Thursday, September 27, 2012

Garlands and pumpkins, and doctors.

Hey sweet things!  Just popping in here before the weekend hits to give a few quick updates.  (And share some cute harvesty photos with ya!)

First... to the dozens of you that missed out on the Names of God Christmas tree garlands.. YES I will be making another big batch.  I didn't realize how quickly 20 would go.  Sorry about that.  Should have doubled it I guess.  I am hoping to get them done and listed by mid October and I'll post it here as soon as I hit "list" in my shop.  I know a lot of you want me to take a list... but to be honest I just can't do that right now.  I am feeling a little overwhelmed in a few other areas of my life, so I'm just going to have to keep it first come, first serve. I know you guys understand. 
  Secondly, and yes this is totally frivolous.  I love planning an un-fussy table decoration that can last until well into November.  I had three blue mason jars all summer and just changed out what was in them from time to time.  I knew I wanted three white or gray pumpkins on plates.  Simple and sweet. I scored these at Trader Joes and love them.  Plus, I was very careful with my grocery shopping so that I could bring home a batch of pumpkins and I'm pretty sure Dave Ramsey would be proud of my careful efforts!! 
 Alright moving to the front porch.  Since my dang dog has been dragging corn stalks all over the backyard (it looks atrocious out there right now) I had my strapping little JJ take an axe and cut them all down so I could decorate with them.  I had never done that before... but always wanted to.  I'm not 100% sold on having them on both sides of the door but my man will let me know what he thinks tonight and if he thinks it's a little "much" I'll rip 'em down.  (They're kinda squished in that corner... you know?  But also still cute.  So I don't know.)
 I dragged things out for at least half an hour trying to get it just right.  I stacked these pumpkins (gourds?) also from Trader Joes and now I'm done with pumpkins until Halloween.  (First pump!) I'm hoping not to kill those mums.  I'm awfully good at killing live plant-type things. 

 I would also love to point out the upper right corner where my man wrote "My Beautiful Bride."  (Keeper, yes?)  I wrote "pie and thai food take out."  I believe that tells you everything you need to know about me.  And I'm not sure that's entirely a good thing. I also wrote, "When daddy comes home!!"  I think you all know just what kind of day prompted those words.  (grin.)
 For those of you that keep up with my Instagrams, I just wanted to thank you so much for your sweet words and prayers... I was watching TV the other night and my heart started racing like crazy. I couldn't breathe and it felt like it was going to pound right out of my chest.  I'd also been feeling really, really tired the past days before (which is very unusual for me- ordinarily I could power a small town with my energy level).  I just hadn't been feeling right... like something I had swallowed just hadn't gone all the way down and I've had no appetite for days.  Just kind of "full" in my upper chest so of course I began freaking out that I was experiencing some heart attack symptoms.  Adrain made me call the doctor and after answering all their questions, they got me in for an EKG.  (Which was mostly fine since it wasn't happening at that moment.) They are however, going to hook me up to a 30 day monitor if it happens again.  Oh goody!  They also tested my blood levels and some other things, and I'm super low on iron and vitamin B again.  I swear.  Is this what happens when you get old?  Sheesh!
 Also.  This made me laugh so hard.  I had to share it on IG because well... that's what we do and we're very funny sometimes.  And when I say very... I mean very!

Just so you know.
In closing... I had to share this photo.  It's where I run.  I love this part of the trail.  It makes me think deep thoughts about life.

Such as... I can't always see what's around the next bend in life... and I often lose hope while I'm waiting to find out.  We can't always know what's going to happen next with our health... our finances... our relationships, or our living situations.  And it causes worry.  Anxiety.  Fear.  The encouragement that pops in to my heart at that exact moment is this; Hebrews 11:1 "Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see."

Don't you just want to absorb that truth?  Faith.  Gotta have faith when you can't see what's next.  

Much love to you all this weekend friends, 


  1. What a gorgeous running trail! I'm gonna have to check my Trader Joes for white pumpkins because I can't find them anywhere else and we all know white pumpkins are the prettiest ;) Oh and if you have any tips on getting your Etsy shop to take flight please let me know??!! Your items sell so fast and I feel like it's so hard to even get noticed.

  2. Glad to hear that your heart test came back OK! I had weird chest pain and difficulty breathing a few years back and it turned out to be some kind of reflux/stomach not digesting properly thing. I was pretty convinced that I was having heart problems because my Mom did, but thankfully it was not! It may be worth asking your doctor about if you keep having trouble.

    By the way, I LOVE the BAKE letters on your wall!

  3. Glad to hear you are ok. The pumpkins are adorable and I LOVE your front door - looks awesome! Great job. Hope your feeling back to your self old (young) self soon ;)

  4. i like the cornstalks...and i love the analogy. even when we are clueless about the road ahead, HE knows perfectly well. love you friend!

  5. Two years ago I spent 2 weekends in the hospital for very similar heart issues. Turns out I have a bit of an electrical problem and I was really low on potassium. Long story short, I am still alive and very well. So while it's very scary (I have done my share of panicking), these things can be dealt with. I am trying to make you feel it working?

    I am saying a prayer for your health and hoping you feel much better soon!

  6. I had a heart moniter on for a while. It's kind of a pain, but I guess it gives the docs what they need. You'll be fine.
    Yeah, faith.

    "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  7. I looked at Trader Joe's today and nothing but regular orange pumpkins. Rats! So glad you could score some because they look so pretty on your table. And the front door looks very autumnal. I am also quite low in iron (I had to stop giving blood, boo) and my doctor will test me again during my upcoming 50th year check-up (double boo). Glad the EKG turned out OK. Take care of yourself! :) Thanks for sharing the verse on faith - it's the unknowns that are so scary sometimes.

  8. Love the cornstalks..keep em! Pumpkins are beautiful too! I always remember that at an acronym for FEAR is (False Evidence Appearing Real). Have a blessed weekend!

  9. I might take up running if I could run down that lane! Beautiful.
    I had that heart racing thing once and went through the whole EGK thing twice and a stress test and it was nothing and I'm way older than you! Be of good cheer.

  10. I have also had the heart racing thing and had an EKG. Did they think it was (or is) stress? Your house looks bee-you-t- full with all of the pumpkins! I love Trader Joe's! Happy Running this weekend!

  11. Hey Sasha, my prayers are with you. Yep, I had the same thing as all these ladies, mine was lack of potassium, stress and an inflamed chest wall cavity. But after every exam and all, I was fine.

    Wish that I had a Trader Joe's in these parts. And I say amen to more garlands, thank you, thank you for making more for the rest of us. The corn husks look cool, keep them. Have blessed weekend and feel better!

  12. i would so give up the beach for a running trail like that. WOW! my trail is around a centex neighborhood. ; ) the garlands... i knew they'd sell in a flash. thank the Lord you are okay.

  13. Glad to hear everything turned out alright! That is scary stuff for sure.

    Love that thankfulness board, the cornstalks, and even the mums you're trying to kill.

    Thanks for the TRUTH. I needed to hear that today. I have been VERY anxious about the next couple of weeks and I just simply tend to be anxious about "around the corner" life stuff too. Unknowns would like to kill me....I know that's exactly what anxiety is all about.

  14. love your pumpkins! I pray things will turn out ok with your blood work and heart racing. Love your running trail, it looks beautiful!

  15. Can I come live with you so I can run on that trail?! :) So beautiful! I hope you're all better soon. I hope I can get one of those awesome garlands you make. Seems I'm always a day late and a dollar short. :/ Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I had to comment about your your beautiful fall decorations and your racing heart. I have had the same problem for some time and even though I am much older than you I had similar episodes when I was young but they can get worse when you get older. You are probably experiencing heart atrial fibrillations which are not serious but are scary and can leave you feeling pretty weak. Recently my episodes of heart racing started lasting all day so I went to the dr., had an echocardiogram and a 30 day heart monitor. During that time I didn't have one episode. After talking to several people with the same problem, I decided my a fibs were mainly due to stress so I determined to get rid of the stress. Each morning I do not get out of bed until I feel totally confident in my heart that God is in charge and is going to take care of everything that day and I don't need to help Him with what I think He should do. If I start trying to work things out on my own, I quickly remind myself God has already taken care of it and everything will work out the way He has planned. I am trying to make this a daily habit. So far it is working. Hebrews 11:1 in the LBT is one of my favorites... Faith is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. Praying for you and that all will be well.

  17. hello sweet friend
    first off, your home is gorgeous & always looks so lovey!!
    secondly, boo hiss on the heart thing. same exact thing happened to me a few years ago. ekg followed by 30 day heart monitor. they never figured out exactly what it was but basically i had 3 episodes like you've described and it's never happened again.
    im praying the same for you. such a testimony to hear you talk about your faith.
    just love you girl
    (ps- i can't find the option to sign in under my new selfhosted site...have any other readers mentioned this? maybe a "name/URL" option in your comments section?)

  18. I just love (and I mean LOVE) :) your blog. Truly, you are so inspirational and your photos and house are stunningly beautiful. I love opening my email to find a post from you. Joy in my heart!

    Praying for you and wishing you a weekend filled to the brim with joy and love.

  19. i love your simple/neutral fall decor! i SO wish we had a trader joes around here for those adorable pumpkins!! what color is your dining room/kitchen wall? i need to re-paint my kitchen and that color looks fantastic!

  20. First of all, I hope all is well with the EKG results and that you are feeling better :) I also want to tell you how much I adore your blog and all your decorations! Very very pretty, simple, and just right for this season. Lastly, thank you for posting that last little bit about your running trail. I have been feeling the same way lately and it's very comforting to have a reminder that with a little faith, everything will be ok. Thank you for all your inspiring posts! Hope you have a great weekend!

  21. Fall fluffing looks so good as always, It is still so HOT in Nor Cal like 85 I will take it slow so that the pumpkins don't' bake!

    So glad to hear about your heart, I had the same thing happen to me twice the last time I went by ambulance they did every test and 12 hours latter chalked it up to what else stress and from some neck pain arthritis that will cause your body to react to a "trauma" praying all is right!

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Love the pumpkins - they look great. As for your heart, I'm glad you are okay! I had something similar like that happen to me a few years ago. I thought I was dying or something and after a lot of tests, it turns out I have something called premature ventricular contractions, which is completely harmless and very common, but feels pretty uncomfortable. It only happens from time to time and is brought on by stress and being tired. I had to wear one of those monitor things too and I was so scared, but it all turned out to be okay. You should look it up and see if the symptoms match. Anyway, take care!!!

  23. your fall touches are beautiful......
    I'm so sorry you haven't been feeling like yourself. paring for restored health...and soon!

  24. I just stumbled across your blog through Pinterest. . .Love your writing and decor sense! I've been feeling white pumpkiny this year, too.

    What really inspired me to comment, though, was that you mentioned heart weirdness. I am going through almost exactly the same thing right now and have been off-and-on for a couple months. I'm still waiting on results from a two week heart monitor they put on me . .It IS awfully scary; there have been times when I've gone to bed honestly wondering if I was going to wake up again or not. . .Always have, though. :) It helps me to remember that God is in control.

    Also, not shorting myself on sleep, getting plenty of vitamins and minerals (especially magnesium --emergenC is good), and really moderating my caffeine intake on "iffy" days seems to be helping me stabilize my quivering beats.

    I hope your heart problems and mine, both, turn out to be "nothing"!

    Best, Marissa

  25. I get your words all the way down to my toes!
    all of is as if we are one and the same..
    that is the best thing...for me...about blogging is
    the women God has brought into my little world who
    are so much like me...and we just get each other
    praying your weekend winds down slow and easy