Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hunting for seaglass...and beachy nest fluffing

When summer boredom strikes, I often pack up my hoodlums and we hit the beach.  We are working on a sea glass collection so we mainly hunt for that,  but more often than not, it turns into an all out, rock-flipping crab hunt.  And the conversation that has me biting my lip and trying not to howl with laughter usually goes a lot like the one today that I've included word for word (below) just for you.  I hate that I never have anyone as immature as I am to snicker with me when they say things like this; 

"I have crabs, come see!" 
"Whoa!"  (clearly impressed) "That's a lotta crabs."
"Yeah. Cool huh?"
(Pause, as they both gaze at many crabs) 
Then one child bravely picks one up and hurls it into the ocean with, "I'm throwing you back into the ocean where you belong!"  
(They smile and stare at the ocean, knowing they just did their good deed for the day.) 

Yeah.  Welcome to my world.
Crabs might be the creepiest creatures next to spiders if you ask me.  I hate them-and their beady little eyes.
I think my son might have a little bit of sailor boy in him.  He kind of comes alive near the ocean....
... see what I mean?  Happy. 
Gorgeous green eyes.  (You can see my reflection in them.  Love that.)
Every treasure they find, winds up being presented to me like I'm a queen presiding over a rare gift ceremony, until I find myself surrounded by shells, rocks, driftwood, and seaweed.  I am forced to convince them to select one or two items to bring home at the end, or my house would be full of stinky "treasures."
 But it's so hard to part with these.... 

And then we came home and I felt like pulling out some beachy things for some reason and doing a little nest fluffing.  I think it's because it's finally warming up over here in the Pacific NW!  Maybe it's actually summer now! 
 I also got some good news today about our little construction project!  My husband talked to our contractor and it looks like he has us down for sometime in the next two weeks.  They are talking calendars tomorrow...
 I can't wait!  It will be so nice to have a spare bedroom/Den/Family office with doors!!  We did get impatient and replaced our kitchen chandelier with one lone barn light, and it's waiting for it's twin to be installed soon.
  It looks amazing and I have been dying to show you guys but of course I can't yet!  You have to wait until they are both up and then I'll show them. 
 This was the tiny plate my man bought me while we were wandering aimlessly around China town on our vacation.  He laughed because this is what I chose to bring home as a souvenir.  But it was so cute! 
And lastly, thank you for all the comments on my last post- it was really nice to read all the different perspectives on blog comparisons. You guys rock.
And now I've got the winner announcement for the LEMON:AID stand kit!  Congratulations to Moma Chas!  Give me a shout at lemonademakinmama@comcast.net and I'll get your prize mailed out to you!

Thanks again to every one who left sweet encouragement on that post, for the kids who did this.  I know you guys really blessed their hearts. 


  1. It all looks so summery love the driftwood. Wishing you many sunny beach days.

  2. Stunning pictures of life with the kiddos. Thanks for giving us glimpses--can't wait to see the lights:)

  3. Sounds like our days at the beach. :) I, too, have to be a "mean mama" and limit the amount of "treasures" brought home every time we go. "But, this rock is SO COOL."

    Can't wait to see more of your re-decorating.

    mama of 12

  4. We love our sea glass in this family, too. It can be hard to find, huh? The most I've ever found was in the Caribbean (undisclosed secret spot--lol!) Thanks for your fun, gorgeous, summery posts!

  5. Wait. I thought that pretty blue table was your desk. And I can't wait to see the barn lights!

    1. Yes it has a new, possibly temporary purpose until construction is done and I can decide where it will go and what we will do with it... We have two computers so I've just been using our big family one.

    2. That blue table and your beautiful barn table are 2 of my favorite things....

  6. so cute, sasha!! i love beachy decor! love the basket of driftwood. and yes, crabs are very creeeeepy. blech!

  7. I adore sea glass, too and crabs...not so much. Exciting news on the construction front! Looking forward to hearing the deatails,

  8. Love your beach-y display. So pretty.

  9. love your beachy decor!
    i put some shells out, too, after seeing alicia's cuteness the other day! :)

  10. Lovely, inspiring photos as always and what a wonderful display of your finds. How long does it take for you to get to the beach? I would love to live near the coast, but we're right smack bang in the middle of England; good for London but so far from the beach. Oh, I love your little collection of Union Jack goodness!! Getting so so excited here for the Olympics!!

  11. Sasha, Too bad I wasn't at the beach with you. I would've snickered right along with you and maybe made a few more remarks myself!! Your kids look so happy and treasure hunting must have been a blast! Can't wait to see your lights, btw.

    About your last post, oh girl, I started a blog...well at least I created a header at Wordpress....several months ago and that's all I've got! I feel that any effort of mine would be inadequate. I got a Canon rebel T1 last March. Maybe I've tried to use it 10 times, totally intimidated. I do like coming here to look at your pretties and I must say, I love your home. It looks like a home I would like to live in and take care of. Oh, and I get it that it doesn't always look like that and your baking and cooking may not always look so pretty.

    I'm not naive enough to believe that we all have it together, I do realize that sometimes life kicks us in the rear. Thank you for posting about struggles it makes me feel less losery (i know that's not a word). It's so easy to feel like EVERYONE ELSE has it together because it SEEMS that way but we have to remember that we are human and there has only been ONE PERFECT HUMAN in this whole history of the world. He gets it!!

    My humble advice as a visitor who keeps coming back to your blog is keep doing what you are doing just the way you are doing it. This is one of a few blogs that I have NEVER left rolling my eyes or exasperatingly thinking, "oh brother!"

    Pat A. (too lazy to log into my wordpress acct)

  12. I loved seeing pictures of the kids! Tell Ava I said hi. Looks like you guys are enjoying summer now that it has arrived. Had one of my prints framed and picked it up yesterday (the you are the frosting to my cupcake). So cute hanging in our bedroom. I am waiting for the other to be framed. The frame is on back order. Thank you so much!

    Take care,
    Lisa P.

  13. these are such great pictures of your littles....growing up so fast like mine.

    love the summer fluffing that you did around your house...you are seriously gifted at fluffing. :)))

    totally off subject but have I told you that we're sending my son, Luke, to school next year? it's a small, christian school here in Athens...great academics and small enough that they actually do a wonderful job at partnering with parents to help nurture the students spiritually. we're super excited....need to post about it!

  14. There is nothing like the beach!! Was there myself, just this morning! And I LOVE the beachy fluffing. You fluff your stuff so well! :-)

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