Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Post in which I admit that I'm a complete slacker.

 Every year we have this tradition.  We gather up my parents, many buckets and pails, and go blackberry picking.  And every year I pack my camera and do nothing.  Because I'm a total slacker when it comes to digging my hands into a bunch of prickly bushes, grasping at squisy, staining berries, and trying to avoid spiders.  So I walk around in my non-berry picking clothes, photographing leaves.  That is my given job and I'm very good at it. Today I contributed a few berries.  Very out of character for me.  I was feeling generous.
 In fact, I took a photograph of the amount of berries I chose to contribute to this venture.  I'm quite proud.  You know... since ordinarily I do nothing.

(Nobody complains though because once we come home, our trunk laden with juicy, hard-earned boxes brimming with berries, I have to get to work.)
 This man though... he's a berry picking machine.  I'm pretty sure he is solely motivated by his stomach.

Once home, I begin washing, cleaning, picking through.... freezing, jam making, canning, and cobbler creating among other things.  I set bags aside in the freezer for late September days when my man is craving bumble berry pie.  And nobody helps me.  But that's okay... because  I really enjoy being a slacker.
 My Mama wore her cute straw hat to pick.  I love that. 

 These are my sweet parents.
 Blackberry crisp. 

And just because I can... Daisy.  Oh the sweetness of puppies. 


  1. Puppies have the softest ears! I despise picking berries of any kind. The thorns, the heat, the bees...ugh. Much rather do the "after work"...it's important to preserve all that everyone else worked so hard for!

  2. looks yummy! and that puppy......i just want to snuggle him up and smell that sweet puppy breath!!

  3. LOL...I know what you mean, but the rewards are oh-so worth it. I baked a mean Blackberry Apple Crisp with our apple and blackberry harvest the other day. Daisy is so adorable - my daughter (and I) are in love.

  4. My daughter and I went blackberry picking too. I also have a very hard time with the stickers and the spiders! :) I think though that your photography skills are amazing and those adorable labels on the jam? DARLING!

  5. You are anything BUT a slacker!!!! Did I mention I LOVE blackberries?

  6. If you're a slacker, I must be dead...

    Are your parents the sweetest looking lil' things, or what?

    What, no pictures of JJ with a berry mustache? ;0)

  7. LOL Daisy put it quite well up there, I'm in the same boat:-) As for that puppy? Awwww, how adorable! Oh and let me tell you that I found a perfect little stamp for you, I LOVE it. I wanted to get it for myself, but I thought with the beautiful and fun branding you have, that maybe you would like it too. I have to email it to you:-)

  8. Yummm . . .

    I don't mind Blackberry Picking, but I am just the photographer when it comes to Strawberry Picking. My 50 year old knees just aren't made for bending or squatting for hours on end.

    Can you share your Bumbleberry Pie recipe. My hubby is definitely a Pie Man, and I have never made a Bumbleberry.


    Laurel :)

  9. You are anything but a slacker! I am hoping there will be a LMM contest soon for your blackberry jam? Could you share your jam and crisp recipes with us? Lovin' your adorable blackberry jam labels! :)

    1. Hahaha Yes I can probably do that. Let me work on it because someone else wanted my bumbleberry pie recipe too. Soon! :)

  10. I say they know that they have the better part of this deal! Canning & baking and sorting not easy, that jam is so pretty!

  11. it's a tie... i don't know what's sweeter... blackberries or Daisy!! i love to see your parents - i think you are a good combo of them both! what a fun time. xo!

  12. Oh heaven's...just saw the post announcing the arrival of Daisy. Precious. I said it when we got our own new pup, THIS is where the healing begins.. :)

    Love blackberries. I remember growing up in Carnation and going picking in the Fall and selling them to the neighborhood Mom's.. we would pick, clean, divide and than walk around with them in a younger siblings wagon. Good grief, I see the price of them now AND think back to all that work (and SORE fingers) and we were practically GIVING them away! lol You aren't a slacker, you're a thinker...you could never have put your Momma hands to good use to make cobbler and the likes if your poor hands were all sore from picking! Brilliance at its best! ;)

  13. I'm sure you will all be enjoying your blackberry creations. Daisy is precious! Please pray for my son, Noah. He's really struggling right now. Thanks.

  14. You're not slacking, just resting up for the amount of work that's waiting for you! Love this litte tradition and it sounds like your family does too. :)

  15. They are the cutest little jars of jam I've ever seen! Thanks for the blackberry reminder, we have a tonne of bushes at our nearby lake so that's where I'm headed tomorrow. Personally I don't eat them but I find it very satisfying coming home with a big tub of them. Oh and Daisy... you must find it hard not to just cuddle her all day long.