Sunday, September 30, 2012


I always think I should do this.  And then I never do.  So this weekend, I set out to gather pieces of the weekend captured in tiny moment snapshots by phone and camera. I'm so glad I did. 
We kicked Friday night off by taking in some high school football.  My man played on this team back in the day and a bunch of his former team mates are now coaches.  It was soooo cute watching him. 
My side of extended family plans a once a year get together for a group family photo for my Mama's wall.    We decided to hit a local apple/pumpkin farm.  It wasn't the same as the last time I'd gone when we'd been allowed to tour the orchard and such.  Dangit.  Sometimes you have to change plans and be flexible I guess. 
Inside the building, I formed a little love affair over this light.  Oh. Be. Still. My. Heart. 
 And yes.  We match.  I am that girl. Can't help it... don't really want to either. (grin) We ran into Ava's precious teacher from last year and SHE TOOK THIS PHOTO of us for me!! 

Thanks Mrs. P!  You just ROCK sister! 
This is my little cutie pie niece Berkeley that I did NOT get enough photos of!!  She wuvs her Auntie Sasha so much.  Please just know that. 
My sweet baby brother, Jake. (Officer McJakey.)  Sadly, our party was cut short so he could go on a S.W.A.T. call and catch some bad guys, hence the lacking number of photographs of my baby niece!  
  Favorite family photo to date. Even if I am kinda squinting.  I was hitting the button and then jumping over pumpkins and RUNNING to land on the side of that wagon before the shutter clicked.  Self timers and I go way back.  Don't you just love all the jeans and flannel? 

Because we were at an apple farm and all.. we did bring home some of the best cider you can imagine.  Mmm. There was also apple pies in jars topped with my mama's homemade cinnamon ice cream.  I was enjoying it way to much to stop a snap a photo.  We will eat that stuff in heaven, I'm quite sure.
And before Officer McJakey had to leave we sat around the table chatting about life and catching up a little bit.

Little game of checkers between JJ and Grandpa...
Homemade Italian herb tomato soup with fresh thyme from my garden.  Yum.  (I'll share the recipe later... though I'm pretty sure I've shared it in the long ago past.  It's the BEST.  And it contains cream.  Oh yes, it does. This was my cheat day. Life is too short not to have a cheat day every so often.)
My favorite little fans.  I ran my first 5K... after a year of back junk that kept me from standing up straight on some days... days where I certainly couldn't have even walked a 5K, I feel blessed like crazy to have been able to run this whole thing!  And I must say that when my running buddy couldn't make it at the last minute, I felt sick to my stomach with unexpected jitters.  I told Adrain that it was like knowing ONE kid at a new high school and then realizing they weren't going to be there and you were going to be all ALONE.  I know that's stupid... but I seriously considered not doing it.  Adrain was like, "Woman... who are you doing this for?  Get yourself out there and rock that run!"  And so I did.  I met both my personal goals too- one by a surprising amount of time too! Let me just also say... there is nothing like hearing "Mom, I am SO proud of you!" from your hoodlums. Nothing. 
 My camera and I are BFF again after this one.  This is my other niece, Maddy.  She turned three so we helped celebrate her.

 Could I just make a living photographing three year old birthday parties?  I mean seriously.. you forget how adorable they are as they open gifts.
 Alas.  I will never get a big slice of fluffy white birthday cake at a party ever again.  (Thank you gluten intolerance.  You stink. Boo!)

I did however bring some fantastic GF cupcakes for the hoodlums.  This shot cracked me up because Ava was kind of gnawing on it after licking all the icing off.  Kids.  They just come for the icing. 
I went home and consoled myself about no birthday cake with some delicious sweet potato/cauliflower/bacon/coconut milk soup.  It was spectacular and I will be sharing this recipe as well.  I wrote it down as I went this time so I wouldn't forget what I was doing.  Ha!

How was your weekend dear friends? 


  1. The picture of you and Ava with the matching flannels....PRICELESS AND PRECIOUS!!! LOVE IT!

  2. What a wonderful family photograph! Such a great idea to have the photo taken at a pumpkin patch. Looking forward to the recipe for the potato/cauliflower soup. Looks so yummy!

  3. Congrats on your 5K. Beautiful family photos.

  4. Oh wow! What an absolutely wonderful weekend you had! Btw. we are now officially "stripe sisters" (w/ our blog background!) Ha! Love 'em. Thanks for sharing your taste-of-fall fun-with-family times Sash!

  5. Such great photos love the fall theme, good job on your 5k such an accomplishment! Both of the soups look so yummy!

  6. i'm loving the matching shirts and all the plaid in general. hello fall!!!

    happy birthday to pretty Maddy!

    so proud of you on your race!!! you GO girl! next up? half marathon!

    that soup! wow. can't wait to make some.

    also, my hunter knows just how you feel about not being able to eat cake... he never gets any of it bc of his egg allergy. i try to bring him a special treat along that he can have instead, but sometimes i forget and feel TERRIBLE!

  7. Great job on your 5K! It's a great feeling isn't it? Even sweeter when you met your personal goals.
    Great family photo at the pumpkin patch. Your nieces are precious. Love your photography. You really
    have a gift to tell a story with the pictures you take.
    Looking forward to the recipes. I love grilled cheese and tomato soup. I haven't eaten it in years.
    I spent the weekend relaxing and fluffing our nest with fall decor.
    Have a blessed week.

  8. Love your weekend pictures! Okay, so this is kind of weird. I've been reading your blog for a long time now and rarely comment. But I really really enjoy your blog. I also think of you sometimes when I'm driving around town, and I wish that we lived close and I could ask you questions about being a wife and a mama. (I'm 28, married but with no kids yet.) I think you're awesome at both! That is weird, right? But I mean it in the best, non-stalkerish way. Along with that, some days I wish that I could come stay at your house for a while. You do such an amazing job of creating a peaceful, welcoming place. It is definitely a gifting!

    Thanks for just being you and for your happy, peaceful spot on the world wide web. :)

  9. you really packed it in this weekend! wow!! i definately want the soup recipes...don't forget about sharing those! and now i want cider and i don't have any. thanks ;)

  10. oh i enjoyed it all sasha! i cried reading about your 5k..i had to stop running almost a year ago because of my back..what did you do to be able to run again..only when you get time. not a dire emergency:)
    LOVE flannel..hoping it comes back in a really big really are pretty and your skin is! just thinking that after my post on makeup and my not so good skin..geesh I say to much sometimes. happy monday

  11. great pieces girl. busy weekend for sure. love how that cuff matched your shirt to a tee!!! oh and you know how very very proud of you i am for running that race. you are on a roll my sweet friend:)

  12. beautiful post, friend.
    love the pictures of your family...plaid is classic...I need it to be about 10 degrees cooler before I pull mine out. :)

  13. yay for running!
    so proud of you!!

    I'd give anything to be able to, but I think those days are over...I just need to focus on getting to the gym consistently to do what I can still do...

  14. Way to do that 5k!!! And be the Mom that brings GF cupcakes to a party and goes home to whip up some yummy soup. What DON'T you do?

    Love high school football! Glad you two are sharing that with your kids too.

    My weekend was nice. Spent time driving in the car seeing the pretty scenery and visiting friends. Got to meet some new people, enjoy cooler weather, and tried a new donut shop.