Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Over the mountains and through the snow...

We just returned from my family's Christmas celebration weekend.  Yes it was early but it was the only weekend that worked for all three families.  We snuck away to a darling little Bavarian Village in the mountains, Leavenworth, Wa, and had some fun in the snow!  (Oh and thanks to my Instagram peeps who hooked us up with yummy places to eat!)
Everyone pitched in together and rented a big cabin... my mama cooked a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, we had snowball fighting, sledding, movie watching, monster cookie eating, Phase ten playing... along with watching the kiddos open their presents and listening to Grammy read a favorite Christmas story.
Also... the GF chocolate cake I talked about in my previous post was amazing.  (I was so relieved.  At the last minute, I filled it with an Andes mint chocolate whipped ganache. Oh my.)

There was no way around a photo bomb.  There just wasn't.  I only took 330 photos too... so I've narrowed it down as best I could and now, in pictures... here was our weekend.  

 (My parents, my brother Jake, aka Officer McJakey, and the little peanut escaping is my niece.)

Faux Christmas morning...

 I have laughed so hard at my sis in law's face here... I wanted to put the caption "GET ME OF THIS SLED."

 She named her red-haired horse veterinarian doll Anne... Anne spelled with an "e."  I couldn't be more proud.  Ha!

I still have many more photos... but I've got a mountain of laundry waiting for me so this will do for now... I do have to say that we did get a little naughty after the grandparents headed off to bed... we had to come up with something for Buddy (aka Creepy Elf on the Shelf with the spinning head... I digress) so someone (who shall remain nameless) came up with "The Dark side of the Nutcracker"... we laughed hysterically for an hour, hoping not to wake up the kiddos...Totally wrong in every way... yet so funny to these twisted people I'm related to. Ha!  (Okay I might have laughed the hardest.)  And don't worry... Buddy the Elf escaped and is safely back home with us.


  1. are you sure you didn't just sneak off to the swiss alps!?! holy cuteness, child!!

    your elf sacrifice is hysterical. i bet your little guy died! i know mine would!!

    also? you are just the cutest thing, sasha. evah!

    oh one more...my middle name is anne...with an E! good style that ava has ;)

  2. So funny with the nutcrackers! My kids were too old when the Elf on the Shelf came along and I have to confess that I am glad. They are a little creepy :) Looks like you got some wonderful photos - and even some that would work on a Christmas card!

  3. What a cute baby that is! And Buddy? Poor, poor Buddy.
    So glad you had a memory making time with people you love! So much beauty....

  4. What a fun time! My parents own a cabin (in NC though, no snow!) and our family went for Christmas a few years ago. Such fun! We'll have to do that again!

    Pictures are gorgeous, as always - perfectly capturing the fun! xo

  5. What a fabulous celebration and location! Sweetest family ever!

  6. What a perfect weekend! Love all the pictures, Sasha...and the evil Nutcrackers...love it!

  7. Wow! What a beautiful place to spend time with your whole family! Beautiful pictures...as always! That baby is Gorgeous! You crack me up...I always get a laugh from something you write! Enjoy getting back to a normal schedule!

  8. OH my,beautiful!!!!!!! Down here in Florida with 78 degree weather. :( Next time I'll come along,I won't make a peep I promise.

  9. I am so glad that you and your family had such a wonderful Christmas celbration there in Washington. It looks magical and snowy and cozy and wonderful in every way. My husband and I use to live in the Pacific Norhtwest in Salem, Oregon. I loved it there and have many fond memories! It was the only place I have ever lived where we went to a Christmas tree farm and cut down our tree. I hope that your journey to Christmas Day continues to bring many happy family moments. Have a wonderful week.

  10. Looks like an amazing weekend! So beautiful- I want to go!
    1. You have a beautiful family
    2. So happy that beautiful cake tasted as good as it looked
    3. That baby is so precious. You took wonderful pictures of her.
    4.The elf on the shelf one- I'm so glad you explained. hahaha I didn't realize at first that that was the elf and not another nutcracker. haha

    Hope you have just as wonderful of a real Christmas Day as your faux.

  11. Sasha,
    Your pics are so precious ~ looks like you captured the true meaning of Christmas here ~ lots of family spending time laughing, playing, loving on each other...love them...What a breathtaking place as well. Thanks so much for sharing some of your Christmas family time with us.

  12. Your pictures are amazing! That is the Christmas I would love to have and I wish we had weather like that here in Missouri.

  13. Seriously gorgeous photos! Glad you had an awesome weekend.


  14. I just about died when I saw that Bavarian village and those mountains! Boy O boy those mountains - SO jealous! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time :)

  15. I loved seeing the photos of Leavenworth!! I grew up in Washington state and have some very happy memories of visiting that beautiful town. I really hope I can take my family for a visit there one day.
    The elf on the shelf pictures are hilarious!!

  16. What an enchanting looking place. I will have to google it. WE want snow so badly here in East TN we can't stand it. Its been quiet a while since we've had a substantial amount. The Dark side of the Nutcracker's was HILARIOUS!!!! Look forward to seeing more pics!

  17. That town looks darling, I want to go there! And your hat, so cute! And....babies look good on you. Just sayin. Hugs.

  18. What a great getaway!!! I'm twisted too...I laughed at Buddy's little predicament!

    Cute family pictures :) Love your snow gear!

  19. Oh how fun! We were in Leavenworth this weekend too!! We stayed at our church camp Tall Timber Ranch, up north of Lake Wenatchee and spent most of Saturday braving the cold and the crowd to experience Leavenworth and the tree lighting ceremony. Awesome pictures of your weekend. thanks for sharing!

  20. what a fun idea. wish my family did something to bring us all together like that. love your hat and braids by the way:) AND you got your snow fix!!

  21. So fun!! I went to that village with some girlfriends several years ago, and have some wonderful memories! It wasn't snowing then, though. So beautiful!
    Your story about Buddy made me laugh! Those are good memories!
    And the baby! Wow...what gorgeous photos! How could they not be, though...she's darling! :)
    Your family pics are GREAT, by the way. :)

  22. What a beautiful place/way to celebrate Christmas!!! Your pictures are gorgeous..such a great family shot too!! So glad that you had a wonderful weekend with your family!!!

  23. well now i'm homesick for my tahoe living days. WOW. what a Christmas celebration!!! so happy you had this weekend!

  24. Did you by any chance bring that baby home to give to me??


  25. I LOVE these pictures...
    we have a similar area in North Georgia, but it's not near as charming as this town looks.

    You captured so many wonderful shots of your sweet niece!!! I know your brother and his wife will LOVE having them of her!

    looks like my prayers were answered and that you guys really enjoyed yourselves...how'd your little guy do?

  26. Looks like a picture perfect weekend!

  27. We LOVE Leavenworth!!! Celebrated a few anniversaries there. We are due for another trip :)
    Just a few more things:
    My Ei has the same coat as your JJ
    He also has that exact metal tractor sign in his room
    Your niece is SUCH a dolly
    And I love your green hat :)

  28. YAY FOR YOU, finally getting your much-desired great family Christmas card photo! :)

    My hubby and I spent a long weekend "mini honeymoon" in Leavenworth right after our wedding, since our real honeymoon in Italy wasn't until 8 months later (I was a teacher...who got married in September...who does that?! Apparently stubborn Autumn-obsessed girls like me who insist on a Fall wedding.):) Leavenworth is the cutest!

  29. Beautiful family! Looks like lots of fun was had.
    The look on your sis-in-law's face is priceless! their little one is just precious.
    The pic with the four of you in the snow would be a great Christmas card.

  30. Your photos are always stunning! Thanks for sharing! :)

  31. That village looks like a Christmas card!!! And Buddy.....hilarious! Where did you find the tiny saw???classic!

  32. oh so great pictures! looks like so much fun!! how was the monkey bread??

    1. Amazing... it's ALWAYS amazing... every time! Have to force myself to be portioned controlled. Ha!

  33. There is nothing that beats those special family retreats and vacations! What a blessing! So thankful you all got to get away and what a beautiful place to make those special family memories! Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and the photographer was amazing! :o) Have a very Merry and blessed Christmas!! XOXOXOXOXO
    P.S. Going to use your recipe for the Salted Caramel Sauce and put in cute jars for my husband's co-workers! I'll bet they all love it! :o)

  34. Beautiful photos! Looks like it was a great family Christmas!

    I love how that hat looks with your eyes - so pretty!

    Completely lovely - all of it!

    ~ Clara
    She from shepresents.com

  35. we are heading out there in search of snow this weekend with our four little ones! care to share some of the great places you ate? thanks! :)