Saturday, October 6, 2012


 I feel like sometimes you guys miss things because I Instagram them, rather than blog them.  They are often just little things- okay they are ALWAYS little things (you know, with the whole point of Instagram being put out the little things with a photo and all). I decided to recap a bunch of my recent Instas for you.

Because I didn't have anything else to blog on today.

So basically I'm stalling.
One of my besties, Nurse Nicki (and yes I ALWAYS call her "Nurse Nicki.") got me a birthday gift card to a favorite restaurant and her teenage step-daughter pitched in with free babysitting.  I know, right?  Best gift ever!!  I was so excited I painted my nails cherry bomb red for it. 
 We stood there watching them plate things.... they have wood fire ovens and big grills there so I tried to get a photo of the food blazing but it was too dark.  Just know.... it's very cool in person.  We had the best date night in a long time!
 And now... I didn't Instagram this thought but I want to talk it over with you guys.  I have noticed... and maybe this means I'm getting old... but when we go out, it seems like all of the women "out" wear the shall I put this... "plunging" of necklines.  (Don't worry, the menu isn't covering anything like that on me.  Just so you know.)  It bothers me more and more.  Again... am I getting old?  I try hard to be modest and sensitive to other women's men by layering camis and tanks under low cut tops.  Besides, I don't want some other man besides my own oogling me.  (My own man can oogle me all he wants.  Did ya hear that Adrain?) What are your thoughts on this subject?  
 My little man worked all summer mowing our neighbor's lawn.  He got a fat little paycheck and got to open his first savings account!  I could tell his little confidence level got charged with this.  Adorable.
 My other little one... had to do the 90 minute back allergy test and a breathing test.  She got what they said was whopping cough back in April but the dry cough never went away.  Apparently the test results concluded... asthma.  Oh hooray.  She has an inhaler morning and night now so we're hoping it helps. 
 Goodwill.  I really dislike that place but it's a necessary evil sometimes when you're on the hunt for something inexpensive and garage sale season is over. Ha!  (Plus I do like the mission behind Goodwill.)  I went in for something else which I didn't find... but I did score a set of four red enamel ware cups for four bucks.  Couldn't walk away from that since I've been hunting for some for months.  (I wanted gray or blue... but red will be very festive.)

 My running trail.  It never gets old.  Ever. Makes me want to run forever.  Or at least to the end and back.
 I tucked a few new cuties into my shop... (Available here and here.)
 ...I'm sure they will find good homes.  (Available here.)
 I also like to share my addictions on Instagram.  Trader Joe's came out with the most amazing Fall tea blend.  Pumpkin Spice Rooibos.  (I'm a huge fan of Rooibos tea.  My starbucks signature drink, you know since I hate coffee, is a Vanilla Rooibos tea latte. Mmmmm.)  Perfect for those twenty minutes before hoodlums burst through the doors, to sit, and calm my heart and mind.

I feel calmer just talking about it. 
Another thing I instagrammed recently.  This vintage Red Cross pin that has been turned into a necklace.  It's more than cute... Seabold Vintage Market sells these and a portion of the proceeds are going to help build an orphanage for Ugandan kiddos that have lost their parents.  If you want to purchase a necklace, go here.  And if you want to donate directly to this awesome project for Barb's Home of Angels, go here! 

 This is dinner tonight.  Mmmmm... Thank you Pioneer Woman. 
I might have a thing for drawing pumpkins on chalkboards right now.  I spent the afternoon cleaning and such.  (Which really means that everything you've seen lately is moved to a different spot in my home.  Ha!)  Hey, that keeps life exciting.  Then again... it's become rather predictable.

Happy Weekend peeps.  I'm off to eat pot roast now.  How has your weekend been going?

P.S. You can find me on Instagram under "Lemonademakinmama"

Predictable, I know.


  1. don't you just LOVE instagram!?
    all of these photos are so fun and of the moment.
    i love being able to capture memories that would be long forgotten had i not snapped 'em on instagram.

    ps you draw the cutest pumpkins AND i am totally with you on the plunging neckline issue...freaks me out a little. just why?

  2. Totally with you on the modesty... I am in my late twenties and I am super aware of how I dress for both reasons that you listed- I feel that there are enough temptations in this world and men are visual creatures, I expect my husbands eyes to flee from woman who aren't modest and I definitely don't want my lack of modesty to be a temptation.

  3. Thank you for mentioning the importance of modesty. I fully agree that we as women should and must help our men out by lowering the temptation level. I also think its important for both parents to teach their children about modesty starting at a young age.

  4. I have noticed the whole plunging neckline thing too. I dress modestly as well. I don't want to be causing anyone else's man to stumble. Sharing the same sentiment with you. Only want MY MAN pogoing me too.
    That pot roast looks yummy and I love Essie nail polish. The cherry bomb red looks great!
    I spent most of the morning cleaning as well ; which will allow me to enjoy so e football with my husband and son tomorrow.
    Wow Sasha, even your packaging for your Etsy items are cute.

  5. I agree....put the girls away! I also find it creepy to think of a man not my hubby ogling me. I am teaching our almost 12 year old daughter the importance of modesty. Just today I saw on fb a 12 year old girl's picture with her cleavage hanging out! Gotta train our daughters! On an unrelated note, are you ever scared to run on that trail? If I was by myself I would be constantly thinking that some freak was hiding in the bushes...but I can be a bit of a chicken!

    1. Yes I totally get scared. I only run there on sunny days because there are always a lot of other walkers and runners out. Or I make my friends come!

  6. I agree on the modesty thing... only... well, I have huge, dare I say, '*ta-ta's* (don't get me started on the "Save the Ta-Ta's" campaign...) and I'm overall rather slender - except for there. So, truly, even if I wear a full turtle neck I still get the oogling. Blah. Some men are pigs. ;)

    LOVE the mugs. LOVE the red nail polish. LOVE the chalkboard pumpkins. Love the encouragement of opening a savings account. But, major STINK on the asthma diagnosis. Hope the inhaler is helping your sweet girl find rest. xoxo

  7. Love your pumpkin drawings! I keep trying to draw a decent pumpkin and it looks like a balloon with ridges :) My daughter (now 21) has dealt with asthma for a long time. It has decreased as she has gotten older and she only needs her inhaler during the spring/pollen season.
    So agree on the cleavage issue. I hate talking to a woman and having her boobs right in my face. Or my husband's face.
    Thanks for sharing your Instagrams. I don't do Instagram or Twitter. I spend enough time on blogs! So worth it, though :)

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend so far! Well, sans asthma visit :-( Poor girl. Hope you enjoy today as well :-)

  9. I also agree- women (and girls!) need to cover up more. And it doesn't just stop with the low necklines but also with the very short skirts! Sometimes I wonder how someone sits in such a short skirt! Ha!

  10. It's nice to find someone who has convictions about modesty! Amazingly uncommon nowadays, even amongst Christians. I've asked my husband to be totally honest with me about what he finds difficult in other women's dress, and he says the plunging necklines are very hard on any guy ... they have to deliberately turn their eyes away, which then makes things difficult when they're trying to make conversation with said woman! That really made me want to be even more careful about how I dressed, not to avoid tempting my own husband :) but to be aware of other men and not stumble them. It doesn't mean you're getting old, anyway! I've just turned thirty and I feel strongly about this! :)

  11. Very cute. I love Essie nail polish - I swear they have the best colors (and names for them to match). Also, your pumpkin is so perfect!! You are such a talented artist - you really are (and I spend all day working with artists at work). Have a GREAT Sunday!

  12. Ok so I rarely comment but I HAD to on the plunging neckline - I'm 33 - I don't really think of myself as getting older - although I obviously am right?:) But that is one thing I just cannot stand!! So many times - (when I'm not feeling the right love for ppl or rebuking with love) I want to walk up to these females and just say "Are you serious???! Do you really want my husband and that 75 year old over there and that 15 year old over there ooogling you??!!!" Especially if they have their man with them I want to ask him "DO YOU???" I mean seriously!!! Put on some clothes people! It's downright embarassing. Not to mention just plain disgusting!

  13. looks like ypu had a grat6 date, I love your IG's.

  14. you have the prettiest writing ever. are super fun. wanna come fluff my house and clean? awesome!! see ya soon!

  15. Such fun, happy pictures! I hope to get to Instagramming on my new phone (that I just know I'm going to get in Novermber! ha!). I love your date, your red mugs, and your running trail!!

  16. How about super tight clothes? And we can't forget our young sons, no underwear showing or pants almost falling off, and where are the mothers and fathers of all the kids? I remember sitting near the changing room at Macy's while my daughter was trying on clothes. A woman was trying to tell her daughter (who was so embarrased) to wear short and tighter clothes!!!! Could not believe it. If only people realizes how beautiful each person is and have respect for themselves. I do love red nails!!!!

  17. I love the chalkboard in your kitchen! I'm now on the hunt for a super wide frame so I can copy it :)

    Thanks for the inspiration and love your blog.

  18. so happy i follow you on IG:)
    oh how i wish all women felt as you on being sensitive to other women's men
    and too. I your person in this:)
    i took a break from working just now and stopped by and so happy i did. your little place made me smile...all your bright photos...and food! I love that red cross necklace and btw...nikki and i found that spice in the cauliflower was weird and we didn't think we'd find it but we did! and it smells yummy. we are going to try and make it next week:)
    now go give that man a hug!!xo