Thursday, November 1, 2012

Moving on....

I have to begin by telling you guys what a boost your words were on my previous post.  We drove around as a family doing errands and I read your comments out loud to the entire family and would inevitably wind up in tears over your thoughts, stories, encouragements and kindness.  You all are such a part of our story and I appreciate every one of you who read LMM, comment, email and especially pray for us.  You mean the world to us, please know that.
 I'm always slightly relieved to get Halloween over with so we can be done with all the scary movies, scary costumes and scary decorations.  (Notice a theme here?  Yeah. Not a fan of scary things.) But I do love watching my kids enjoy different aspects of it.  One of my favorites, is watching them carve pumpkins and how we inevitably talk about the connection between the gunk in our hearts and the gunk inside of a pumpkin.
 (You can read a great explanation of the pumpkin parallel that I talk about with my kiddos, here.)
 We have been doing a variation of the pumpkin parallel for years now and I love it when someone finishes cleaning and carving and then squeals, "Hey I need the light of Jesus inside my pumpkin!" 
 Yeah.  I'm not sure how it connects exactly to the Mockingjay from the Hunger Games books... but I'm pretty sure God still smiles.  Ha!

 We had a terrible time getting these wings to work.  We had to jimmy-rig them.  Which made me laugh but Ava was happy... Also the weather was atrocious and not all all like last year! We had to stand on the porch all bundled up, because the rain never let up for us and it was gray, dark and icky out.
 I might have an addiction to twinkle lights.

 And of course we had a Luke Skywalker.

 We finished up nice and early and then watched Little House on the Prairie while passing out candy.  It was actually really fun and JJ kept saying, "This has been my favorite Halloween ever!"  I think it was the sugar talking.
 Also, I finally settled on a color and finished painting my kitchen island and it's GORGEOUS.  (And not yellow.)  I'll show it very soon, promise!  But for now, I wanted to share a fun thing we just did in our living room.  First I moved all the furniture around. (And yes I deal with stresses and life disappointments by cleaning, rearranging and scouring all surfaces.) It looks twice as big like this and we love the arrangement.  (It will also be the perfect placement when we replace our "saggy-and-uncomfortable-in-the-middle-and-not-quite-big-enough-for-all-four-of-us" couch next year, with a slip covered sectional.)
 I am still waiting on our contractor to come move the cable outlet.  So far nobody's tripped....
 But what I really came to share were my huge faux canvases... I picked out two photos that I LOVED.  Two pictures I took that seemed to really scream out the personalities of my kids, and had them printed on engineering blueprints via  They were $3.99 a print.  Michaels was having a 50% off sale on their canvases so I scored these two canvases for about $7 each.  I used some spray adhesive, covered the canvas with it, and the rolled the picture out on top of the canvas.  A couple of air bubble bumps have formed over time, on Ava's forehead (you can see in the photograph above) so I may need to re-do that one but at that price I'm good with it.  There were no bubbles when I first did them and I've only seen this done on wood before so perhaps that's what happens if you use canvas.  I don't really know.  I was being cheap. What can I say?   (Any tips you might have would be greatly appreciated!)

I used a soft sanding block to hit the edges and loved the way it worked/looked.  I bought a non-yellowing polyurethane spray that I considered sealing them with but I haven't tested it yet as I'm trying to figure out what to do about the bubbles first... I'll keep ya posted though.  All in all, they were inexpensive, look gorgeous and I love them, even if they have air bubbles. 
 I took down my gallery wall and filled in and painted over the bazillion holes... but I do want to figure out what to put back up on this side.  Right now there is nothing because I'm still thinking.... which is very odd for me as I normally know exactly what is happening next.  Ha!  I picked out my most favorite framed photos and hung them in a nice straight line at the bottom edges, on our long entry way hallway wall.  I'll show a photo of that on another day when it's not so gray and dark outside.
How was your Halloween?

Oh and you still have time to enter the Half Pints giveaway on my previous post!  I'll announce a winner on my next post. 


  1. Ava looks beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful Halloween.
    LOVE the new furniture layout, as well as the new prints on the wall.
    Please send some of your energy to VA. I've been wanting to paint my family room (paint has even been purchased) for almost 5 months and still have just the paint samples on the wall. :)

  2. first

    love the oversized prints
    and thinking that something like that
    would make a fun Christmas gift for the grandparents


    our Halloween
    got moved to Saturday
    because of Sandy
    so we are not done yet

    but i am mentally
    totally finished with Halloween
    and have watched every zombie flick
    on cable tv

    bring on the turkeys
    i say!


    a few months ago
    we moved our living room around too
    from using the space the long way
    to the wide way

    did that make sense?


    i love yours
    and i love mine

    that is all.


  3. The changes to the room look great! So glad you had a memorable holiday. After all, that's what it's all about!

  4. Sounds like a great day! Have you tried pricking them with a pin and squeezing the air out?

  5. Your kids look so great in their costumes!! I think you need to paint a LMM original for above your couch. :)

  6. Love what you did to your living room! Can't wait to see what you decide to do over your couch! I know it does tend to be very dark and wet and grey on your side of the mountains, but somehow your pictures always look so bright, fresh, and cheery! Even the pics of your kids (awesome costumes by the way!!!), when it was too rainy to take them anywhere but the porch, make the day look so bright and happy!

    Keep the joy. Keep spreading it to those around you, including us here! :)

  7. Halloween was fun..uneventful.
    My 12 year old is over it...he stayed home and handed out candy with dad.

    I took the other two through our small neighborhood...they had fun...ran between houses....came home on a total sugar high that we're all paying for today. :)

    I failed #operationzipthosepants miserably...3 almond joys and 3 kit Kats. looooonng sigh.

  8. Love the costumes and it's great that they had such a great time. Your house looks beautiful, as always, and I cannot wait to see the kitchen island!!

  9. Sasha,
    I have been shooting in manual over the past year and have been enjoying it.
    Do you have your camera on a certain setting to be able to blow up photos like that without pixelation? I would love to make some canvases like that to put up in our home.

    As always your hoodlums are adoreable. can't wait to see what color you chose for your island.

  10. I loe those canvases. I didn't even know you could do ANY of that! Thanks.

  11. Love the canvases and wish I could tell you what to do about the air bubbles..... big fat bummer...... What size are the canvases?

  12. The canvases look amazing and let me just add that the kiddos look awesome in their costumes. I am totally digging the Luke Skywalker pose up there, so great. I totally agree with the scary things, don't like it either.
    Wish I had a Staples near here, I've been wanting to make those for ever. I'll have to find a different source for prints.

  13. Ava and JJ look adorable in their costumes! I took the girls to the mall to trick or treat and it was fun. The store employees handing out the candy all dressed up and really got into the spirit of Halloween. but I am so glad it is over! I came home from school today and pulled down EVERY single Halloween decor item in the house! still trying to enjoy the pumpkins and fall decor though for Thanksgiving. love the canvases too!

  14. I've tried making my own canvas prints like that too and two of the three have bubbles. Don't know if there's a way around it. Ava's wings are the most beautiful I have ever seen!

  15. We had a good time last night. Finally got around to carving my son's pumpkin, made some yummy "Not My Mom's Sloppy Joes," ( went on a hayless hayride around the neighborhood to let the kids "trick or treat." I've had a couple of pieces of candy, but I'm trying to show some restraint. In the middle of a cleanse so I can try and lose an inch or two to fit in a bridesmaids dress in a couple of weeks. I wish losing weight was as easy as gaining it. ;) Love your canvases. Can't wait to see the island. I've seen some of your inspiration pins on Pinterest. :)

  16. So glad you're feeling better, I do the samething when I'm mad I clean like a mad person and those photos are so great!

  17. Love it! Your house is so pretty! The pictures of the kids are great! (The ones on the wall and the ones in this post!) And for whatever reason, I think it is really wonderful that you wrote "obnoxious cord" in fancy letters on your picture of the living room! It made me giggle. Everything you touch comes out lovely, it seems. :)
    Our night was a good one. The kids had fun and I dressed up like myself in the sixth grade. That was pretty awesome...I can laugh about it almost 30 years later. :)

  18. I've read that you can make a tiny pin hole in the bubble and mash the air out, not sure how it works, cause I usually don't mind a few bubbles on things that I do,, I know it bothers you on pictures..

  19. Furniture rearranging sure is therapeutic! I do it here, too. Having to jerry-rig the wings have made it a memory for always. Love the canvases, Sasha!

  20. I just found your blog- and got to your 2nd post and had to comment. We just recently moved (back in January) AWAY from Ohio. And while I love North carolina and all it's beauty I miss Ohio like you would not believe. My kids beg to go back.

    Being a grown-up really stinks sometimes.

  21. i did not read your previous post. i'm so sorry, sweetie. i know all about that disappointment. we are definately in a waiting stage too. our temporary house, the lease that's up on april 1 and the baby that's due on april 16th and the man waiting for a promo are alllll wearing desperately on my nerves. it makes me tired. i know how you feel. i know you're waiting. i know you've been waiting forever. i'm sorry :( maybe let's just stop waiting. maybe that's when things happen?

  22. I think you chose very nice pictures for your canvases. They really look nice and will be even better when you get the bubbles out. Wish I had some advice on that, but I don't. I can't wait to see the island color! I like your living room in that configuration. It looks very inviting! May I be so bold as to make a suggestion? What about if you switched the round table that is now in the corner with the short one at the other end of the couch? Leave them decorated as is because they look so nice that way. Then, you could move the floor lamp also to that corner or if it works better where it is, it looks nice there to. I hope that makes some sense. Of course, I won't be insulted if you say "no thank you I like it just the way it is." What works best for you and your family is what really matters. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! Your kids looked great. Ava looked so pretty! I'm not a huge Halloween fan either. We took our little boy out as Scooby-Doo and he had a blast. He looked super cute too!

  23. Brilliant canvases. Oh I love Ava's wings, they're so cool. My daughter Lauren loves fairy/angel wings. She's 21 but still loves wings :) Have a lovely weekend.