  We started the tradition of hitting an ice cream store on the way back home a long time ago, and now I doubt we'll ever be able to hike with out offering that reward to these two hoodlums. 
 I love this man.  He's a great leader.  He always points out poison oak and such too... I got snagged by one on this hike and I didn't realize how much it hurts! Ouch!!
Apart from the company, the smells, and the sights... there's also the sound of dozens of waterfalls all around you.  It's amazing.  Each of those "lines" you see are actually snow fed waterfalls.

Such a great way to spend a day... and now my kiddos are off to camp this week so I'll be busy finishing bedroom trim.  And then I'll be done with that project.  And I'll never paint again.  Ever.  Ha!

Also, the winner of the Origami Owl giveaway was Erin Williams.  Congrats and give me a shout at to claim your prize girly! 

What's everyone's week looking like?? 


  1. I can't believe you live somewhere this incredibly beautiful. You've got snow! I'm hoping you take me here or somewhere similar. I need to experience this HIGH:)

    1. Oh girly, I'm already planning our hike!! :) FYI you have to drive about an hour to get to the trail heads and you don't get snow til you hike the 3-5 miles UP! But it's SO worth it... can't wait to bring you.

  2. That snow looks pretty awesome to those of us in the 90's this week :) What a beautiful area. Good for you to get out and experience it with your kids. Something they will never forget!

  3. Wow!! The scenery is beautiful. It's so great when you have such a happy family day, when you're together doing something you love. It's the last week of school in England, yay!! And the Olympics start really soon! Yay!! I just wish it would stop raining. Enjoy your week :)

  4. Amazing. It has been so hot here, that I can barely even remember snow, let alone hike to it!

  5. What a blessing to live in such a beautiful area. I love hiking, but alas, my Lil' Guy? Not so much. Thanks for sharing the majestic surroundings.

  6. middle of July and my man hasn't taken me on a hike yet! must. be. remedied. do you mind sharing what trail you are on?

  7. Loving this! Last summer, I hopped into the car with friends and headed to the mountains. We ran into snow too and it is one of the strangest things....We were ROASTING on the way up. Got there, pulled all kinds of sweaters, coats, and even a blanket out if the trunk. By the end of the day, we were warmed up again and also made an ice cream stop!

    Enjoy your week! I will be prepping for yet another week away.

  8. Oh,I can't wait 'til my kids are big enough for hiking! We'll try some little baby trails this summer while we're in the mountains, but that will probably be all my 3 and 5 year olds can handle. It looks like you're having some wonderful family time.

  9. We just drove 90 minutes up to the mountains a week ago, and had a great afternoon of sledding. :)

    Love, Love, Love our area of the country.

    We were just talking yesterday about doing some family hikes this summer . . . something we've never actually done. We love to go to parks. We love to camp. But . . . since we had babies and toddlers for 20+ years, we pretty much gave up on Family Hikes. Now that our youngest are 10, 10, 12, 13, 15 ... we are ready to head to the hills. Thanks for the encouragement.

    mama of 12 (ages 10, 10, 12, 13, 15, 19, 21, 23, 23, 25, 26, 28)

  10. Love the NW - and am jealous of the snow on the ground! It's 95, humid and hot in GA I'm getting the "cool" from your pictures. Thanks for sharing! (and, BTW, the kids carrying the lunches is priceless. I'm usually the pack mule on our trips, so now that my kids can carry their stuff, it is MUCH more fun!)

  11. Wow! What an absolutely amazing place to live! I can't imagine hiking in such a beautiful area, it is so very different from the east coast. Love that you can enjoy it as a family, too.

  12. I just love your hiking pictures! It always makes me want to escape to the mountains (even thought I go hiking twice a week already!). Where is this hike at? I'm always looking for new hikes to take my meetup group on and this one sounds right at our level.

    I just love the fact that we still have snow up in the mountains! I hiked up to Denny Creek and partially up to Melakwa Lake on the 8th of this month and we ran into quite a few patches of snow. One guy we met on the trail said he fell through several snow bridges and got stuck up to his waist!

    Thanks for sharing your hiking trips! :)

  13. That is awesome I walked 1.8 miles Sunday and was done, your kids are amazing.
    That they could move that large bolder off the trail, too cute!

  14. This looks like a fantastic hike - physically and emotionally! It's so great to see you and your husband bringing your kids into nature.

    And I completely agree - having a meal or snack on top of a mountain (or hills, as we have around here) is soothing and satisfying. =)

  15. I'm a relatively new follower of yours. I love reading your posts and may I say I'm am extremely jealous you're able to go hiking in the mountains. I live in flat country Louisiana and dream of living with more hills and/or mountains around!

  16. Looks like everyone had a great time!
    It looks exhilarating to be ou there together in the great outdoors.
    Thanks for sharing...I love the "kids trying to move the rock photo"! Too cute!
    Have a great week!

    Deborah :)

  17. That is the most beautiful scenery! I can't imagine living somewhere so beautiful. All I see are cornfields which are nice, but they're not mountains. lol Thanks for sharing!!

  18. i took my friend amy on a looooong hike on sunday. we had a blast!! feeing blessed to live in the beautiful blue ridge mountains :) love your hiking pics

  19. What fun Sash! Love that you are all able to enjoy this kind of activity together! Heck, I'D even hike if there were ice cream waiting for me at the end! lol :-) Gorgeous pics, as always, and I think my favorite one is the first: the beautiful two-toned columbine! Oh, and I keep meaning to tell you that I'm headed to your neck of the woods this summer, but I'm not sure just how close we'll be. We're hitting Seattle, Ellensburg, and Victoria...will you e-mail me when you get a sec. and let me know if a meet-up would be possible? That would just be sooo much fun :-) Ok, until next time, have a wonderful day! Happy trim painting (don't envy you that one girl)!

  20. I have my jealous face on.How beautiful!! my kids are 27,21,19.Oh how fast they grow.I'm not sure I'm in shape enough for a hike though.I've been trying.Love to see the pictures.I'm on the oposite sode,Florida.The gulf coast,powered sugar white sand. Very pretty.Love the mountain pictures.Thank you for sharing.

  21. "and then I'll never paint again, ever". *giggle*.
    What a gorgeous hike! I grew up in the desert in New Mexico, so now that I live in Maine, I'm in constant awe at the mountains/green/water...I LOVE it!! And we love our family hikes, too!

  22. love that you can hike with snow in the background with short sleeves on...explain to the southern friend if you get a, I don't understand how you wear short sleeves with snow in the background?

    also, you've lightened your hair...and it looks really, really great!

    isn't it AWESOME to be at an easier stage with kiddos? we're there too. :))

  23. Well, with 107+ here, that snow and all the green looks wonderful! Glad you had a great time. I think it's such a peaceful feeling to be in nature.