Thursday, November 15, 2012

The kids table is always more fun... (And a winner!)

I don't know what it is... maybe the season, but it seems as if every week is busier than the one before it!  Whew!  I had every intention of posting a bunch of things this week, but yesterday I (no lie) looked at my calendar and exclaimed, "Oh my word, next week is THANKSGIVING!" 

I panicked and then ran out and bought my turkey!  That was a close one.  I honestly thought I had one more week. 
 I dragged the hoodlums to the craft store and on a nature walk in the rain and we ended up with a few odds and ends for a fun and colorful kid's table, along with an adorable thankful tree.  (I spray paint everything. I do.)  
 You've got to admit... the kids table is always the most fun!  I'm going to try and make the grownup's table as much fun... we'll see if I can pull that off.  Ha! 
This year I'm hosting Adrain's entire side of the family.  I always love that because he is one of four kids so once you get everyone, spouses and significant others, and little cousins gathered together it's a wild party.  Adrain thinks we need to have the table set... I'm voting for buffet. 

So the question is... what do you do?  Formal or informal?  Sit down dinner with plates on the table or buffet, easy and casual?  Help me decide! 

The winner of Leen's "Gather" graphic giveaway by random drawing was Kerri with "Your house always looks so warm and cozy! I just want to curl up with a hot cup of coffee or tea and chat and read scripture with ya! Since I am in a different season (Ava is 5 and Caroline is 3) I would be sure to leave the girls at home! It is so hard to keep the seasons separate when they seem to rush everything in retail. I have made myself the promise that I am going to be sure that we fully embrace and savor every moment of Thanksgiving as I GATHER with my family! XO"
Kerri, email me at with your address and I'll get this sent your way!

Make sure and swing by early next week as I've got another Fabulous Feature and great giveaway you won't want to miss!


  1. I know girl I'm slightly stressed. Can't believe Thanksgiving is next week. Eeeek! Seem to have so much to do. It's all good. Life isn't an emergency...

  2. I like the buffet idea. Especially since there are so many of US. It will also leave US with more room around the table it is also so much easier when your making little ones plates too.. Non formal for sure. Its super nice to be comfy and cozy especially were going to be stuffed. Im so excited can't wait. Its always a great time praying games and being around all of my siblings. See ya soon.

  3. Yay!!! I am so excited I won! :) If you do not have the room for everyone to sit at the table at once, I would suggest buffet style. Knowing your creative talent and style, you will pull it off to make it just perfect and no one will even notice that it isn't a formal sit down meal! Also, I remember growing up we always had the holidays with my mom's side of the family because my grandparents lived next door to us. There were 21 of us but we had to eat in shifts, and it really splits everyone up. Til this day that side of the family still does it for gatherings. I would have preferred buffet. I can't wait for you to take lots of pictures of Thanksgiving!

    1. Congrats girly... please email me your address and I'll get this shipped your way! :)

  4. i did the exact same thing!! i thought i had another week!!! eek!!! ya...but i didn't get a turkey yet. probably should do that with the whole "thaw for 4 days" thing. ;) my table this year is going to be FUN!! (i seriously hope we're not doing the same thing. i saw those crayons...hmmmmm...) i made my grocery list and my menu tonight, so i feel a little better. and we will be doing a buffet. the strahles doing put on too much pressure :) PS: you wanna come join us? i just have this feeling you're the life of the partay!

  5. I always host Thanksgiving and we go informal, because we have a large gathering of family and friends on that day. And not near enough room in my dining area (which is really just a little nook off the kitchen.) I like informal, but I would love to have a formal, sit down meal someday. :) I think you just have to do what is comfortable and works for you and your house.

    This year several of us have rented cabins at a state park in a neighboring state. Hoping the weather is nice so we can line up tables outdoors and eat out in nature like the pilgrims! ;)

  6. Thanksgiving snuck up on us too! I just looked at the calendar today, and can't believe Christmas is right around the corner too. It's all happening so fast! But thanks to you abd half pint prints my Christmas cards are all taken care of, and adorable to boot!

  7. Everything is going by way too fast! Our family is battling sickness this week so I hope that it will be gone soon so we can start planning our Thanksgiving fun!

  8. i can honestly say that i have never been to a formal thanksgiving meal. it's always buffet! less stuffy that way. ;) pun intended. heehee.

  9. cute tree! :)
    also, i would definitely do buffet style, and only because my in laws have like over 30 people every year and we switched to that for practical reasons.
    now i can eat my food instead of passing food all during dinner. :) PLUS! then there's more room for cute stuff on the table! :)
    whatever you do, it's going to be wonderful.

  10. With that many people, perhaps buffet style is best. I do love Thanksgiving. It is my favorite holiday - family, food and gratitude - nothing better!

    Whichever way you go, sit down or buffet, I know it will be great. You have so much talent!

  11. We typically have around 24-28 people.....we're feeling pretty small this year with only 20!!! We have three tables that are all set with china and dishes of food for each!! Christmas for us is casual but Thanksgiving, Easter and Mother's Day are pretty fancy schmancy :) I also cannot believe that it is next week!!!!! When did that happen?????

  12. Always casual, fun and no stress for us as long as we have family friends & food we're all good, remember what come next month!
    Happy Friday!

  13. We always do buffet no matter what the holiday that way everyone gets to eat instead of being interupted passing food during the meal. We never have a "kids" table they are as important as the adults and need to know how to behave and hold a conversation. There is plenty of time for play before and after dinner.

  14. buffet style!!!
    It gives you more room on the table to decorate all the way down the middle.....

    take pictures!!

  15. We do buffett because there are just too many people for a sit down and it keeps the party moving around.

    We're also usually sitting both inside and outside because we live in OC and it's usually still warm :)