Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tales of family (not) photos and a Fabulous Feature!

  Every year it's the same.  I try so hard to come up with a somewhat coordinating family wardrobe... a nice location... a time with good weather and often a few creative poses.  Yeah.  The last time that all worked out for me was 1995. My wedding day.  Ha!

So here's the thing, and I just want someone to feel my pain because I know I'm not alone.  Of course we've gotten "nice" family photos.  Every year we've been able to come up with something to put on a Christmas card... however... it's always something.  One child won't wear the shoes that go with the outfit.  (So I let that go) One kid won't let his/her (cough*his*) hair be combed. (I smile and attempt to let it go somewhat while passing a brush over it at the last second) One person won't take off their coat for the two minutes of photo snapping.  (So I take photos and convert them to black and white) One person won't smile.  And let's face it... that one happens every year.  And yet sometime in about mid August I begin dreaming of a casual photo shoot in which we all look great/put together/polished/good hair/happy and everyone is smiling in a nice way not an I'm-really-in-pain kind of way.

I do believe I like to do this to myself.  Yes indeed... for why else would I torture my own self in this needless way each and every year?  After three shots that didn't turn out at all, (yes only THREE) the hoodlums were over it completely... so we kicked them out of the way and took our own dang picture and forced ourselves to laugh at the fact that Ava wore uncoordinated boots with the cutest red dress you've ever seen, wouldn't smile or take off her purple coat, and JJ's hair looked crazy in spite of my best efforts to comb it into submission.  The self timer took our photo and we came home with family photo jack squat.  But at least we beat the rain.

I think it's time I hired professional help.  I'm just saying.

(Amy Parsons I'm certain that we need you.)
 This week's Fabulous Feature is my dear friend Becky of Farmgirl Paints blog.  I love Becky to pieces and have a true soul sister in her, so I'm delighted to enjoy some of her creations on a regular basis.  I have her precious and meaningful artwork scattered throughout my house, I'm lucky enough to own three of her leather cuffs, a couple of key chains, and even a necklace. They always make me smile and think of her.  

Becky's cuffs are truly special.  A few of them already have a pre-stamped message, but most of them come made to order so you can have her stamp any word you want on them!  Perfect for Christmas gift giving!
Last year I went to visit her, and got to watch her make this one for me!  I had her put "Adrain + Sasha= <3

It's very me. 
This year, she made a very special design, also at my request, and I couldn't wait to share it with you.  I wanted a cuff with our last name and four tiny hearts representing all four of us.  I know you would love one of these! You'll love anything you order from her.  She packages everything up so sweetly and as a special cherry on top for all of the LMM readers, Becky is offering a 20% discount in her shop until the end of the month!  Enter coupon code "LEMONADE" when you check out.  Isn't that fabulous?  Shop here!


  1. I feel your pain Sasha, my boys won't even let me take causual pictures of them. I would not even dream of taking holidays pictures myself. I love the one of you two.

  2. love that photo of you and adrain. and i so know the feeling... last year hunter insisted on wearing a santa hat. it was either pictures of the santa hat or a screaming child. we chose the hat. ; )

    i wear my cuff everyday. they are the best ever. just like becky. and you.


  3. I literally just finished posting on the same thing..then I looked at a few of my favorite blogs, and look what I found here. Too funny!!

    I love that picture of you & your man...beautiful shot.
    and the cuffs...I'm ordering two from her for gifts this year. :) love them.

  4. Well at least we can look back and laugh at them! It will all work out.
    What cute cuffs she is very talented yes she is!

  5. That photo is gorgeous! My son is 21 and my daughters are 19. We have done family photos for 21 years--starting when my son was 6 mos old. Some years were great, some not! I just kept telling myself at least we did the photos and that was our life at that time. :) I LOVE Becky's bracelets and want one!

  6. Family Pictures? Just even try to comprehend your issues with 2 kids and multiply it 6 times. Yep. Family pictures with 12 kids (plus now 4 spouses). Yikes!

    My younger kids are WAY better at "behaving" than the older teen and young adult "boys". They do NOT set a good example for the young ones, with all of their shenanigans. Seriously.

    Now . . . it's been over 3 years since we've even had all of us together, which makes Family Picture time even that much more important (because it is so very, very rare . . . with kids living all over the world). Makes me SO.SO.SAD. to not have more Family Pics. :(

    With my kids living across the country and around the world, I've had to resort to collage Christmas Cards for several years.

    Hope your weekend was BLESSED! LOVE the pic of you and Adrain.

    mama of 12

  7. Your photos are so cute!! Love that Farmgirl Paints creations -- you all are so creative! Happy Monday

  8. Family picture taking must be a universallu difficult task. We are yet to attempt ours. Love Becky's things!

  9. But this photo of you and your husband is beautiful!!!! I love it! It captures the way you feel about each other. I would be thrilled with a good shot like that.

  10. i love and i hate christmas pics all the's a tough job, but who wants to be the grinch?? geesh...such a hard life of an awesome mommy ;) xo

  11. Your photo is stunning! I'd say you got an excellent shot!

  12. We took pictures last week--haven't seen them yet: ) Hopeful we got something!!! I ordered a cuff--so excited for the discount! Thank both of you!!!!!!!!

  13. love the bracelet Becky made with your last name and four hearts! and I love the photos of you and Adrain! so sweet! are you going to continue to post in December while your etsy shop is closed?

  14. cute picture of you two! love that look of love in your eyes;)

  15. and thanks for the shout out girl!!!!!

  16. "Family Photo Jack Squat"...haha! I know all about that! I did manage to get some decent pictures of my children lately, but I have entire blog posts dedicated to the outtakes from previous years (Christmas 2007? My favorite.)
    The picture of you and Adrain is beautiful! I love what you ended up with, even though it isn't what you were hoping for as far as all four of you go. :)

  17. That picture is super cute, I say run with it! Also,I have LOVED Becky's stuff for awhile now. If I can just make up my mind on a word, I may order one. :)

  18. oh yes. family pictures.
    for the last couple of years it's just been our kids on our christmas
    cards because well, you know, i have to take the pictures.
    kudos to you for taking the pictures using self timer... i may just try it
    this year.
    you and your husband have that look of love on your faces, love it!

  19. I love her shop! I finally bit the bullet and bought one for myself. It's a Merry Christmas to me of course

  20. I think your picture is beautiful.Oh you look so in love with him.