Sunday, August 26, 2012

Everyone tells you it goes fast...

 Every now and then it hits me.  I'm a mom. 
 My man was standing behind me tying his necktie as I finished editing a few of these.  I turned around and looked at all six feet of handsome standing there and said, "We made these..."  (Of course we didn't really... but you know what I mean.)
 Little personalities... funny quirks... hilarious faces and words.  My kids. 

I almost deleted this one... but it looked like an old fashioned, miserable child being photographed.  So I kept it for laughs.
 Oh I love these two. 

 I'm not sure how this happened.  I guess I blinked... and now they're getting so big on me!!

 But no matter what... they're still my little hoodlums.  Always will be.
 It does make me feel a little bit old... realizing how long I've been a mom now....
 But of course if that didn't make me feel old, the fact that my first baby sitter got married yesterday surely cemented the fact.  She was a mere twelve years old when she began babysitting for me.  She has such a precious place in our hearts- all of us.  My kids were thrilled to get to go to her wedding. 
 We had to kind of squeeze it in, as we had weekend guests and plans.  Getting to see her marry such a sweet guy was special.  And of course she looked gorgeous.  There's just something about a bride, isn't there?  Absolutely beautiful. 
This moment... oh how I remember this moment.  On the arm of your father... about to change your life forever.  I even got some butterflies in my stomach just remembering. 

Yep.  It sure goes fast...


  1. Your children are precious - and you surely don't look old enough to have a babysitter already getting married!
    And I love the "miserable child being photographed"....

  2. Well, you and your husband make some sure enough cute kids!

  3. Beautiful photos. I love that "old looking" photo of your daughter. I felt really old when my babysitter went to college and now she just got engaged. I felt even older when the kids I babysat went to college. Sheesh! Where does the time go?

  4. oh my word; i'm in my 30's, have been married for 13 years, have 3 children; oldest one is almost 8...and STILL sometimes I have those "I'm a MOM!" moments. Or "I'm a Grown-Up!" moments. :) It's so funny! I really feel it when I'm toting them around by myself in the mini-van, haha!
    Beautiful pictures, as always!!

  5. Ava does have that vintage face...So adorable!

  6. Such sweet pictures of them all dressed up. Sometimes I can't believe I'm a mom. And a step-mom. And a dog owner. :) Tomorrow school starts for us and I am a teacher at my daughter's school. I get the pleasure of seeing her in that setting which is such a treat. She memorizes me as do my other kids. I am so proud of them. And I'm proud of my husband and I for always trying to make good choices, even when it's not easy, and always trying our best. You and your husband seem like such wonderful parents, through thick and thin. Have a wonderful week!

  7. This made me teary eyed thinking about how fast they grow up and how one day they are getting married! And I have a 1 1/2 year old so I have a while! haha Such a good, and often needed, reminder to cherish the time we are in, while we're in it!

  8. where'd you get ava's dress? i was online for about a million hours last night tryign to find long sleeved dresses fro my bryn!

  9. Your daughter's dress is just precious!! I wish they made those in my size! :)
    Ditto on it all going too fast. My 'baby' is about to lose his first tooth. My oldest 'baby' started middle school last week. MAKE IT STOP!!

  10. I am dying over that "miserable" looking picture of your daughter...of course, she's precious, but you're right, it did look like one of those old time pictures where no one smiles...ever.

    I also LOVE the one of your son right underneath that one...he could hang with my two CRAZY boys.

    And, I just love, love, love your daughter's beautiful dress with the grey tights!!!! I want it for myself!!!

    beautiful bride...just beautiful.

  11. I was going to ask about ava's dress, too, for my Ema :) Your children are so beautiful and have your smile! And your sister looks stunning!

  12. Babysitters growing up and getting married is an eye opener, isn't it? My son is a senior and I am in awe jut how quickly it is passing. Enjoy every moment and continue taking those gorgeous helps.

  13. My favorite was the one where she wasn't smiling. Love her sweet face.

  14. You have some beautiful little ones (who I guess aren't so little)!! What a lovely looking family. I hope you are all well! I've been away from the real world for quite some time now, but am just catching up on my favorite blogs. I hope you are well!!

  15. yes... i totally have experienced this a whole lot lately. and mine are only 2 and 3! have mercy!! ha! your hoodlums are quite the cuties. : ) just like their mama!

  16. Your little ones are adorable - but wow, the shirt and tie on your wee guy - that's a heart stopper. :)

  17. Incredibly fast! Our first one is graduating this year...when did THAT happen? When visiting colleges we've been saying, "How can we be visiting colleges when WE just got out of college!" ha!

    Cherishing every minute......

  18. Time does go by so fast! My two sons are both in college. I have recently been going through and finding pictures just like the ones you showed - with freckles - and putting them in frames. Those freckles kind of fade over the years and I loved them so much!