Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pipe Cleaner Tree DIY

Have you ever tied a twist-tie around a bag of garbage?  Then you can do this project and make this darling little pipe cleaner tree.  I promise!
 I wanted something with some height for my hot cocoa station and the hoodlums ate all my marshmallows on a stick so I came up with this. 
 What you'll need:  (I found everything I needed at JoAnns)
A jar of some kind, and filler to keep your tree upright. (I used sugar but epsom salts would work well too.) 
A dowel, cut to the height you desire. (I made sure it would fit under my cabinets first)
A big stack of pipe cleaners in the color you desire.  (I bought a big bag and used most of it.  You'll use more than you think you will.)
Wire cutters
Some beads for the ends.  Mine were natural wood.  (Optional)
 Bend the pipe cleaner around the dowel in the middle and then...
 Twist it like a twist tie once or twice to make it stay.  Push them down the dowel as you go, turning them and building them until you have your branches. 
 I trimmed and trimmed until it began to resemble the shape of a tree.  You can't mess up here because trees aren't perfect!  I love a project that take the pressure off like that. Don't you?
 I added a few of the wooden beads to some ends here and there.

Finally, I placed it into a blue mason jar filled with sugar.  (It's what I had on hand.)
 You could make these for gifts... you could put one in every room in the house, or on bedside tables, or make a little village of them down your table for Christmas dinner! 

 Apparently, I have a thing for little trees this year...
 ... and pretty colors....
 However... I did something very naughty that I'm very pleased about. (grin)  I always LOVED my Willow Tree Nativity, though I wasn't a fan of the colors.  That's just me.  So, because one craft leads to another... I spray painted my nativity a creamy, glossy color and I am in love with it even more now.  Painting it calmed the scene down.  I know there are probably Willow Tree junkies that want to spank me right now, but I really love it like this... wish I had the courage to do this last year!
 I also glittered some numbers and hung them on my Trader Joe's boxwood wreath.  Sweetness and simplicity.  My favorite. 
They are patchy and imperfect from little fingers touching them... but that's what this season is all about right?

Now go forth and make pipe cleaner trees!  


  1. The pipe cleaner tree is darling!

  2. So cute! Wonder if my little ones could handle it...maybe at least my 6 year old. That was brave spray painting your nativity scene but looks great. Hey, if something isn't working, it isn't working!

  3. This is adorable.. You are so smart to put your name on your photos.. I found one of your pics pinned on Pinterest but when I clicked on it the link was not to your site :( But I found you because your website was on the pic! So excited to find your blog, it is beautiful :)

  4. We are kinda freaking out of the Willow Tree thing, I'm not gonna lie :) But I do have to admit, they look great - so kudos to you for being bold and stepping out in spray paint!!!! lol

    I noticed your elf all tangled up in the lights by the hot chocolate station....was he getting into the marshmallows??

    Love the 25 too, I was wondering where they ended up!! I just adore your decorating style and your home, it's so beautiful <3

  5. Love the tree!!! *pin* =) Merry Christmas Sasha!

  6. I must say that when I first saw your Nativity Set and before I read what it was, I fell in love. White figuines are my thing and I am wondering if I have the courage to paint some of my Willow Tree. Briliant, you are...but we already knew that. The trees are lovely, too. You could even cover tiny batreryy operated lights under the sugar for a glow. Oh, the possibilities!

  7. this is pretty darn awesome....the whole thing! i love those many possibilities. and you ARE very naughty (i said that with an english accent) with your spray painting. i have a willow tree set (in a box #unmotivated) but it's not the same as yours....i don't think mary's holding the baby.
    also i almost bought that wreath at trader joe's. but i don't have a place for it. already put one on my door. so cute boxwood!!

  8. The pipe cleaner tree is so sweet! I love the natural look is has to it!

  9. So cute! I especially love those trees sitting by your sink. You are just one giant holiday tornado this year....Only, instead of destruction you are bringing holiday cheer everywhere you go!

  10. I love your projects. You are so talented and such an inspiration. :)


  11. I love that you painted your nativity. My mom has an ivory set my Grandmother made in ceramics that I will eventually inherit and I love it so much. The one I have is too colorful but I'm not sure I could bring myself to spray paint it. You are one daring lady!!

    Beautiful touches all around.

  12. 1. I Love this little project, truly adorable.
    2. I cannot believe you painted it, I did the same three days ago, hee! I pondered it for days & finally got the courage to paint it. I love mine, love it I tell ya. So kudos for your bravery. Mine is not Willow though, but doesn't the white make it look precious?
    3. I didn't make it to the garland list this year again. I kept checking the shop & my email. I finally made my own with different words, but I want an original from LMM, so maybe I'll get lucky next year.
    Many Blessings to you and the family Sasha.

    1. Oh I hope so too! Next October I'll be knocking them out girl! :)

  13. Cute love all your little trees, I have the boxwood also $9.99 come on!
    Have a great day!

  14. Hey!! You know I love your tree. I'm the crazy instagrammer that kept showing you pics and asking for help! Funny that you said no tree was perfect. It was just what my husband was saying anyway. I kept getting him to compare our trees and he finally said "MAKE IT YOUR OWN!!" Gotta love him :-)

    1. Hahaha I love that. And he's right! :) Your tree is pretty cute by the way. :)

  15. I love that little pipe cleaner tree. You are so creative!


  16. Dude girl you are rockin the creativity right now!! Love the pipes ;) I need to get on my glitter horse and start sparklin' up everything. Those numbers are too cute, and right up my alley :) XOX

    ps - your Elf is crackin' me himself in a little tangle, eh?!

  17. Like the tree, especially in the jar with blue glass. I have an endless love for those jars and that color...keep picking them up when I find them!

  18. I admire your bravery with your nativity. I have a Jim Shore set my mom gave me when hubby and I got married and honestly the colors aren't me anymore - lots of brights - I never would have thought of painting it, but now you've got me thinking.

  19. that is the cutest little tree ever! I just love your kitchen and I'll have you know YOU are the inspiration for our soon-to-be kitchen redo:) going to follow your lead and paint our cabinets white:)

  20. The pipe cleaner tree is adorable! That just might have to make it into our schedule this season. :) (As if I had a schedule...haha!)
    And if your nativity leads you to worship and reflect, then it doesn't matter what you've done with it! (I mean, you know what I mean...) :) It's lovely. I have the Willow Tree nativity too. My parents gave it to me for Christmas the year that my grandma passed away, from her, with some money that she had left for Christmas presents for the grandkids. It's my favorite. And all of a sudden I miss my grandparents very much.
    Thank you for all the lovely home decorating ideas. You are so very creative. It is a gift of yours, without a doubt.

  21. Your tree is cute! Great idea. And I must admit, after I saw your Instagram about spray painting your nativity, I did seriously consider painting my vintage one. I'm still too scared to do it…maybe someday. :)

  22. oh i love it all...i seriously love your guest room.
    it just gets better and better
    love your little tree..seriously crazy amazing

  23. love, love, love, love. the wreath is my favorite. as are you.

  24. that wreath is so pretty... the glittered 25 completes it :) love how peaceful your home looks!


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