Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Insipired and confessions about red..

I'm nearly done tweaking my decor for the holidays, but today I wanted to share some inspirational photos plucked from Pinterest. We are about to begin celebrating advent each Sunday as a family and I wanted a simple idea for an advent candle. When I found this plate of candles with numbers I knew they were perfect!

But here's where I confess something... and this very well may change your opinion of me after this... here goes.  I'm not generally a huge fan of the color red at Christmas time.  I know right?!  I must be crazy.  I should be... I want to be... and I even own some darling red items!  In my defense, I think I'm just a little bit red-ed out.  I grew up in a house with a bright red and white kitchen... and as a new mom my house was bathed in the color.  My walls were painted red, and my sofa pillows and slip covers all splashed red around so when Christmas comes I find myself side-stepping the color red.  (Again... I know... it's weird.)  Anyway... I found huge black number stickers at at Lowe's in the house number section and bought four.  I think I spent two dollars in all.  I adhered them to four plain candles and there ya go.  Advent done. 

original photo source not found
 I fell a little bit in love with this gray and white wrapping color scheme. (Probably because it wasn't red. Ha!)  I tweaked mine a bit and used a lot of brown wrap with gray ribbon as an alternative since I wasn't able to find gray wrapping paper. 
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 I might be obsessed about the cuteness of bottle brush trees.  I don't know why but I adore them to pieces... only I haven't been able to locate any actual vintage ones.  I made a few myself using stuff I already had on hand and they are very sweet.  Not the real thing... but super close. 
 Anything in a bucket.  I have three trees in old buckets sprinkled around the house this year.  Two tiny ones and of course, our big tree.  Our big tree sits in a shiny, inexpensive bucket from Lowes... so I hit it with some hammered metal spray paint last season and it took that tacky shine off.  Much better!

 Vintage ornaments... I love the colors so much!  Bright, happy pops of non-traditional holiday color.
 Speaking of bright happy color... these are everywhere right now and I LOVE them.  Felted ball garlands.  I watched a ton of tutorials on how to make them and in the end I splurged and purchased one from Etsy because 1) It's good to support handmade and 2) I was overwhelmed and decided it was too difficult of a craft for me at the time. ( I was hand stamping 200 Christmas garlands for orders at the time.) I want a few more of these felted ball garlands.  I feel the need to drape everything in them!  Ha!

What has inspired your holiday decor? 


paige said...

love what you made my friend. so cute!
will most certainly go viral on pinterest!

Farmgirl Paints said...

You'd love my house right now then...it's like a red explosion;) Those puff ball garland are perfect. Oblige puff balls. They make me happy;)

Christina said...

I look forward to seeing your home decorated. It is always inspiring. I know how you feel about red. We had a huge red couch and red chair for the longest time and once we got rid off them I wanted nothing to do with the color. Then I kept finding myself attracting to red so I eventually let it come back in as accents. I once read that your childhood favorite color is apart of you and always a safe choice. (Something like that!) For me, it is red. Just not huge red furniture. I guess accents around the house are like the red keds that I wore non-stop!

Megan said...

I love those felt garlands!! Very vintage and anthropologie-esque. I have lots of whites and silvers right now. I love the idea of colored lights with the big bulbs...kind of vintage 50's. I remember being a little girl and my mom always used white lights and red bows and I always begged for colored lights. Now that I'm a grown-up with my own house to decorate I always remember that and have colored lights whenever possible.

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

I'm doing silver and gold this year! It looks great with our white and gray walls, I got inspired by the song burl Ives sings in rudolph 'silver and gold' :)

Jedi Mama said...

So I found your blog a couple of months ago, quite by accident, and I have been stalking you ever since. I promise... I'm one of those "quiet and non-threatening" type of stalkers, because let's face it: I don't have time to be a full-time, ornery stalker because there's too much laundry to do at our house and everyone always needs me to cook SOMETHING for dinner! Anyway, I've been checking in, off and on, and I've decided that we need to be neighbors, primarily because I would call you every single morning at 8:00 and say, "Well. Do you want to come over for coffee? And maybe... while you're here... you could... OH! I DON'T KNOW!... decorate my house?" I love your posts... I love your photography... I'm trying very hard not to covet your decorating abilities... I love the faith you share on the blog. Excellent work!

Jessie May said...

Yep, I felt the same way about red after we had a red car for nine years. When it was time to buy a new one we paid extra for blue. But I like hints of it here and there. And I've just bought some "vintage red" paint today to make an old looking wooden sign for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing photos of your Christmassy house. I love old buckets so thank you for the inspiration there (but I have a thing about the word Xmas - my family spell it like that on purpose just to bug me, urgh). And that felted ball garland, now that's really fun!! You seem to decorate for Christmas so much earlier than most of us do in England; of course it's all over the stores here but not in our homes yet. Have a lovely week :)

Barbara said...

I'm not a huge red fan I leave that for Santa, no velvet bows, I like you the galvanized and greens, white lights are more my style with a little silver here and there. Can't wait to see the whole cozy casa.

Victoria said...

At Christmas, and only at Christmas, I kind of like the reds, greens, maroons, golds, etc. That's the traditional, nothing can change, part of me.

I also love the BRIGHT non traditional colors. The white trees? Yes, I know they're kind of tacky. But, I like them.

Then, there's the blue, white, silver theme. I like that too.

So far, I've stuck to traditional. I only added three new things this year...Confession? They came from the dollar store. A few weeks ago, I picked up a nutcraker man and two snowmen. The nutcracker fits in with traditional and the snowmen add some glitter and pops of color!

Between You and Me said...

loving your inspiration pictures....
I love pops of red...nothing over the top, but I don't blame you for being red "ed" out. :))

I've kept it simple this year...well, to a true minimalist it probably doesn't look simple, but for me it is.

can't wait to see your bottle brush trees....I haven't been able to find them either..need to make my own like you!

The Avery House said...

I'd love to know how you make bottle brush trees.I bet htey are super cute! I've been looking for vintage ones too, but alas, they are making themselves unknown to me at the preent time. I understand about the whole red thing yet my house is full of color including red. Red, for whatever reaso, doesn't elude me but rather likes to stick around like an old comfy shoe. Thanks for all your awesome idea photos. Now I need to get to tweaking around my house! Have a fun week!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

sadly i'm sooo uninspired right now. i've got 6 kids and 3 of them aged 4 and under...1 of which is a holy terror right now. i'm not in the mood to yell a hundred times a day ...put that back and don't touch. so i think i might just do a few decorations up high and wait until next year. (hoping #6 isn't the same way) haha

i did my mantle ...i feel halfway there! ...oh and you inspired my chalkboard! u always do! :o)

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

ooh so many pretty things, love that garlad.

Faith on Fulton said...

UGGG I seriously dont know what to say! This awful confession has BLOWN MY MIND.... ehem...yeah so in the words of Anne of green gables ... I thought we were "kindred spirits" apparently not... RED happens to be my FAAAAAAAAAAAVE color... lol Its ok... I heart your Blog anyway and will continue to read... in my obnoxiously red accented home!

Grateful said...

Yep, not a fan of the red either. Golds, creams, natural colors and elements for me this year, things found in nature have proven to be my favorite so far, I did however buy some twig garland, brilliant or disaster, I'll let you know:)

Lorraine and Jessica said...

What great inspiration!!! Now I want to see your versions of them :) I love the sytle of an old farmhouse (even though I don't have one)!! So I try to use a lot of the regular pieces that I already have and just go with a warm, cozy Christmas feel! One of my favorites is an old wooden box, it's long and rectangular, it sits atop my big dining room table. Right now its holding pinecones but soon I'll fill her up with fresh greens, some holly and candles <3

Thanks for sharing your ideas with us - I love checkin in to see what you've done next <3

Jackie at Roots and Wings said...

All such great ideas! I love your advent candles--so simple and clean. The vintage ornaments and bottle brush trees are awesome, too. And that pom pom garland--definitely need to either make or buy a bunch of those! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Tiffini said...

you CRACK me up! I totally get ya with the red.however I am a red fan but not on my tree and such. I am wrapping in kraft, red, silver, gold and white..maybe..still deciding and seeing how many periods I can put into a comment...lol!
you taste is so you and I love it--love the little trees too..adore actually and give me a gazillion felt ball garlands...we made ours and I too can't get enough.
a big hug