Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Oh you know... stuff. And yum.

 The nip in the air... can you feel it in your neck of the woods yet?  This is the time of year I come alive.  Because I wilt in the heat.  I'm a delicate flower.  Bwahahaha.  (But really I am.  I need 50spf sunscreen so I  don't boil alive and die.)
 I love feeding people too.  You tend to feed a lot more people this time of year for some reason.  Hence the 5K that I'm running this weekend.  It's sort of a preemptive strike against pie.
 A bunch of you wanted the details.  It was so easy I promise.  Just like I did in this post, I used a box mix (Gluten free pantry) for my crust but you could use any pie crust for this.  Whip up the pie filling just like you would for a double crust pie recipe, fill little mason jars nearly to the top, use a biscuit cutter for your crust and make sure to cut out a tiny air hole in the center. (I used a little star shape)  Then lay the crust on the filling, brush with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.  (I brush with milk for berry pies... I like both ways so do whatever floats your boat.) Bake in a 350 oven for about 30 minutes until your house smells good and the crust is golden.

I used little gingham oilcloth rounds to decorate the tops, some bakers twine and those obnoxious little wood spoons in ice cream cups from the grocery store.  (For some reason, I had several still in their wrappers.  Fortuitous.)
 And now... Since I hit ya with pie... I've named this Becky Salad.  Because I made this for Becky and she told me that it was so good I should tell you guys that she had to stop herself from licking the bowl.  Do you see why I love to feed people? 
 Here's the break down:  And nothing has to be exact.  I'm a tosser.  Not a measure-er.  You can't go wrong.
Salad: Fill a bowl with spinach and drizzle it with Trader Joes' Balsamic glaze.  Set aside.
Shrimp: Toss 2 TBSP lime juice, 2 TBSP minced garlic, salt, pepper, 1/4 cup olive oil, 1/8 cup chopped cilantro, and 1/2 tsp crushed red pepper flakes.  Toss shrimp to coat and then grill.
Topping: 1/2 cup papaya mango salsa from Trader Joes, handful of sliced cherry tomatoes, 1/4 cup chopped cilantro, 1 avocado chopped, and 1/4 red onion finely chopped.  

 Toss it all into a bowl and enjoy.  It's heavenly.
 Ava made a bird feeder this weekend.  She used a pine cone that was bigger than my head. 
 I think it's scaring the birds. 
 Also... I am finally done making my Names of God Christmas tree garlands. 
 I forgot how much work they were. 
 I also forgot how cute they were.  FYI I used two garlands on my tree.  My tree was huge though.  My man likes to bring home the Griswold family tree each year.  Little full.  Lotta sap.
 I *think* I will be making another batch in mid to late October... but I make no promises.  The skin on my fingers feels like it's rubbed off with all that hand stamping!  You can get yours in my shop.
 I have them in cute and festive Christmas packaging.  Tell me you don't love polka dots. I know so many of you have been waiting... (ahem) stalking my store for them.  LOL Gosh I love you guys.  Just saying.(UPDATE**I made twenty of these and they all sold the day listed... so I'm so sorry if you were one of the sweeties that missed them.  I will definitely try for another batch in October!)
 And lastly for my final random.  This puppy.  Excuse me. This monster.  She discovered the last remnants of my garden and now nothing is safe.  Apparently she enjoys herself a little ear of corn in the afternoons.  You know.. kind of an after school snack.  Oh she's such a stinker.  And she peed on my rug again last night!  I mean she has her own jar of treats, a bell, and a huge yard full of corn.  You think she'd be happy enough not to pee on my striped Ikea rug.  Wouldn't you?
My garden will never be the same.  

I guess I'm going to go decorate my front porch with corn stalks now.  Yippee.  (Thanks for the nudge Daisy.  You stinker pup, you!)


  1. So many good things in this post! The salad looks so yummy and the apple pies are almost too cute to eat (almost...). Can't believe how much stamping you had to do on the garland. Worth every red cent!

  2. Everything is cute about this post, but the puppy tops it! My dog loves to eat corn cobs too!

  3. Love this post. That salad looks insane and I want to eat it now, please and thank you. Your garlands are amazing and so, so up my alley. Let's see...what else...oh yeah - THE DOG!! That face. It melts my heart.

  4. those baby pies! that salad! the garlands!! you are on a roll. now go rest. :)

  5. Girl I'm jumping up and down...can you see me? I CAN'T wait to make that salad!!!! Btw just ordered those Jim Gaffigan DVDs tonight. Can't wait to laugh like that again. Love you for posting this:)

  6. I am AMAZED at the work you put into those garlands! They are certainly beautiful. I had no idea that you hand stamped each letter.

    Sorry to hear about your dog's mischief. :(

    Enjoy your fall and all the people you get to feed!

  7. Those pies are so cute, you can use a glass sugar or parm shaker to hold you string just thread it through the top.
    Love that corn eating pup.

  8. Dang you, 16 people who read this post before me and snatched up all the oh-so-darling Names of God garlands!! hee hee

    Sasha, I'll be on your stalker list for the October round. :)

  9. Your puppy Daisy is just adorable, even if she is a little thief! I love your posts, but especially enjoy the pics of her!

  10. oh no, all the garlands are gone! :(
    they are so beautiful and i need 2!
    hope your hands recover sasha and there will be more,haha

  11. Oh no, no more beautiful garlands! Hope you will find time to restock!! Pretty please!

  12. I could just come through this screen and squeeze you!
    I can't think of one thing I don't just love..bless your little fingers!
    I so so love those garlands...this year I am going with a tiny tree..do you make mini garlands...lol
    Daisy is getting so big and so cute...but boy can they be stinkers
    love ya! talking good to yourself today? ok..good
    don't even go there and rock that 5k ok?

  13. my neck of the woods still sizzling hot...ok not 100's anymore but still run ur a/c hot.

    i know you told in a post ions ago (seriously like yrs) what are the name of ur stamps again? i had them in my cart from amazon...(yes yrs ago) and i guess i should have moved them to my 'wish' folder

  14. I absolutely love your posts :) You are just too adorable for words sometimes. (Ok, all the time!)

    I too sizzle up and die in the heat. SPF 50 is my friend as well! Small world eh? ;)

    You inspire my creative side every time I read your postss. Those pies are adorable...and that garland...*swoon*

    ...and that puppy. Oh I could just eat up that adorable wee face.
    Good luck with the 5K!!!

  15. You make me happy, so VERY happy! I have been waiting for the recipe! Yippee!!! And good luck with your 5K! I just ran my first 5K a few weeks ago! I will be 40 in a few weeks and it was on my things to do list!

  16. Ah, the puppy years! LOL! (you do know that Labs are puppies for YEARS, right?!?) If it makes you feel better, I could tell you about all the drip irrigation systems that mine dug up and chewed to smithereens. Or...the times one of our Labs pushed the patio lounge chairs in to the deep end of our in-ground pool! But then you look at their sweet faces, and smell that puppy breath and...it's all good!

  17. Our wonderful dog tears down our cornstalk decorations from our front porch every fall and drags them all over the yard. We always have to pick a few extra bunches of stalks before they're all harvested just so we can replace them when they all get strewn around the yard!

  18. Our wonderful dog tears down our cornstalk decorations from our front porch every fall and drags them all over the yard. We always have to pick a few extra bunches of stalks before they're all harvested just so we can replace them when they all get strewn around the yard!

  19. thanks for sharing the pie in a jar recipe. I saw a lady who authored a book called CUTIE PIES on Martha and she made something similiar. I thought they were so adoreable. I think once it gets cooler here in Louisiana i will make some. Wish i could go apple picking, but no orchards here. The Becky salad looks yummy too.
    I have my Sasha fix today. LOL, you shared recipes, wonderful etsy stuff and a cute doggie pic along with a sweet hoodlum pic. LOVE IT!
    Have a great evening friend.

  20. the salad looks delish and the christmas garlands are amazing....let me know if you make more..I'd love some!

  21. I went out and bought a box of these cute little jars . . . and made your Bumbleberry Pie recipe for company today. It got rave reviews. LOVE the little "Pie in a Jar" idea.

    :) :) :)

  22. Our chocolate lab is finally a one-year-old - we keep saying "half way to non-puppy stage." We also call her a monster. She is unreal. Nothing but unbounding energy with teeth that like to chew. Here is one post about her - cute in photos - but don't be fooled! http://theoldpostroadblog.blogspot.com/2012/07/lab-paws-and-white-floors.html


  23. Where can you purchase large rubber stamps like that? Thanks! :)