Monday, December 3, 2012


 I've been trying awfully hard lately. Trying to get my head in the right place after last week's events.  Trying to get some sleep.  Trying to relax.  Trying to prepare.  Trying to have fun.  Trying not to worry. Trying to lighten up.  Trying to encourage.  Trying, trying, trying. 
Have you ever noticed there are seasons where the more you try, the more you spin your wheels, going nowhere but the same place you've been?  This morning's encouragement came in the form of a reminder... one that's very near and dear to my heart... Exodus 14:14 "The LORD himself will fight for you. Just stay calm." NLT

Um.  Calm.  Yeah.  I think I needed that one.  Just saying. 

Not sure if anyone else needed that reminder/verse... but I wanted to share since it was just for me.
  And to make you laugh in the midst of seeking calm...our Buddy the Elf. (Creepy I know...yet we can't help ourselves. Also... his head spins.  Did you know that?  My beloved hairdresser informed me on that.  I think I just shuddered.  LOL)
 Quick and cute goodie idea... we handed these out to our neighbors this weekend, as thank you's for helping us look for JJ last week... you can purchase inexpensive (unused) paint cans in quart or gallon sizes, tuck a sheet of tissue paper into them, and then fill them with yummy goodness.  My man brought home these old school bows to top them with.  In the end I actually liked them.  Ha!
 I think labels are one of my love languages.
 In fact, I'd like a job where that's all I had to do... make cute labels.  And name lipstick colors.  That would be a great job. 
 We attempted our Christmas card photo, again this weekend.  I have given up on the dream of a professional photo shoot... given up on the dream of even a passable family photo... the best we could do was get about five smiles in a very quick ten minute period.  and hey.... I'll take what I can get.  (This one gets a cheesy score of ten out of ten...but they are pretty cute.)  
Almost used this one....

 And this my friends... is the place where we completely lost our minds.  Ha!! We brought a very large, bouncy, barely-passed-kindergarten-class puppy into the mix of two hoodlums hardly tolerating this process in the first place.  (Ava looks read to bolt)

Yes.  We are idiots.  It sounded better on paper.  And no. It didn't work. 

The good news, was that I did get one very boring, totally uncreative pose of the hoodlums faces smiling at me so at least I have a photo for the card. Hooray. 

All's well that ends well. 

How was your weekend?!


  1. Hi Sasha! It is so true that in the midst of trying to relax our minds sometimes seem to spin faster making it almost impossible to actually relax. I have come to think of this state of mind as a gift in allowing us to be conciously aware of how dependent we are on Our Father in Heaven. For me when all is going well, I am thankful and gracious and say prayfully and sicerely prayers of thanks, but I will admit that I am not always coscious of God being with me In times where my life is more uncertain and I can't relax I am almost breathing prayers each and every second and I am fully aware that God is there. Still it is hard to relax, but you do, because God does ultimately bring you peace. You are doing a good job of relaxing whether you realize it at the moment or not. God is definitlely with you and is reflected through you in your words that you write here as well as I am sure with those who really know you best. God's peace be with you now and always!

  2. I was just reading that verse this morning...we too have had a rough week, lost my hubby's grandma Saturday night. Calm is something I strive for always, but especially during stressful situations. Im so filled with joy to see your boy smiling...Im sure there is still aplenty going on there. But seeing him safe, home and smiling, well that just fills my joy cup right up!
    And for the record, if I was getting your Christmas card I would LOVE LOVE LOVE the one of them with the pup. Its candid, natural and looks like they are having fun. Don't give up on a good family picture, but like me you may need to adjust your expectation of what good is. I have a hubby who can not be serious in a photo even if I paid him money! LOL And a son who is just like his daddy...sigh...anyway, I bribe them both and promise a time for goofy pictures. Having the right photographer who can help bring out the natural smiles and make you all laugh is key. When I do photos of us myself they usually are just fine, but I get so frustrated. We have had a fellow photog take our pics a couple of times and while its difficult to not let the photog in me take over, it is so much more relaxing! Keep at it and one of these times it will happen! :-) Hoping you have a calm and peaceful kind of week!

  3. Those little tins you made up are adorable, you're very kind. I hope you've found the calmness, please spread it around if you have leftovers! Oh and your Buddy the Elf, I had a toy just like that when I was a child. I had a lot of creepy toys. Still have nightmares (shudders). Hope you have a peaceful week x

  4. I'm right there with you TRYING! Thanks for the verse. :)

    Your Christmas treats are very cute. When you get the job, put in a word for me, okay?

    Love the photoshoot! Right down to the silly dog making things chaotic. Memories were made!

  5. Sasha,
    I think all four pictures of the kids are Christmas card worthy. How could you miss with such a good photographer.
    Merry Christmas.

  6. Oh my! The puppy is growing so fast!

  7. My husband and I have had such a rough year, and so many times I have come here to your blog, and your posts have brought me some form of comfort, so than you.

    BTW.. that top photo of the kids, with the lights? I would have used that. I LOVE IT!!!

  8. oh that blasted christmas photo!! we had our photos done this year, so it was easy this year...other years? not so much. i needed that verse today, by the way. i love that one.

  9. love your humor!
    my weekend was great!

  10. praying that you are blanketed in His peace, Sasha.
    because that's what He wants. :)
    and i need to practice it myself...a LOT lately.
    home school and kids randomly using needle nose plyers on my metal dining room chairs=NOT peaceful mama.

  11. Praying for peace for you.

    I actually LOVE the first and the very last picture the best. (Not that you were asking hehe) We have 5 (yep FIVE) kids 6 years and under so I have given up on "perfect" group pictures. Our pictures turn our quirky but real. And I think I like them even more than "perfect". It is us, who we are coming through.

    I love labels, too. I would stick a label on anything if I could! And I love giving little hand made gifts. I think it is my love language, too.

    We had a busy weekend full of projects and "getting things done". Love those kind of weekends but also looking forward to having nothing to do!

  12. I love the idea of the paint cans filled with treats! I know they sell them at Michaels. The first pic of JJ an Ava is my favorite What a cute idea! Handmade gifts is my love language too! :)

  13. I don't comment often, even though I am a daily reader of your sweet blog=) Just wanted to tell you that my prayers are with you as you enter this Christmas season with a rocky start! I have been feeling all kinds of busy and overwhelmed lately and the verses that have spoken to my heart are Psalm 131:2, and Matt 11:28-30 . It's like the Holy Spirit is playing a tape recorder in my head, "Rest in ME, rest in ME, rest in ME"...What a wonderful privilege we have to drop our burdens at the feet of Jesus, and rest in His arms=)

    Thanks for your vulnerability and gracious attitude...I am always encouraged by your words:) Remember that the God who has begun a good work in each of your children will be faithful to complete it!


  14. At least you're trying. I'm in a I could care less place right now....shame on me. So tired! Love your sweet fam all tied up in lights. I'm sure that was a chaotic mess with daisy in the mix. Too funny!

  15. In your photos they always look like they are having fun! Personally I like the one where it looks like you tied them up with lights, it could make a really cute funny Christmas card especially if mom and dad where in the foreground relaxing drinking milk with a plate of cookies or something...okay probably too staged. Your family is adorable, as I start my own I hope I have as much grace and patience as you have!

  16. So cute! And yes, I want to work with you at that job!

  17. I like the NIV version as well:

    The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.

    Reminds me of 'Be Still and Know that I am God.' (psalm 46:10)

    maybe calm will come as a by-product of intentional still-ness? :)

    love this print:

    I like the first pic you posted best. - at least you've got adorable subjects! ;)


  18. I think the pics are cute. I tried to do photos for our Christmas card today and just ended up using a picture I already had. Oh well. Been praying for you and your fam. Xo

  19. Not too long ago I made a comment somewhere that on that particular day, I felt like I had done so much but had nothing to show for it, and it was like running a marathon on a treadmill. You finish where you started! Blah! So...kind of like spinning wheels? Anyway, I hope your weeks get calm, and that you do, indeed, have a great deal of peace.
    Once I made a whole post of the outtakes from our trying to get a Christmas picture with us plus my parents and my brother. It was one of the funniest things (to me) that I had written. I hope you get laughs from your no-gos. (No-gos? No-goes? No-go's? You know...)

  20. i know try harder!
    very well
    and it is yuck
    and that verse? that is the same one that God spoke to me today too
    i took a picture of it on my God:)
    love the photos..i need to get you addy
    can you email it to me?

  21. there are no words to tell you how much i needed to hear/read that verse at this moment. i've had the worst few days struggling with a betrayal at work {& i work at a church} & trying to figure out whether to stay or go. ultimately it boils down to the fact that i'm tired of fighting to make things right & tired of fighting for myself. and it hurts that no one else will fight for me. and i needed to be reminded that GOD will fight for me. i can rest in Him. even if it all doesn't turn out "alright" i can rest in Him. thank you. praying that you find rest in Him, too.

  22. You take beautiful pictures... I just found your blog yesterday and I am in awe of your photography. The verse is perfect for all of your cares. God is great and mighty! Praise Jesus!

  23. Hello. I read your blog on a regular basis but I think this is the second time I ever write a comment. And that is because I am not an English spoken person and I always fear anything I write it may be misunderstood.

    I am a mum of one, he is nearly 6, and I been touched by the last week's "issue" with your beautiful boy. I would like to be able to say so many things I haven't got the vocabulary to explain, so I would like to say just a few words. This too shall pass.

    Everytime I see you have publish a new comment on your blog I read it through and through. I am not a religious person but your words always encourage and inspire me.

    By the way, your labels are awesome.

  24. I love these photos of your kids in the lights! And how sweet to give those yummy treats to your kind neighbours. Yes ...c a l m sounds wonderful!
    Have a restful and fun week!!

    Deborah xo

  25. I think I would have used the photo with the kids tied up in lights and put creepy elfie in there to show he was the one who tied them up!! Super cute!!

  26. What a perfect reminder!!! I love how He does that, when we are ready to hear it, He delivers!!! I know that He will continue to wrap you in "the peace that transcends all understanding" <3

    The Christmas pics are adorable!!! You've captured some good ones!!!!

  27. I'm a new subscriber and I just have to say that I love your's nice to wake up to your thoughts about life. Thanks for blessing me :)
    P.S. I recently fell in love with the adorable Christmas card theme of Amanda Jane Jones picture of your kiddos hugging would look fantasic in this style.

  28. Love the lights besides who wants a Christmas card with a stiff no personalty family adorning their card holder!

  29. I hope you used that very first photo you posted for your christmas card....I LOVE IT!!!!! :)
    (not that you were asking or anything...hee hee!)
    Your hot chocolate station is awesome. Not over the top/over done. The other ones I've seen in bloggy land have been a bit overwhelming to me...I don't have a complete sideboard or cupboard to devote to that. But a nice tray? Perfect!! I can do that! :) Love your blog. Thanks for all your encouragement. :)

  30. we can all relate to the "try hard" that verse from Exodus....what a wonderful promise that he fights our battles for us...ALL of them.

    i really like the picture of the kiddos with their backs to each other all tied up...great picture!