Friday, November 30, 2012

November 365

Before I begin my 365, I really have to say thank you for the boat load of comments, emails, facebook encouragement and Instagram love in regard to my previous post.  I was confident that I could trust this little community with my story and once again you have proved to be an amazing support system in our family's life.  Adrain and I poured over each of  your many comments and encouragements and even recommendations.  I'm exhausted from this week so though I want to respond to every single one of you, I've got to say a collective thank you... but please know we read every single word from every one of you-a couple of times!  We love you guys. 
 I can hardly believe this month has come and gone.  It hit like a whirlwind. This month it was difficult to get my photo a day... and I decided after two straight years of 365 photos I'm going to take a break on January 1st.  I may do a hit or miss monthly recap. We'll see.

Today I'm adding hashtags to a few of these just for my man.  It's a bit of an inside joke so bear with me for using my blog to make him laugh. That said, I love my little pilgrim garland from my bloggy friend Alicia.  It's a very treasured decoration.  I ended up hanging it in about five places throughout the month.  #Loveitsomuch!!
 Breakfast.  Nothin' special. 
 Have any of you read this weekly encouragement? It's called Miracles and it literally takes my breath away every Saturday morning when we sit over breakfast as a family and read these stories!!(author is Karen Kingsbury)
 I get to look into these baby blues every day.  #howluckyami?
 Falling leaves.  Such a pretty display of color.
 Election day.
 Ava made herself a little wire ring.  #Etsyhereshecomes!
 Ikea shopping with one of my besties, Nurse Nicki.  I was so good... stuck to my budget.. paid cash, yada, yada, yada. #daveramseywouldbesoproudofme
 Finishing up the last of my Etsy items... and now my store is sold out for the holiday season.  #imonvacation!
 Okay we tried for a family photo... tried and failed.  Grrr. #igiveup
 Yes my son does wear this shirt almost daily.  It's lined with fleece and he's big on textures.  Adrain caught this shot of Daisy taking a little nap on the floor next to him.  Precious.
 Cuddly.  I did the winter switcheroo on all our bedding, adding blankets and throws, so the guest room got a soft furry new blanket and pillow! (TJ Maxx)
 Preparing for guests, big batch of pumpkin pie fudge in little takeout boxes.  Because everyone loves a take home gift, right?  My man teases me... my love language is gifts.
 Thankful tree, Sasha style. (Note to self- next year write on the leaves BEFORE hot gluing them onto the branches.  Idiot.)
 Anniversary weekend kickoff.  I admit it... I couldn't pass up the cute label. 
 Pushing myself way out of my comfort zone for my sweet friend Kristin.  She asked me to photograph her family for Christmas cards... oh my word you guys, it freaks me OUT.  I don't mind the practice with my camera of course... but yikes... I'm much better at snapping photos of things that don't breathe and move.  Her family was super sweet to me though and gave me lots of grace.  (This is one of her cute little hoodlums.)  #icouldneverbearealphotographer  #almostasscaryaspublicspeaking
 Day date!  We were blessed enough to have a few hours to ourselves (no kids!) and went to lunch in Seattle to celebrate 17 years of marriage.
 Beginning to look a lot like Turkey day...
 Baking day.  I made gluten free stuffing... gluten free pecan pie... gluten free caramel pumpkin pie... gluten free rolls... and brined my turkey.  #glutenfreeholidaysarecrazyexpensive #idontthinkdaveramseyisglutenfree
And yes... a tiny tree came out early.  (I promise I was still focusing on thanksgiving and my present season... sometimes you have to put a few things out early though!  Right?  I know I'm not alone...)
I was afraid to try this pie. But my mom-in-law bravely took the first bite and declared it was GOO-OOD...  then the wolves descended and my man was only left with one slice for leftovers.  Ha!
Early I know.. but we always do it the day after... My hoodlums love helping, though they have informed me that next year if I have amassed enough vintage ornaments to hang on the tree, they want colored lights.  I may have to cave.  #theyarehardtoresist
I see many more in my future.  #icanthelpmyselfforlovingyou
He hung my lights because he is madly in love with me.  He can't help himself.  Bwahahahahaha!  I asked him the other day if he wishes he could take other women out to lunch (we were on a lunch date- and yes I ask dumb-girl questions sometimes) and he said, in a total deadpan voice, "I can barely handle you."  #iwanttokeepitthatway #ithinkthatwasacompliment 
Um.  It's still November.  #ichangeseasonsquickly
I leave my tree lights on when I'm home in the daytime.  #ifeelfestive
Okay.  This was the day I talked about in my previous post.  Set that aside for a minute and let's talk about this elf.  I am slightly creeped out by him.  Yet here he is.  I bought it last year because I thought it was a fun idea.  (We never did Santa or any other magical beings because we didn't want to confuse our kids with Jesus since you can't see Him either. I know you get that regardless of whether you do Santa or not and no judgement here either way.  It's all good and personal, yada yada yada.) Anyway my kids are way older now so I thought it would be fun for laughs and giggles... well Ava freaked out last year and was like, "NO!  He's not real mom... don't pretend he is, etc."  She wasn't a fan.  This year however, she wants me to do all the mischievous Elf stunts with him as a daily morning surprise.  So yeah... creepy elf is hanging around.  And it kinda makes me laugh... Adrain comes up with hysterical ideas... and it's all in good fun.  Which leads me to my next photo...

After the world calmed down... my boy handed me this pretty snail shell that he had found while running through the woods the day before when he ran away.  It's a precious reminder that on some level I was in his thoughts... and an even bigger reminder of what I could have lost and what I didn't.  This is a real Christmas treasure.  We do silly things and we decorate and our thoughts get distracted... but some things are irreplaceable and precious... most of those aren't things at all.  Which leads me to...
I've got some people to thank...
#ithankpeoplewithChristmascookies #oldschoolbows #mymanbroughtthosehome  #theywerentmyfirstchoice #buttheyaregrowingonme

So... how was your November?!


  1. Another month of great pictures! Will be sad to see these go, but I get it! :)

    Love that shell....Keep it close. It will be a precious remonder to everyone of how God works things for our good.

  2. Your photos are beautiful and I must say you have a very dedicated heart to have completed several 365 projects! I did one in 2011 and towards the end my steam near ran out. I think perhaps you have had a better way of posting than I did. I am glad I did a 365, but it is like running a marathon in some ways. I am so glad that you will take the time to take a "break" beginning in January. It takes strength to know when to "rest." I have only "known" you in this blog world for a month now, but your heart is so wonderful and sincere and full of love. Thank you for sharing here in this place. I hope you have a peaceful and restful weekend.

  3. Okay, your hashtags are hilarious!! They sound a lot like things I would say to myself, or to my fiance - after which he rolls his eyes and laughs at me for being so adorably silly. (At least, I think he thinks it's adorable.)

    And there is absolutely nothing wrong with having the Christmas lights on in the daytime! My philosophy is, if I'm home, the lights are on. That means there are weekends and vacation days when they're on pretty much from first thing in the morning to last thing at night, but they're too pretty and twinkly not to.

    Happy weekend! =)

  4. You are totally inspiring to keep it simple for the holidays. I'm going to try to take a picture a day in December. Fingers crossed... :)

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Such great photos - I love the little tree in the bucket! I also love how you ask your husband silly questions. He responds the way mine does : )

  6. love these posts :) glad you're enjoying your pilgrim garland.
    what a full month you've had!! i especially love the shell picture. beautiful.

  7. I am so glad things worked out for your family with J J........ I would love to have his lumber jack jacket . I changed my bedroom into a lodge feeling ....lots of wool and dreamy plaids . Even though I love summer bedding there is something inviting about flannel & down !!!! Anyways I would his jacket would be a great accent for my hook !!!!

  8. #wecangetthroughanythingtogether #thanksforthehashtags #bestwaytocommunicate #highlyevolved #thanksforthelaugh

  9. Sasha I first want to say that your blog truly inspires and uplifts me. So for that Thank You. Also, when I read your post about your son, I was both heartbroken and also so glad that you were able to find him. You and your family are in my family's thoughts and prayers.

  10. So your hashtags might have been for your hubs, but they definitely had me laughing. Love the Dave Ramsey ones...maybe because I've gone through FPU.

  11. love that picture of ava with that hat on. she looks so sweet and pure and i'm sure you just want to stop time when you look into those eyes. it's been a month. love all your sweet pics. and that garland is so you! have a great weekend friend.

  12. Oh my goodness, this might be my favorite post of yours ever. I have a thing for hash tags even though I don't use them (I don't tweet and I'm not on IG) (and I don't think they serve a real purpose on FB so I don't use them there unless it's a joke). I don't know your inside joke with Adrain, was darned funny to me. Like I said, I like hash much so that I think in them. You can imagine. :)
    And the end? Just so precious. That shell...a treasure indeed.
    Finally? I have to tell you that I first read #oldschoolbows as old school bows, like school bows that are old. I had to think about that for a minute. ahahaha! It makes me laugh to think how silly I am. ;)
    Thanks for the laugh, and for sharing some of your tender moments.

  13. Oh, I just saw his comment! How awesome are you guys?! Love it! And I'm not even really in on it. ha Hope that's not totally creepy.

  14. precious post Sasha ~ enjoy today and continue to feel blessed ~ Happy December!! #youhaveoneofthebiggesthearts ~ :)

  15. ps ~ my comment on your previous post I stated my wrong city #instantresponseafterlivingtherefor22yrs ~ just didn't want to confuse you as to who I was ~ #recentlymovedtosmalltownMeaford ~ haha

  16. Beautiful!!!!! My kids thought the elf on the shelf would be fun to do as well, but we haven't jumped in quite yet!! Then again, we haven't gotten our tree down yet either :/ #alittlebehindtheeightball


  17. yes beautiful.

    we have been praying for you and your family! such a sweet post.

  18. LOVE this post!
    it totally reminds me of my hubby and i...we have a secret #hashtag thing going, too!
    too fun! :)
    love your pics.

  19. I've had no margin this week....out 4 nights! Fun but yuck...I hate being busy.
    Anyway, I'm behind on your posts...and everyone else's. :(

    gonna miss your 365 shots bc you're so dang good at it....but I get it...creating margin where you can, right?

    love all the hashtags. :)

  20. I love love love all of this!
    i love you
    your heart
    your home
    happy monday evening friend