Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm proud to say that nobody fell in...

 This post is going to be one part light.... and one part heart-felt.  Be warned. 
 I guess we'll begin with heart-felt because I'm not sure any of this will amount to much if I don't.  My husband has the sweetest grandma.  He lived with her during the first year of college and she was truly there for him during one of the roughest seasons of his life.  He spent his free time playing pranks on her like turning all of her kitchen hardware inside the drawers and cupboards.  I'm not sure that she saw the humor in that or not, but he loved messing with her and because of that, their relationship has been one for the record books.  I loved her right from the start.
She was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and it's bad.  They gave her a couple of months to live and she began Chemo this week.  She also just celebrated her birthday so all of her kids and grandkids decided to have a BBQ in her honor. It was bittersweet for Adrain since it was a large gathering and there wasn't a ton of time for meaningful discussions.  But it was so good to get to hug her and just be together celebrating, especially since she lives about four hours away. 
This is my niece.  We all went out to the most rickety old dock you've ever seen and my brother-in-law thought it was hysterical to jump and thump around on it, shaking the whole thing.  I thought we were all going to be swimming to shore any minute.  What is it, about guys?  They think that sort of thing is the funniest thing in the world.  He promised to rescue at least one of my children since neither one can swim and I was counting on Adrain to save one of them.  Ha!
Anyway, you'd have thought we were at Disneyland they way my hoodlums were carrying on about fishing all the way there. This was their first time fishing together with Daddy (JJ went one other time) and I'm pretty sure they thought they were going to pull in sharks. 

Very high levels of excitement here...

Finally everyone's hook was baited and cast and we waited. 
... we waited with no bites... and then it was time for Great Grandma to open presents.
So there was no fish catching on this day but the kids talked about how fun it was all the way home so I guess it didn't really matter.  This is my man's cute little Mama. 
  It was a little bit cloudy, and not all together warm but it didn't stop us from dipping our toes. 

Seriously cute, right? 
I love family gatherings, but I hate how quickly the time flies... and how hard it is to really connect with anyone when you want to say hi to everyone.  (This is one of my goofy sis in laws and YES if you stick your tongue out at me, I will put it on my blog.)
And here are both of Adrain's sisters from the left, Char, Jeni, and Me.  I like them because they are short. (Well I mean I like other things about them too... but it's good to be in petite company.)
Favorite photo of the day right here... We gathered all of the great grandbabies together for a photo and I love that there's a baby screaming on Great Grandma's lap.  JJ looks so concerned too, doesn't he?  Ava's up there babysitting her little cousin... she's so cute with little kids and loves helping out.
Somebody found a binky.  Works every time!!  LOL
My man's favorite photo of his Grandma.  Isn't it sweet? 
And as we were all gathered in one spot and taking a million photos of different groups of people with Adrain's Grandma, it was fun to capture a few candid shots.  This sweet photo is Adrain's cousin's husband a her little boy.
Another cousin's spouse and sweet baby... 
  And while this was all going on, my little girl who doesn't enjoy a lot of crazyness was having a quiet moment on the end of a swimming dock.
It was a quiet ride back home, with Adrain deep in thought and kids tired from our hike the day before and all the driving and such.  It's very sad to know someone you love won't be here forever.  But such a good feeling knowing that we were able to come and celebrate with dear family.  I know my man didn't get to say everything he wanted to say to his Grandma but he was able to sneak in a little serious conversation amidst all the chaos.  And I witnessed one of the cutest things I've ever seen just before leaving- It was time for us to take big group photos, so Adrain offered his Grandma his arm and led her out by the lake.  He walked nice and slow and she laughed and teased him.  It was darling.  I married such a gentleman. 

Kind of all puts life into perspective a little bit doesn't it?  It's the little moments, the sweetness and the relationships that matter most. 


  1. Oh, man. This kind of brought tears to my eyes. I'll be keeping your husband's grandma in my prayers. Glad you enjoyed your family celebration. Beautiful photos.


  2. Oh, Sasha, this is precious!! And I had just chatted with Theresa online the other day (still amazed that the blog I have been following turns out to be the daughter-in-law of a chldhood friend--- small world!!) anyway she told me the news about her mom. So sad,yet so sweet.... life is short, treasure each moment.

  3. Sasha! Oh I hear your heart here...and I feel for your man too. We just lost my sweet Gram in January, and it's still fresh somehow. How precious to have those moments and memories with her...

  4. Sasha, all your pictures are beautiful and capture the love of the day--but that one of Ava on the dock--with such a breathtaking background full of promise and beauty...reminds me of the whole ci5rcle of life: )

  5. We just got back from the lake this evening; spent the day with our extended family, and Erick's grandma just had bad news from her doctor yesterday. It was a bittersweet visit, but really precious. She (and my grandmothers) are/were such extraordinary inspirations to me in every way, but more spiritually than anything! In not too long Gram will be talking face to face with her sweet Jesus and chatting it up with my grandmothers, too. :) THAT makes me smile. :)

  6. How sweet and sad. She looks like such a wonderful person. That picture of her by herself is my favorite, too.

  7. your posts are always so beautifully written and yours photos too. So sorry about the sad news for your family.

  8. Kinda weepy! I'm going through this now myself. My gram is 97. *sigh*

  9. So sorry to hear about "Grandma", but LOVE all of the pictures.

    My dad is 93, so we know his days are numbered, as well. So sad. So hard. Yet, BLESSED by beautiful relationships.


  10. How beautiful to hear what a special relationship your hubbys has with his Grandma~that is something he will always treasure. Such a gift.
    She is such a beauty. Lifting you all up before Father and trusting each one of you to His love and care.
    Such a beautiful post, and the shots and memories you've captured will be held dear to your hearts. Hugs.

    Deborah xo

  11. Sweet sweet pics Sash. So sorry to hear about his grandma. I know all too well how awful that disease is. No one deserves to go through that.

    I asked my brother to take us fishing last time...we've never been with the girls. It didn't work out. Hopefully soon we can make those memories. Gotta go with him, he's like a pro.

  12. This post is seriously going to make me cry. His grandmother is in my prayers...and I'm going to hug my own children and hubby an extra bunch today...and always.

  13. What precious memories! I will be praying for Grandma and your family. May you feel His comfort during this challenging time. Blessings to you!

  14. So sorry to hear about Grandma. How wonderful it is that you were able to gather as a family to celebrate her life while she is still with you and able to enjoy the time as well.

    On a completely lighter note, I love Ava's Canada sweatshirt.

  15. this is just the sweetest. life is so bittersweet, isn't it?

  16. Oh boy, do I know how y'all feel. Tearing up here and taking stock of all that I have. Blessings to your family as one of them makes the transition.

  17. Precious. I can tell you already ARE so thankful for the sweet memories that were made. What a great opportunity for everyone to be together! Keeping your family lifted up in prayer, dear Friend. ~Sally

  18. sorry about that bad news; will add your grandmother and the rest of your family to prayers.

    glad you all could spend some time together. may there be much more of that here on earth - and forever in Heaven.

    also ... i hope your children will take lessons and learn how to swim! not only because of safety reasons, but also for enjoyment (theirs and yours) of being in water. my sister-in-law and another friend don't know how to swim and so miss out on some great fun, being cooler in the water and i hate that for them, for anyone who doesn't know how to swim.

    best wishes to you and your family.


  19. I once heard that you can tell a lot about a man's character by how he treats servers at restaurants. I think you can also tell a lot about a man's character by how he treats his family (not his chosen family, but his parents, siblings, and so on). So reading about your husband walking his grandmother to the dock for pictures was so heart-warming. It reminded me of how my fiance is with his parents - especially his mom. Every time he sees her, he gives her this enormous "Mom, it's so good to see you and I love you so much" kind of hug. The first time I saw that, it was confirmation that I have a good man for a partner. =)

    Praying for your grandmother-in-law (?), and for the entire family as she goes through chemo.

  20. Amidst all of the chaos, beautiful moments were still there. It all made me cry and remember my Mimie before she, too, passed of lung cancer. I will treasure this 24 years of her love forever. Thus, will Adrain, you, and your children.

  21. A very touching post. Loved your words and the way the photos illustrated them.

  22. I'm so sorry for Adrian that his grandma is terminally ill.
    What sweet memories he has of his time living with her....
    she looks precious...I was picturing him walking arm in arm with her...you DID marry a gentleman.

    totally puts things in perspective...

  23. Aaaw....Grammas are special, and so is your heart...it's obvious.

  24. There's nothing like grandmothers in my opinion! My favorite passed away in the 60's and I still miss her. I'm glad you had this time to share with family and to be with her. If possible, I hope Adrain can visit with her or call her. It's so important to have said everything you want or need to prior to them leaving us. I can only imagine how everyone's hearts must be hurting. Will hold all of you in prayer.

    Your photos are always beautiful...this group especially so!

  25. I think you have to savor every single moment...life just passes by so quickly and it doesn't slow down at all when you get older either. I know my own kids will be so sad when my own mom isn't here anymore...they love her wit and humor so much!
    P.S. Asking a "pretty please"...could I get the color and brand of paint of your front door (the door with the oval window)...I have a great chair that would be so pretty on my porch painted that color!!!