Sunday, October 28, 2012

The post full of random stuff.

One of the funnest things about blogging, is documenting life as it passes... and looking back. 
 Two years ago, we visited this pumpkin farm. Over the weekend we braved the gray, rainy, cold and visited it once again.  As I went through the photographs I found myself taking a trip down memory lane, comparing life and changes to the trip we made here two years ago.  We don't home school anymore.  (At least not this year, but that's a year by year decision.) One thing that's still exactly the same... still in the same house!  LOL  (I had to add that for those of you who are longtime readers.)
 My Ava dosn't look that much different.... in fact, she still has bangs and two pigtails.  That cracked me up.  Unplanned.

 This little hoodlum won't let me cut his hair.  Drives me crazy... work in progress and not a hill I'm going to die on but I do love his hair nice and tidy like it was two years ago!  (grin)
 My kids fill a wheel barrel a little bit more this time around. 
 My brother and his wife came along... and this time they brought their baby girl too.  Uncles and Daddies are the most fun.  They say yes to everything.
 The animals still stole my heart, just like they did two years ago... but there were no baby pigs.  Sad.
 These two are still adorable little hoodlums. 

 We still cheered for a duck race...

 I still adore my man.  That never changes.
 Um.  Yeah... they got a lot taller.  I'm wearing a three inch heeled boot. 
 I'm also not a brunette anymore.  Funny how that changes. 
 This photo cracks me up because I'm standing in a heeled boot... on tip toes to take this photo next to my man.
 I also laughed out loud when I saw this. I feel like anyone who knows us would say that this photograph very much represents our family.  Ava's got a scarf falling off her shoulder, and JJ is standing there front and center with his apple.   Might have to make this one our Christmas card. Bwahahaha!
 Okay so the pumpkin farm photos are done. Now to some randoms- We're working hard on our budget these days... so when I fell hard for the faux fur pillow/throw trend out there I knew there was no way I was going to join it.  But then... I found a faux fur body pillow cover for under $10 at Target.  I bought one and used it to make two pillows.  I used both end pieces and tossed out a misc. chunk in the middle, which allowed me two perfect little furry pillows.  Thrifty and I like it.
 Also... you guys keep filling my inbox with questions on the ruffled knitted scarf.  I told you not to make me explain it.  LOL  I used a soft baby yarn that was gray and white.  That's all I know.  It was leftover from the hat that there is no way I can ever make again, OR explain.  (Plus I don't have the pattern.)  But the scarf is as follows and when she says "turn" she means flip those needles backwards (switching hands) and knit those 8 (or 6 or 4) stitches right back on to make the original 20.  I had never seen that before but it's awesome.

Any yarn (approx. 300 yards) 
Any needle (use whatever is recommended by yarn)
Gauge not important!!
Cast on 20 stitches
Row 1: k20
Row 2: k8, turn, k8
Row 3: k6, turn, k6
Row 4: k4, turn, k4
Repeat all four rows to desired length

 Also.  If you're looking for a yummy harvesty cake... look no further.  I made this cake from Pinterest, and the only tweaks I did were to use a GF cake mix, my own salted caramel sauce, and add the caramel step with the sweetened condensed step.  It was "almost better than anything." (grin)
I'm going to be doing a weekly Fabulous Feature post over the next several weeks, (with a giveaway or two in there) highlighting some of my sidebar sponsors, shops I love, etc. (watch for my next post) but before I do that, I did want to make a quick announcement.   I am going to be closing my little shop for most of December.  (Not sure the exact date but probably the second week.) I do have some more of these "eat drink and be merry" Christmas napkins coming soon. 
I mentioned this sweet new print that I've just added to my shop and wanted to show it.  I do believe it's my favorite. 

But then I say that about everything, don't I? 

How was your weekend?


  1. Love all your family pictures!!

  2. I absolutely adore the photo of the four of you in front of the truck with the kids holding their apples! Christmas card picture perfect! and that scarf is darling! I have a question for you and I as going to email you: any suggestions for a house warming gift/basket I can put together? my brother-in-law and sister-in-law just bought a house. XOXO

  3. The pictures are so great! You have gorgeous skin!
    It's fun to look back at pics side by side...I always am so surprised by how much they have grown, even though they're right in front of me all the time. My 11-year-old wore my shoes to church today!
    You make me want to learn how to knit!! The hat and scarf are adorable!

  4. Hi Sasha, I just replied to your "reply" back to me on the October 23rd post but I'm thinking you may not look back to that post. I'm sorry I didn't get it earlier but I'd been off line for most of a very crazy list. I would love, love, love to make a custom order for a set of the "give thanks" napkins. I'll order more sets as money allows for me and time and materials allow for you. I'm so tickled that you would do this since I'm sure you're crazy busy with Christmas items. Also, so glad you're taking off most of December. Thank you.

  5. Of course you say that every new thing in your shop is your favorite! I don't think anyone should ever say of something they have created, "Eh, it's OK. Buy it now at $99.99!" That print is beautiful, as is all of your work! Still wear my necklace with love and pride.

  6. Two great posts, two years apart! It made me think about what I was up to this time two years ago.

    What a fun Saturday you guys had! You all look so happy to be spending the day together. Love the tiptoe picture :)

  7. Lovely photos! I wish I could wear hats and also knit. Alas... But I do have a faux fur throw (not easy to say) which is so so cosy to snuggle up with on the sofa; really clever idea to turn into pillows, I may have to purchase another for that purpose. Have a lovely week :)

  8. i like really really really want that carmel apple now!! love looking back like that. i'm sure in another two years, life will change a bunch again :)

  9. hey cute mama!! please make that your christmas picture - love it!! please tell me you hauled that truck home?? ;)

    what a sweet little time with family!!

  10. Oh thank you for the scarf pattern! I was good and didn't ask since you said not to but I'm so happy other people did! I was really curious about it. Very lovely pictures!

  11. That picture of your family is card FOR sure! LOVE all your the way you wrap your life in photos.
    LOVE the print!! YOU are precious..happy monday:)

  12. Those farm pictures are absolutely lovely, what a great day that must have been. The pillows came out so nice what a god send.
    Happy day!

  13. You look so cute with your family.You've got such good hair!

  14. i would be SO happy if i could get a decent family picture of us all!
    i totally think you should use that one. :)
    when i look back at pics of my kids even a year ago, i cannot believe how much they have changed!
    i have a teenager, a preteen and 8 and a 6 year old now.
    it's really true what they blink and they're all grown up.
    trying to make every moment count!

  15. What a clever idea to make the pillows! You are so smart!

  16. Your family photos are truly memories of the heart! I so hope you print them so your kids will have their history at hand. :) I think in this digital world, it's easy to forget to do.

    Glad you had a fun weekend even though I'm late reading.