Monday, October 1, 2012

September 365

I'm always amazed at what you can pack into a month and I swear if I wasn't documenting it by a photo-a-day, I'd forget most of it. Ha! We kicked off our September with some blackberry picking on a gorgeous day, jam making and late, itty bitty pies in mason jars.
 I was messing around with my camera settings after dinner and this was my willing subject. 
 Enjoying our brand new puppy, Daisy.  You can get the version for why this meant so much here... and read the sweet story of our homecoming with little miss Daisy, here. God is really good. 
 First day of fifth (JJ) and fourth (Ava) grades! 
 Watercolors... getting ready to paint my sweet little cow. 
 Really tough week... loving my boy with pie and so thankful for your prayers.  Your responses to bullying here, overwhelmed and touched my entire family.  I know this sounds crazy... but I'm not sure we could have gotten through with out all of the encouragement from you guys and you will never know how much your comments, emails and prayers meant to us.  (Also I mixed up the 6th and 7th when I was editing.  Oops.)
 So this was supposed to be the 6th.  I felt kind of organized... which is kind of funny since I obviously wasn't organized enough to get the right date on it.  Ha!
 My birthday!! 37 baby.  My family spoiled me.  I liked it.
 Partying with extended family that wanted to celebrate me too.  My sweet pea niece Berkeley eating her carrots. 
 Bits of fall.  And sunshine.  My favorite combo.
 Enjoying a cozy home... and remembering the sacrifices made on this day so many years ago.  I think we can all remember where we were that morning... I was a brand new Mama of a six month old and scared to death wondering what it all meant. 
 Ugh.  Potty training Daisy.  So happy for the recommendations on hanging bells on the door. 
  Homework.  And my kiddo is newly sucked into the first Harry Potter book.  My man is reading it before JJ can continue... I hear mixed and strongly opinionated reviews about it in both directions.  I'm waiting for the final verdict from Adrain but would love your thoughts if you have read it before. It kind of weirds me out... with all the magic and stuff but I'm not sure if it's any different than Narnia and other books since I haven't read it yet. 
 Guests.  I do love feeding people. 
 Heat setting screen printed Etsy items.  Oh glorious day.  So very thankful for Etsy and the extra provision for making ends meet... and so grateful for you guys... my sweet customers!
 Nest fluffing.  After a very close call with a patterned blue plaid, I found a darling couple of printed fabrics.  I was very grateful for the immediate weighing in of those of you who follow along with me on Instagram.  I asked my man if he thought the plaid was too country.. and too 90's... he glanced up and said, "Nah.. I like it."  I knew I needed female reinforcements at that point, so I instagrammed it.  Good thing I did too.  LOL and then I promptly found a  different place I liked the blue pillow shown in this picture better.  Because I'm a woman. And I change  my mind a lot.
 Becky came.  It was sweet. heh, heh.
 We hiked our tails off. 
 She met my peeps. 
 We shopped.
 I taught her how to knit... and then she had to leave.  Appropriately, it rained all day. 
 My little mister got invited a very sweet little girl's birthday party.   If you know his story lately, you know what a special thing this was to his heart.  Here he is making a card.  I love him so much. Precious boy.
 My diligent man studying for a big job interview within his company.  Boy are we in need of some changes.  Itching for them.  Hoping for them.  Praying for them.  This one would have moved us to Cleveland Ohio.  He didn't feel like the job would be his as he was doing the interview.. but he sure gave it his all and who knows what will come up next for him. There is a plan... there is a plan... there is a plan.  I keep repeating it to myself.  Wish I could share more details.  Can't.
 This photo has no significance what so ever.
 Creating... And I'm gong to do my best to get one of these garlands into every hand that wants one.  I'm working on making 36 currently. So hang tight peeps! That's a lot of stamping people!
 Icky.  Yet spectacular.
 I think I may need to begin collecting old rolling pins.  I love them just a little bit. And I don't collect anything.  Hmmm... I'll have to think about that.
 Counting laps for my hoodlums at school. 
 Pumpkin-patching it with my family.
Oh what an icky, wonderful photo.  I look awful but I was high fiving my little ones as I finished this race.  That moment felt so great.  Accomplishment.  No matter how tiny.

How was your September? 


  1. Love all your photos for September. Each day definitely tells a story. So fabulous. I look forward to each month. :)

  2. As always, I love your photos! There are so many fun things to look at here :) Also, I know I'm not a parent, but I have read all of the Harry Potter books and I too am very aware, and have read about, the thoughts on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to these books. After having read them, I have to say that I think they are absolutely wonderful. They have such strong messages about friendship, loyalty, critical thinking, being true to yourself and so much more! I also think that I see them as simply fantasy stories, no different from watching a Disney movie or reading Narnia. Anyway, that is my little thought on the issue. Again, I know I'm not a parent, so maybe I would think differently if I were :)

    1. I am so excited that you commented about the Harry Potter! Its nice to hear from someone that has read them...

  3. Love the race finish photo! There's just something magical about crossing that finish lines after XX amount of miles.

  4. Harry Potter, how I love thee. If JJ knows reality from make believe, these books should be OK. Aside from being fun they really do stress some important life lessons- bullying being a big one.

    1. That's what I was wondering... and of course I didn't know about the bullying thing but that would be a great theme for him these days. Thanks sweet girl! Give everyone a squeeze for me please! Mwah! :)

  5. I love these 365 posts! I absolutely love the photo of the rolling pins etc. Such sweetness!

  6. great september!!!

    1. Noah is in 5th grade and i just KNOW he and JJ would be great buddies. Noah's not a bully by any means. he'd be sweet to your precious boy.

    2. Annnnd...they could discuss harry potter. i just decided he needed more challenging reading in his life. so i gave him that to ironic. magic does not freak me out. noah is very logical and can separate fantasy from truth pretty easily. and yes, i would compare it to narnia. same diff.

    3. yeah! yeah! yeah! for your 5k!!! high five, sistah!!

    1. Awesome words- I do trust my homeschoolin' mamas. :)

  7. II love your blog:) you are such an inspiration! I have never commented but if you end up in Cleveland Ohio we have to meet! I'm not far down the road in Canton:) xoxo Lyndsie

    1. Oh girl... that makes my heart very happy. I just told Adrain this weekend that if for SOME weird reason we DID get that job (which we prob. wont)I would be so lonely and I wondered if I could find a blogger or something in Cleveland to be friends with!! LOL

  8. love it all! I so get what you mean about JJ being invited to a b-day party. I will keep praying for that sweet boy! You inspire me!! Thanks!

    1. Thank YOU Miss Kate! Love those prayers- keep em coming! They are making a difference. :)

  9. Love your September pics! Looking back on each day makes it feel like quite a while back.

    I will be interested to hear what you guys decide on HP. I respect people who do read it as well as those who don't CONSISTENTLY (ie no Narnia or Lord of the Rings, etc. either). We read them, watched the movies, etc. but I am always interested to hear what others decide and why.

    Going to try to do 365 again this month. I got off track, but it's so rewarding to keep a record! I have been told by some of my family that 365 posts are their favorite and they look forward to them. Just think, I have only done a couple and they're already being called favorites!

  10. What a month you have had! Thanks again for keeping it real throughout it "all". We are continuing to pray for you all.
    PS> Did you notice, I have advanced to an "account status" :) THANKS!

  11. PS> As a reader, teacher and mother, Harry Potter is one of my favorites! I NEVER believed any of it to be real as I read through the first time before children. I took it for what it was ... fantasy. I was sucked in by Rowling's writing and visualized the whole story easily in detail due to the great writing she shares through the story. It is a good series but gets more intense as the books go on. The good v. evil story is really vivid. I have let my son read book one with me and we are about to start the second. He understands though that the later books will all come in "due time".

    1. ........It is a great series for the "underdog"!!!!!

  12. Always neat to see your monthly snippets.

    I'll be interested to see what you and Adrain decide about the Harry Potter books. I've heard people talk about their dislike for the witchcraft in them; but like others have mentioned in previous comments, it's a story. There's so much richness to the HP books, and so many of Harry and his friends' day-to-day struggles with life, school, etc. felt relatable.

    For me, the only element I would even think to be concerned about (I believe moreso in the later books) would be the fighting that takes place between the "good guys" and the "bad guys." I'd have to go back and read them to accurately comment on how detailed the descriptions of the duels and battles are...but that, more than the spiritual elements, would be what I'd keep an eye out for.

    Hope October is delightful for you! =)

  13. How wonderful for JJ to be invited to a birthday party. I know he will enjoy himself. They are just too stressful for us to participate in. :0(

    Yeah, rolling pins! You could get carried away with them!

    Keeping a good thought about the job possibilities. There's always an answer...

  14. I've never commented before, but as a language arts teacher I must say that I've read all of the Harry Potter books and LOVED them! So many kids have discovered a love of reading from those books. I'd agree with the comment above about there being lots of great messages in the books about friendships, etc. The "magic" in them isn't dark at just adds to the stories and makes them so interesting to read. As a middle school teacher, I love seeing boys really into reading (instead of being really into video games). As a mom of two boys, I cannot wait until they are old enough to read the series-I'll probably read it again with them.

  15. Sasha, you are just the sweetest thing, what a month you had. I'm sure October will be just as great! I love those pies and my guys would love them even more! The plan will work out what ever it may be, praying for the best!
    Have a great day!

  16. oh girl what a month. love those icky ones of me thrown in there;) that one of your sweet neice with a carrot smile make me giggle. precious. love you friend. praying for you!

  17. My throat was constricting looking at the photos of your taken by him in this post. Sweet boy. I think about him sometimes and offer up a prayer when I do. I have 2 boys. I love them fiercely and understand how you love your boy that way, too.

  18. I love reading your blog and being inspired by your creativeness all the way over here in Australia.
    On HP I have older children and none of them have been interested in reading it (or much else either) but my daughter did say she was scared and didn't like it when a friend read a chapter to her. My daughter was about 12 at the time and is now 21.Iam not keen on the magic in the books and I am also not keen on dark themes in any books or movies. My main concern is the obsessiveness that can come with it, then wanting the spell books and games which can become dangerous is a real worry. The obesseiveness can come with any book, movie I know and that has always been a concern for me.
    Thank you once again for your blog and I look forward to receiving my garland that I have ordered. I will just need to decide where to use it, at home or in our church foyer where I work and could see it daily.
    Keep up the good work.

  19. To say I grew up on Harry Potter is an understatement, they were and still are one of the few things that can draw my attention and I'm 26 now. My husband and I have both read them and agree we'll let our kids read them when they are spiritually mature to recognize it's a story and nothing more. The first five are wonderful and definitely a kids book, the last one gets a little dark towards the end. It may be a book to read together with him just to make sure he isn't bugged by any of it. The main theme through all the books is love and how true unconditional love can overcome anything. I know there are mixed reviews on them and from someone who has heard many arguments against them all from people who have never read them I appreciate that you and your husband are reading them before you judge!

  20. My husband & I both have read the Harry Potter books (multiple times actually) and love them! Our oldest boy, same age as your JJ, has read them all & he completely loves them too! We took it one book at a time, even reading with him in the evenings sometimes, to make sure it wasn't getting to be too much too soon. He is prone to nightmares so we were extra careful, especially with the movies. He would get to watch the movie only after he finished the book and even then we would stop it if it was just too much. Overall, I love that Harry Potter has played such a huge and fun part of his childhood!
    I will echo what the others have said, if JJ can separate fiction from reality, he'll be fine!

  21. Ok, Sasha, I just can't stay silent any longer. I want to -- rather, I NEED to -- let you know that I live in Cleveland. And if by chance your husband does get that job here, I would love to meet you and help you in any way I can. All my best to you and your family and what is meant to be.

  22. oh a story of a month in photos...priceless!
    grateful for camera's:)
    I have no other words than I love it here...there!
    an hour till midnight so I am getting me old self to bed

  23. Hi Sasha, I've read and very much enjoyed your blog for some time now, though this is the first time I've commented. I wanted to say you have such beautiful children, and it's a testimony to you and your husband that so much light and contentment shines in their eyes. I also wanted to comment about Harry Potter, though I understand if you don't choose to take this particular view, especially since so many other commenters have been positive about it. I've read the Narnia stories, and have always felt they are a very true allegory of what we as Christians believe: that the self-satisfying magic practiced by the White Witch and her consorts is dark and evil, while the miracles created through Aslan show that in Christ we can experience blessings and wonders beyond coincidence. There is a very clear God centre throughout the Narnia books: a defining of good and evil, and an ultimate power behind the good, which in my opinion is the only true way of dividing light from darkness. Without a Christ figure, there is no real morality, only what we frail humans perceive it to be; and we of ourselves are not sufficient to create good or light. When I began reading the Harry Potter books, I couldn't even finish them as it was very soon clear to me that there was no real Christ figure; and obviously they are not intended as allegory, but even so, the blurring of lines between light and darkness was a danger signal to me. For example, the "Muggles" who don't have magic powers are seen as incompetent and pathetic; those with special wizardry are not always good, of course, but in comparison to Muggles they are powerful and intelligent. Christians should steer clear of magic, as too often behind it are dark powers, and there is too much darkness in the magic of Harry Potter books for my conscience, at least. Even with the Narnia books, though as I said the clear pointing to Christ is their focus, I think children should be old enough to understand the difference between dark magic and miracles.

    A Harry Potter movie was showing on a plane that my husband and I were on recently, and we both starting watching it to gauge the message coming through the screen, in case that differed from the books. Very quickly we both felt the focus was on dark forces and too much magic, however based in fantasy that might be. Anyway, my advice to anyone would be to be very careful with these books; and where children are concerned, please, even more so. I had nightmares as a child due to some of the things I'd seen on screen or read in books, and I'd hate any child to go through that.

    Much love to you and your family. You're such a talented photographer and giving homemaker. I love your blog. God bless you!

    1. Sarah, I'm so glad you responded... I was wondering if anyone else out there would take this side of the issue and these are the exact things I've been wondering about... and struggling with. I don't think my man has been overly impressed with them so we are still working on the decision but this really helps!

      Thank you so much,

  24. (an addendum to an earlier comment I left) While visiting a friend of mine this weekend, we started talking about the Harry Potter series and whether she and her husband would allow their children to read the books. (They are a Christian family that does close attention to what their kids read and listen to.) She mentioned that it was something they were still deciding, but also talked about a book she'd found that shed some interesting light on the discussion: The Christian's Guide to Harry Potter, by Leslie Barnhart. ( Down at the bottom of the Amazon page, it looks like there are some other books on the subject, too. Thought you'd be interested in knowing about that. =)