Sunday, September 23, 2012

All it takes.

I woke up yesterday morning to a quiet house because my man was working all day and the kiddos were still in bed.  After getting everyone up, I decided to take a shower.  Ordinarily I have this weird (or not so weird habit?) of laying out my clothing for the next day. (You know when I'm actually getting dressed in clothing- as opposed to my standard attire of yoga pants.)  I hang the outfit beside my dresser and call it good.

As I reached for the top and sweater hanging up, I noticed that my man had left me a note, neatly printed in his customary all capitals, on the back of one of his business cards.  He said "This is very cute.  I can't wait to see you in it.  Have a great day.  I love you!"

Um.  Yeah.  That's pretty much all it takes to make a girl's heart flutter for a week.  My man (the stud on the mountain above) is so good at saying the right thing at exactly the right time.  I was struggling the other day, saying all kinds of mean things to myself about my appearance and I looked up at him and said, "I need you to speak truth to me right now."  He said nothing.  He just reached down, took my face in his big hands and kissed me soundly, like a romance novel.

That was the perfect thing to "say." 
 I still feel giddy about this.  I instagrammed it immediately because sometimes you just have to tell somebody!  You know? 
 And then because I am me... I texted him this photo of myself in it... to which he replied, "Very preppy.  You are gorgeous." 
And yes.  He gets a gold star for the year. 

(FYI my phone camera makes me look way skinnier than I actually am.  I think that's weird... but also kind of inspirational.  Just keepin' it real.)  And side note.. I think orange and blue gingham might be my favorite combination on the planet right now.
 And now... because I was gone all last week, I wanted to show some little bits of swoony autumn that are creeping into my home.  Besides, my hoodlums are outside playing with the dog right now so it's clean and tidy for the moment.  I promise it does get messed up continually.  It really does.

 I spent the day after Becky left, cleaning, organizing and shuffling everything in every room around.  (I get bored and like to hang pictures in different places, move pillows, drag things out of closets, and put other things back into them.  It's so fun.)
 This room doesn't look very different than it normally does, but blankets and board games are out in stacks now, and already getting used plenty.
 This isn't technically a peek of autumn.  It's a birthday present from my friend Kristin who knows that I'm obsessed with blue mason jars.  I filled it with Daisy's potty treats.  Bwahahaha.

Really, I did.  (And yes, she is finally doing better asking to go outside thanks to the poochie bell and these treats.  Whew. Thanks to everyone who weighed in with the AMAZING and helpful tips!!)

 Sadly, I put the wooden oar away until spring.  But I do love this sign and it looks nice in this spot so there ya go.
 Plaid wool throws.  Does it get any cozier?  I ask you.

And no.  It does not.
 Lil pop of my new favorite print.... Told ya I moved things.  All. The. Time. 
 Sweet simple welcome.  I'm not very into fussy Fall decor.  I tend to gravitate toward simple and clean.   Pumpkins will soon be out though... I do love to add in a few of those. 
 Teeny pies in jars for family this weekend.  It can't be helped.

There may or may not be red and white gingham checkered oilcloth toppers for these too. 

 I'm a little bit in love with cute vintage thermoses right now.  I kind of want two more.. but alas Dave Ramsey says "no."

Darn you Dave!! 

Just kidding.

Dave's a good guy. 
I missed you guys last week!  It feels good to be back.  How are you all?? Fill me in on what I missed!


  1. your house with its autumny goodness! And you looked adorable in the orange and blue outfit. Welcome back. i am sure I speak for many that we missed you!

  2. Seriously??? I'm in love with your house. Everything looks warm, friendly, inviting and clean. Happy fall!

  3. I saw your outfit photo on ig and could not wait to see what the whole outfit looked like. I love that orange and blue gingham! Fall clothes are so fun. :)

  4. Your house looks so warm and cozy! I want to snuggle right in on your sofa and read my book! The sweater combo looks adorabl on you! Are the mini pies gluten free? I would love to know where you got the recipe!

  5. we stopped at the market
    on the way home from church today

    and after the hubs stopped to let me out
    and i walked in front of the minivan
    he rolled down the windo
    and whistled at me
    construction worker-style

    i love that little note
    and those moments
    when our men make us feel like

    hot stuff


  6. Every day I would go to the LMM link and then would lmm today - such sadness!! haha!! Glad you had fun though!! Love your house and that hubby should get a gold star for the DECADE!!!!!

  7. Love your home! (a recurring theme on your comments today!) And I'd love to know the secrets to the little pies in the jars? Too fun!
    As for your guy, what a sweetie. Truly. My husband does the same things and it means so much, you know?

    BTW, I'd love to have your camera phone. I see pics of me on my phone all the time and ask myself "is that REALLY what I look like?' lol! Your outfit was perfect for us down here in the South as college football is in full swing and AUBURN colors look great on everyone!

  8. Love the changes in your house! Pulling out new things with every season has always been one of my favorite things. Your hair is getting so long! I love how full it always looks. Hope you enjoy your night!

  9. Aaaahhhh!!! LOVE how you used the thermos! Your decorating is so clean and welcoming and calming. I seriously think I'm going to drown in our clutter.. I am forever trying to get rid of, while at the same time bringing stuff in....and my husband is a pack rat, sigh!

    Happy glimpses of fall :)

  10. Sasha you are just the cutest I just may have to steel the ogange & blue combo I have the same old navy shirt I love it! Love the thermos with flowers.

    Glad you are back to blogging happy fall!

  11. and now i want a thermos! i always adore how simple, and clean and fresh your decor is. it makes me want to bust through this screen and show up on that pretty doorstep. ; ) oh, and ps. i agree with adrain, you are gorgeous!!

  12. Love the flowers in the thermos....... so cute and your hubby is a keeper !!!!!

  13. I am totally in love with orange and blue combo's too!! and orange and purple (has to be the right shade of purple to pull it off though) I love orange actually. it's the new pink as far as I'm concerned. ;) loving autumn... getting in the groove... 2 pumpkin spice lattes 2 days in a row!! autumn rocks!!

  14. Such sweetness, from beginning to end. :) Your house is so lovely! It is very inspiring. Who needs Pinterest?! :)

  15. Your house is so fresh & clean! Where is all your "stuff?" My house always looks like a tornado just hit.

  16. I love all your moving stuff around..... I totally do that too. Hubby calls it my "ADD HGTV" lol. Glad to know Im not alone :)

  17. Can't imagine you having any issue with the way you look. Just remember to be as kind to yourself as you are to your besties.

    Love, love, love the thermos!

  18. I love that outfit - so so cute! I want one just like it. Seriously.
    I am also loving that thermos - I spent some time considering a similar one at GoodWill the other day, I walked way without it, and now that I see yours I am kicking myself! I might have to go back to see if it's still there.
    You are gorgeous and so is your home!

  19. our husbands are very similar....they love us very well, don't they? LOVING the orange and gingham...I've got something similar pinned for when it gets cold enough here. :) And, this is why I LOVE Pinterest....I've had the orange sweater and the blue and white gingham shirt...just didn't think to put it together. hahaha.

    I can't wait to hear more about your time with Becky! I thought about y'all a lot last week....bloggy land wasn't the same without your regular posts. :)))

    and on a last note....cause this comment is so random.....your home looks perfectly fallish and those mountains are so beautiful that they don't look real. do you ever pinch yourself at the beauty around you? snow already? so different from here!

  20. Oh my!!! What a treasure your man is <3 That note totally made me tear up, that is the sweetest thing ever!!! God is sooo good!!!! Your house looks amazing!! I'm glad to hear that you move everything all of the time!! Friday night I talked my man into helping me move our entire downstairs around!! The thought started on Thursday night and I just HAD to put it into action!!! Now my living room is my dining room and whatnot!!! Sometimes I feel absolutely crazy!!! But I just have to do it ya know??

    And Oh, I have that same adorable vintage thermos!!!! I love her with little flowers in it!!!!

  21. All I can say is I don't think it's the camera- you are beautiful! I think you are just way too hard on yourself :) Love the little pies in a jar, the note was so sweet from your husband and love your decorating style.

  22. you ARE precious! I say mean things to myself too..I am working on it and in HIS grace..i have moved forward...LONG long story behind all of I need to write a book..novel kinda story
    oh I wish I could hug you and say that God really does love us just like we are no matter what this human world says we look drives me crazy..if we lived in countries where it didn't even matter that our boobs hung to our waist as we walked with barely a thing on cause we were in a third world country and men don't care that their women aren't know? does any of that make sense? It just kills me to hear women beat themselves up...myself included when God tells us He sings over us and isn't that enough? to heck with everyone else you know? much easier to say than to digest and make it a part of our flesh though isn't it?
    and I LOVE that sweaters with shirts underneath are coming back..that was in when I was in highschool or round about there:) you are beautiful...listen to that song...can't remember who it is by..christian song and so is your house and off subject but I am going crazy with dog hair in my house..we have a grown black you have issues with that?
    please say yes..and sorry this is a book

  23. your home looks so super cozy!! plaid wool throws make me want to leave all my windows open and make some hot chocolate (or spiced cider)! i love the colors on your living room wall and door! do you mind sharing info on those?

  24. Welcome back! Missed you last week, but followed you and Becky on Instagram - looked like a truly awesome week!

    I want you to come to Wisconsin and simplify my home! I just love yours! You're welcome any time!

  25. I love this post, the note from your husband would have made me swoon and smile! (If it was from my husband, not yours:) ) I just made pillows from the blue fabric that you love that is on your bench! I also got the two other prints that coordinate with it---I absolutely love it!!! The blue is my favorite of the three. I posted about these Fall-ish pillows I made last week...

    Have a great week!