Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October 365

Have you ever done a themed photo hunt?  I did one last month... You can find them all over the place, I've even seen them on Instagram.  Kind of makes daily picture taking a little more exciting.  Find my theme word below each photo this past month! 
Outdoor beauty.
 Something that begins with an "A".  (Heh heh.  Ava.)
 Round.  (Okay so that pumpkin wasn't technically round.)
Sunset. The sun was setting... you can't really tell.  But I swear it was.
 Comfort food
Signs of the season.
 A glimpse
 Furry Friends.
Thinking.  (I had no idea what to do for that word.)
On the Ground.
Remember and reflect. (Well, this kinda worked.)
Race. (Totally appropriate since JJ was running for class prez.)
Something that begins with a "P" (Peanut butter M&M's.)
Play.  (I play while I wrap presents... what can I say?)
At the Patch.

Creature. (Who happens to be laying ON MY PICNIC TABLE very unashamedly.)
Jack O Lantern.  (Almost.)
Sweet.  (Well, yes.)

How was YOUR October?


  1. i love these :)
    if i just show up at your house someday at dinner time, pull up a chair, and stick my napkin into my neck don't be too surprised. this is your fair warning.

  2. my sweet what you did with the thermos! pure cuteness overload as is everything else. and those little vote for JJ cards...awesome! if i was a kid i'd totally vote for him. he would make a great president;) love you! miss ya...packing today. freaking out!!!

  3. You are so creative. Your kids are lucky to have you as their mom!

  4. Love each and every photo. How is your puppy fairing from spay day?

  5. Love the photo of your two kiddos laying on the couch together-both absorbed in their books! What a blessing that they love to read (at least it looks that way to me). Did you say you are doing Beth Moore's James bible study? Video session #7 rocked my socks off! It was so great and I thought of you several times as I watched it. Hope you've seen/get to see it. :)

  6. Great photos. I love the one of J.J. and Ava reading on the couch. My son and daughter would sit like that when they had a lot of reading to do for (home)school. *memories*

  7. LOVE the family picture with the Carmel Apples.

    :) :) :)

  8. teach me to knit would ya!!! i tried ages ago i think before 4th child...

    as for the family photo! loved it!

  9. I LOVE the 365 every month! It is my fav!! Your photos are just toooo awesome and I would totally make the pic of the family at the patch your xmas photo!! Toooo cute!!

  10. Every time I see your monthly 365, I wanna join in on the fun.
    What keeps me from committing???

    Your pictures are wonderful, as usual.

    I wish we lived could teach me to knit. I wanna learn so bad.

  11. always, always love these. so many memories, numbered, accounted for. the first picture is my fave. but it's really hard to choose. : )

  12. what a great collection of photos!

  13. Wow! What a great looking month. It was good here too. I should try the 365 thing. Maybe I would learn how to use my awesome camera! ;) Love your pics. Forgive me if I missed them, but are your "give thanks" napkins in your shop?

  14. I almost did the exact "hunt" in order to get inspiration for October pics. What a month full of FUN! I'm sure you had some "bad" times, but in these pictures, I honestly can't tell.

  15. What a colourful and fun month for you!
    Love your themes and photos..full of life..and love!

    Deborah xoxo

  16. the photo at the pumpkin patch is my favorite! and the vote for JJ signs are supercute! I have the same Jesus Calling book for my girls. I bought it at the school book fair last year. thank you as always for sharing with us!

  17. So, did JJ win? (Wish I could have voted!)

  18. Love these! And your take on the fun! "A" for Ava...of course! Love "finished" and for thinking you could have taken a picture of yourself trying to figure out what to take a picture of. ;)

  19. Love this I so want that caramel and a spoon, I will make this! If I was JJ the advertising would not make it to school such a sweet idea best of luck to him!

  20. I love all of your photos for October. I just ordered that Jesus Calling Devotional book for one of my kids' Christmas gifts. I have the regular Jesus Calling devotional that I use every morning and it has been such a blessing to me.

  21. I am totally serious on using that picture of you all for Christmas...I LOOOOVE it!
    you take such pretty pictures...I just didn't get that gene. I just bought myself a camera and am going to try..saying that very long and learn to take a basic decent picture that Nikki can edit.
    enjoy your instagrams:)happy friday..and I swear i have a letter for you on my heart that is yet to be written..

  22. Sasha, I was wondering where you bought your hat? It is really cute! and are those your Christmas gifts already cutely {I think I just made that up that word!} wrapped?

    1. Hi sweet Kerri! I got my hat from Target... and YES they are wrapped!! I am DONE... Oh hallelujah!! Sorry... I just had to say that... such a good feeling. LOL