Saturday, August 18, 2012

I love...

 I love these posts about what I love.  Heh, heh.  I love projects.  Right now I'm working on a fun foodie project... 
 I love this white pitcher.  I never know what to put in it but filling it to the brim with flowers from the garden seemed appropriate.
 I love... no wait.. I'm addicted to this stuff.  I love coconut.  It gives a soft shimmer to the lips, makes them super soft, and the scent of coconut cream is dreamy.
 I love date nights.  (my purse and shoes ready for going out pictured to the right) I love peace and quiet... (which it was when I took this photo last night) I love little boys who ask to do chores so they can play on their DS for a half hour.  (seen all nestled up in the background) And lastly... I love the finish on these barn lights. Sigh.
 Speaking of finishes... I love the new finish on the candle chandelier that I've just hung above our guest room bed.  It wasn't working for me, so I coated it in a matte-finish white paint and now I love it. 
 It blends and fits perfectly into this room now.  Love that. I also love that our first overnight guests are arriving on Monday.  Yippee!
 Right now, I'm loving the Well Fed cookbook.  I made my own Olive oil mayonnaise today... it was fantastic and actually very easy with the use of my blender!  Just egg, lemon juice and light olive oil, plus a dash of dry mustard, salt and pepper. 

I love that my man plays games with my kids.  And I really love (don't kick me out for admitting this) that he doesn't make me play Monopoly with them all. (Man I hate that game. I'm really more of a "Clue" girl.)
 I love photographing our afternoon snack.  I can't help myself... I'm a blogger.  And you know what?  I love that. We just finished watching the Hunger Games and these figs were perfection.  (My kids won't eat them though because they watched some survivor show where someone bit into a fly-infested fig.  Weirdos.  But I do kind of get that.)
And my favorite love for today... Instagram. 

Instagram... you complete me in every way. 

What are you loving today?


  1. i pretty much love everything you love. it's good. we get along real well.

    ps: did you seriously make your own mayo? holy hannah!

  2. I would love to know if you have to have a smart phone to use instagram...

    1. Alas... sadly yes as far as I know. (I was itching to get mine just so I could get on it...)

    2. Ah, well...maybe someday.

  3. such loveliness here! that snack image is amazing. just perfect. and reminds me that i've never had a fresh fig. i've had fig butter, but not the peeled deal. i better try some. you've inspired my inner fig longings. : )

    so, my sis is over (kelly is in switzerland on a missions trip) and we were going to get The Hunger Games. BUT. our RedBoxes were all out of em. i was afraid of that. maybe soon. glad you could see it!!

    i love insta too. and i love following you! keeps me feeling a little closer to your world, no matter the miles. xo!!

  4. You are the third person who said they watched the Hunger Games today...we just now finished watching it! I adore figs and usually pig out on them when I get them. (and regret that later...ahem). Never tire of looking at photos of your house. Love it :)

    1. That is so funny because as I was posting them I thought... do these peeps get tired of seeing so much of my digs? LOL

      Glad YOU aren't!! :)

    2. Your home and family are MY FAVORITE photos of yours. :)

  5. Today, I am loving the free time. After a week and a half of staff training in which my schedule was pretty much set for me and any free time devoted to staying ahead of the rest of life, having a day in which there were large chunks of time that I could do whatever I wanted - divine!! =)

  6. I'm loving that it's very sunny here and everybody in this country seems happy and upbeat since the Olympics (it was AWESOME!) and I still have two weeks before school starts back. And I'm loving that you posted lovely photos of your home to fill me with inspiration. Hope you're enjoying your weekend too :)

  7. Those lights, those lights, those lights. I think I am in love. Where oh where are they from?


    1. I found them at the hardware store- Lowe's... they were just plain silver finish (icky shiny) so I roughed them up, primed them, painted them with copper spray paint, then oil rubbed bronze, and once dry ran a light sand paper over them to show a bit of the copper. :)

  8. Love those lights too! Great job with the finish! I love this blog!

  9. Love the lights! My daughter is watching Hunger Games right now and I hate Monopoly too! LOL!

  10. I am loving my wonderful group of friends. They pray for me and worship for me when I just don't have it in myself to do it. They don't ask for details about my struggles but I know that they stand in the gap for me and they do it out of love. They are truely wonderful women. I also love my husband so much right now for protecting our family and keeping God #1. He's amazing too.

  11. what am I loving today?
    me three..monopoly. Hate games. Sad but true:)
    Is this sad or what? Honestly..I am having trouble thinking
    of something! I have had a bad cold for a week and I have been
    miserable!!! I want to feel normal...ok here is one.
    I feel a teensy bit better this morning:)
    and I am loving Keurig now has Swiss Miss hot chocolate in k cups.

  12. I'm loving Instagram...
    I'm loving the ever so slightly cooler's still 85 but at least it's not 105 anymore. :)
    I'm loving that my oldest is loving school..praise God.
    I'm loving that burger that I ate tonight with jalapeños and crumbled goat cheese. swwwwweeeeet.

    I'm loving the bed I'm about to crawl into...nighty night!