Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June 365

 Dear Diary, Ava has whooping cough.  Or so they say.  Poor thing has been coughing for five weeks.  All of us had to go on medication and she gets to stay home for five days.  I have to admit that I'm not very bent out of shape over that... hmmm... five days cuddling with my baby girl.  Yeah... I can handle that.
 Dear Diary,
I baked the best experimental gluten free chocolate chips today.  I used this recipe... and added 2 TBSP milk and one packet of Jell-o vanilla instant pudding. 
 Dear Diary,
We're all taking meds since Ava's been diagnosed.  JJ had MRSA in his ear that gave us a tiny scare and so far in the last thirty days, our family has had eight doctor co-pays, eight prescriptions and I've had nearly eight physical therapy apts on top of that.  I do believe we may meet our family medical deductible very soon.  I will not take health for granted ever again. 
 Dear Diary,
Sometimes you just have to stay up until midnight watching Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  And sometimes you just have to paint aqua stripes while you do that. 
Dear Diary,
I have the best man.  He tolerates my ideas and always jumps in and helps me with the things I can't finish.  I honestly don't know what I'd do without him. 
 Dear Diary,
One of my favorite looks is the non-matching, yet co-ordinated look.  I pulled all of these pretty linens out of my closet and once they were all stacked together I realized that they were all going to pair perfectly with one another for my guest room bedding!  I had no idea those floral sheets would go with the old quilt in the bottom of the pile.  I've had the quilt for years and I love it. 
 Dear Diary,
I'm painting trim and doors.  It feels like I may be painting for the rest of my life. 
Dear Diary,
Getting outside for a few minutes to pull a few weeds and trim some herbs etc.  I love it when the rain lets up.  It smells so clean and fresh outside.  But now I have to get back to the painting....
 Dear Diary,
Oh my heavens, these boys are my favorite.  Working together on removing door hardware... so cute together.  This project has taken over my family now.
 Dear Diary,
I would like to point out a few things just for giggles.  End of the day.  All the furniture has been pushed into the center of the room for the second coat of trim paint.  You will notice piles of laundry, folded, on the furniture.  I have a system.  I'm sure that shocks you.  Please also notice the single glass of wine on the coffee table.  That was my reward/motivation for collapse at the end of a very hard working day, I'm not gonna lie. 
 Dear Diary,
There is nothing quite like the first popsickles of the year.  Everyone had a brightly colored mouth and it was grand.
 Dear Diary,
Yes I have an addiction to creamy white paint and distressing.  Doesn't everyone?
 Dear Diary,
Oh the wisdom I have yet to acquire.  I love starting a study with a direction in mind, and realizing that God is taking us elsewhere... and for such good things. 
 Dear Diary,
I am madly, hopelessly in love with this little boy.  Please note the look on the captain's face.  Does he look worried to you?  I think he's worried.  My boy doesn't look worried... Why isn't my boy wearing a life jacket?  I see grown men wearing life jackets.  (It was a good thing I didn't go, wasn't it?  Don't answer that.) Praise the Lord they made it back.  Alive.
 Dear Diary,
We don't like yard work in our house.  I wish we did.  We work together but man... it's just not any fun.
 Dear Diary,
I am newly addicted to Summer squash and kale sauteed with garlic and olive oil.  Delicioso.
 Dear Diary,
He melts me.  He is the most amazing father... He loves with a pure quality you don't find many places, and he has taught me so much about being a parent.  I wish I was half as calm, steady and gentle as he is.  My special prayers to the single Mamas out there today.  I think so highly of you.
 Dear Diary,
I stole this poppy while I was on my walk.  It was leaning far over in the sidewalk so I hope that isn't really stealing... it was smiling at me and the day was so gray, I borrowed it's sunshine... don't tell anyone, because I'd hate to have the poppy police arrest me.
 Dear Diary,
I have one very strong addiction.  I have been known to drive out of my way just for this.  I've been known to make a special trip only for this...I've been know to buy two- one for myself and one for the fridge for the next day...  it's a 32 oz white pomegranate iced tea.  It's amazing.  I can make this last all day.  I'm craving one right now.  It's my summer addiction at $2.12.  It's huge.  You see... you get the 32 oz cup and one tea bag, and it's PERFECT! 
 Dear Diary,
My baby girl... giving a sweet speech in front of her entire school.  I would have died.  She did an amazing job.  She just stood right up and delivered it!  I was so proud!!
Dear Diary,
Trying out beachy waves, using a twisty hair technique and a flat iron.  It left my hair a little frizzy, but I kind of liked the windblown look. The problem is that I'll never get it to look like this again.  I hate that about hair.
 Dear Diary,
School is officially over now.  I must find time to read though every paper.  But first... we are going to see "Brave" tonight in the theatre for a special school's out treat.  I can't wait!
Dear Diary,
It's amazing to me how seldom both my man and I are low at the same time.  However... every now and then.  Today was that day.  I got caught up on some Beth Moore videos and did a lot of soul searching.  Sometimes you have to have the tough days to really appreciate the good ones.  I guess.

Dear Diary,
Completing an order.  And indeed... Great is thy Faithfulness.  Thank you for that, Lord.
 Dear Diary,
I am crazy happy to have these little hoodlums home with me.  I'm also happy that the most exciting thing I could come up with (a trip to the local library for fifteen books a piece) still flies with them.  It will be a quiet afternoon for sure with tiny noses stuck in books!
 Dear Diary,
So you know how I said that over the past month we'd logged eight family co-pays and a total of eight various family prescriptions?  We just added two x-rays, another co-pay, and three prescriptions to that!  I think we're making a new personal best/family record here!  I'm happy to say that we have the nicest pediatrician on the planet, (And this is not an exaggeration.  She is a total sweetheart... and she calms me when I'm worried because I know she really cares for these kiddos.  And laughs with my kids funny antics.  And reassures me.  I knew she was the right doc for us when I brought my crying baby and my crying self in during the first week of JJ's life and she listened, took me seriously, and then HUGGED me.  I'll never forget it.  She told me it was "all going to be okay."  Loved her ever since.) And we also have the nicest pharmacist too.  He now knows us by name and upon seeing us headed his way exclaimed, "Well hello Brodeur family!"  It's nice to be known.  Ha!   The good news.... I think we're all going to live. (grin.)
Dear Diary,
I have vacation-itis.  It's a common disorder that overtakes you right before you're about to go on vacation and prevents you from getting anything done.  I really need to get a.w.a.y!!
 Dear Diary,
Ava decided that she wanted a separate color on each toe.  Apparently that's all the rage with the nine year olds.  Ha!  (I have to admit... it was pretty cute.  I was almost tempted to do the same pedicure.... but not quite.)  And now we're ready.  Packed, car loaded and alarms set for 3am. 
 Dear Diary,
Vacation at last. 
 Dear Diary,
Such a funny and sweet moment.  After walking the entire city, following a map and exploring, we hit rain.  We took refuge in a Starbucks, filling up on bananas and Vanilla Rooibos tea lattes (my personal fave drink, being the non-coffee drinker that I am).  Poor Ava had just had enough.  She was cold and wet and tired and dropped, right there on the table for a quick cat nap.  She was quickly revived by a hot cocoa.  I love vacation.

The End.  (Well, of June anyway.)

Now it's your turn!  I'll be thrilled to have you link up below, with your monthly photos.  There are no rules, so just post as many or as few photos as you'd like on your blog and link up here for fun!  


Alicia said...

eeeeee!!!! i'm SO totally linking up! wait! you need a button to add! too much? ok. that's totally fine. i'll just link up for now. ok. i'm excited!

summer colds are the pitty pits. and whooping cough!? what the?? i thought that died with the early 1900's! who knew? it should be illegal. my boys are both feeling under the weather, but i sent them to camp this week anyway because the camp was nonrefundable and kinda spendy. call me a bad mom...that's ok. i get it.

poppy police are hardcore. beware. i had the hydrangea police after me last night. lights and sirens in the rearview, i tell ya! i ran like he**!

we saw brave too. can i whisper in your ear and tell you i was slightly disappointed?? the bear thing? hmmmm...i don't know. wasn't feelin' it.

i LOVE your beachy waves...now come to the beach...with becky and me!!

white pomagranate iced tea sounds SO SO good! what brand is the tea? is it available to the general public? i'm googling it now. i love you, sash, but i do think you're slightly weird for not drinking coffee...i just don't get that about you, you know? but really, you have so much energy naturally if you drank coffee, your head would probably explode...or you'd be painting everyone's trim in Seattle...that would be insane. so ya, stick you tea. but i really do want to try that!

ok. bye.


Anonymous said...

I wanted to let you know that your blog has become my all time favorite!!! I love how "real" you are and how you put yourself out there. You tell it like it is. I cannot tell you how many times I can relate to you!

Also, I have wanted a potting bench (for entertainment purposes) on our deck for so long. I was thrilled to see yours and my wonderful husband and son built one for me! All I need to do is stain it.

Hope you and your family have a great 4th!!!


Farmgirl Paints said...

i love you girl. these posts are my fav you know that. you are beautiful BEAUTIFUL i tell ya. love that hair on you. and everything you touch is gorg. drooling over that gather here sign. DROOLING! man we need to highjack a crumbly old barn somewhere.

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Okay I am so laughing over all this... I would have done the same with camp... and I was in total agreement about Brave... what do those people think about us being up with nightmarish children at 3:00am because they are sure a bear is in their room?

and I am SO green with envy about your and Beckster's weekend. GREEN I tell you!!

The tea... my sis in law saw it at World Market once... got me a box and it was close... getting one today just for July 4th! "Painting everyone's trim in Seattle" Hahahahahahahaha! Yes... I might. I can't imagine myself on Coffee but I'm doing a protien shake for breakfast that is supposed to have instant coffee in it... I'm going to see what happens. LOL

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

yay!!! I LOVE my potting bench for sure... so glad you got one too! Thanks for the sweet love. :)

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh yes let's hijack one. Little secret... Lowes has fence slats for less than a buck... once left outside for a while they are perfect. :) Or just whitewashed like my sign.

Love you babe!!! Thanks for the phone call and encouragement today. I checked out that site you recommended and am feeling very inspired. You rock! Now I'm off to make a coconut milk protein shake for breakfast. :)

Daune | Cottage in the Oaks said...

Oh my goodness! Our Junes appear to be almost identical. ha! Love this post....blessings to you! :)

Heather said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. Pedersen said...

Oh that tea just sounds amazing! I'm heading to my favorite tea/coffee shop tomorrow, so I'll have to check whether they offer that flavor or not. :)

So I've only been pursuing a 52 week challenge, but these kinds of post inspire me to try for a 365!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh do it!! It'll be fun and you can link up next month too! :)

Victoria said...

Just got back from a trip....I posted a while back, but told you I would link up if you figured out how to do it. Thanks for getting me to take the pictures, keep track of the days, and do something with the pictures I am taking!

Scrolling back up to go through your pictures now!

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