Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Country Road (trip)

 Most of you know that I'm in a book club with five fabulous women.  We've lost a few friends over the years to moves and such, but those vacant seats were filled with more friends and we've done some serious bonding over the years.  Which is odd since most of us only see each other once a month at book club.  In which we discuss the book loosely for about 10-30 minutes, depending on the book, and then quickly move on to our life circumstances.
 Each year, we take a weekend girls trip somewhere.  It's been a different location and feel each year... we've hit beaches, and cities.  We've seen Beth Moore.  We've had bachelorette parties with the groom's face on a cardboard stick.  We've eaten at dives and gourmet restaurants.  We've eaten s'mores over beach campfires.  We've talked late into the night and we've stared at waves for hours, not moving or talking.  We've laughed until our sides hurt and cried alongside one another as hearts unfolded.  We've got the giggles in hot tubs at midnight and had to force ourselves to whisper so we didn't get kicked out.  We've never had fights, drama, or weirdness.  We know with six women, that in itself is a gift and we acknowledge it's sweetness. 
 This year, we went east.  Into the country.  The nothing-around-for-miles type of country.  Except horses.  (Kristin A.)
 It was relaxing.  And by that, I mean, we did basically nothing we didn't have to do for three days. 
We had zero cell reception, or I'd have been instagraming all over the place for those of you that follow me there. I think having no cell phones might have been another gift to us all.  Though it was really funny when one of the husbands got through to our resort, and we all went running to the phone to offer up our individual husband's numbers for him to pass the information on to.  Then a volley of phone calls to our room commenced, as each of our men called us to check in. 
 I think that's the other gift.  We're all happily married.. some of us newly so, and we love our men to pieces.  We speak freely about our best friends and how much they mean to us.  No husband-bashing, just building one another up and real life struggles that could use encouragement from time to time.  It's such a breath of fresh air in a world of the opposite. 
 These girls... they are good medicine to my soul.  I like to think everyone in the group feels that way.  We challenge one another to do things that we wouldn't normally do on these weekends, and for this trip, it was horseback riding.  One of the girls hadn't ever riden a horse before.  She was very brave.
 We know how to dress for that part.  Ha!  Allison's horse was named Taco.  I think that might be my favorite horse name of all time. (From the left, Betsy, Me, and Alli)
 I almost had my fill of country.  Almost.  I grew up in the very heart of country, Montana, and rode horses with my friends after school, saddle optional... but it had been a long time since I'd grabbed that saddle horn, placed my foot into the stirrup and swung up.  I love the smell of horses.  I always have.
 And wouldn't you know, I got the onery horse.  He looked pretty old to me, but they swore he "wasn't."  Yeah.  Sure. 
 It was unbelievably fun. 

 (From left: Me, Kristin S, Nurse Nicki, Alli, Kristin A, Betsy.)
 This is Ricky.  My obnoxious horse.  He kept picking up his pace intentionally just to bump the horse in front of him with his nose to get "a move on."  It was cracking me up.  I kind of like obnoxious old horses.  They've probably earned it. 
 As we finished up with this, we decided that it was rather tame... so next girls weekend we'll be zip lining. 
 The resort we stayed at, had a gourmet (or as Alli put it, "world renown") restaurant overlooking the most gorgeous lake.  (Kristin S.)
 We sat in those seats for nearly five hours.  And we talked...
 ... and talked...
 ...and talked... until it was pitch black and the sky had exploded with the kind of starry show you can't see in the city. 
 I love the adventurous spirit in this group. 
 Everyone's up for anything... and that's what makes fun happen. (From left: Kristin A, Nurse Nicki, and Me.)
 I love that we can sit poolside for two hours and not talk.  Comfortable silence.  (From left: Me, Allison, Kristin S., Betsy, Kristin A, Nurse Nicki.)
 It's always over too soon and time to head home... but we are always missing our hoodlums and men by the end of the weekend and refreshed and ready for the return trip. 

So here's to next year... and zip lining with these women that I love.  

But.... how am I going to take pictures while zip lining?  (grin)


  1. oh my gosh! so fun!!! !i love that you do this every year. i am ready for meeting good friends like that here in nc. ready, i tell ya!!

  2. Wow, this looks like so much fun. I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend. Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful pictures. I know you'll figure out how to take pictures when you zip-line. Where there's a will, there's a way, right? ;D

  3. looks like so much fun! there is an awesome zipline course down here;) question: how do you choose books for the club? i am about to start my own book club, wondering how to go about it!

    1. why oh why is blogger messin' wit the pcs again? ugh!

  4. oh girl these are so good. glad that you gave the girls names in the pics since i'll be meeting them...EEEEK! you are adorable in your braids and cowboy hat. i just want to squeeze you! i always get the onry horse too by the way;)

  5. Amazing beauty looks like you all had a great weekend, sounds like a tradition not to miss. You look like a natural on that Ricky.

  6. Sounds like a fabulous getaway. You are blessed to have such good friends.

  7. Girl Getaways are THE BEST. I go on one every autumn with my two sisters, an Aunt and a cousin. We have the absolute most lovely time. I love trips with my dear husband (best friend ever) and my heart (my son), but those girl trips are especially soul enriching, aren't they? In fact, we (the girls and I) will be heading to the mountains of New Mexico in October. After a summer of 100 plus degree days, we are especially looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing your life. Love reading your blog!

  8. what a sweet time of refreshment and encouragement!! and gorgeous pictures to boot (hehe... that was a country joke just for you!). what a gift to have a group of gals to enjoy. i'm kinda jealous that they get to have book club with you! : )

  9. How much fun! I am glad that you got some time AWAY. My favorite places to go are sliw, quiet places where I can be with great people, eat yummy food, try new things, AND be in the middle of nowhere with no phone, internet, etc. It's like going back in time.

    You have a group of friends to be very thankful for! Each picture shows what a great time you all had.

  10. Beautiful photos! Would love to visit wherever y'all were! Sounds like a great weekend!

  11. Gorgeous Pictures of some wonderful memories shared with your friends!


  12. What a blessing!! So happy that you had a refreshing time away with girlfriends!

  13. I LOVE the 'no husband bashing' comment. That is something that is easy to fall into, but I've been reminded (ahem) that I am not perfect so I shouldn't expect him to be. Thanks for being such an inspiration. I consider you my blog friend (Is that a category in friend world?)

  14. Beautiful pictures! You are blessed to have a group of friends like that. :)

  15. What a blessing to have such strong friendships with these women. The location looks sublime as well! Lovely!

  16. I live in rural Pennsylvania. Our home is nestled in the woods with a view of the creek from the front windows. Cell service is not available there. Nor is the internet. And, we don't have tv (by choice). I can't even begin to tell you how peaceful it is. I spend all day in front of the computer and on the phone at work and when I go home it's just perfect. My family is my entertainment and we're never bored or looking for something to do.

    Glad you had such a great time. Sounds like your friendships are a great blessing to you! What a wonderful group of women.

  17. Nurse Nikki! So good to "see" her! Glad you had a great time! These friendships are so important to women! You are modeling so well for Your own daughter!

  18. awwwww...this makes me miss my book club in Orlando.
    I need to build me another book club here in Georgia.

    your pictures are BEAUTIFUL. you're so talented!!!

  19. Beautiful!! Where is this? I want to take my sisters!! Thanks for sharing as always!