Friday, January 4, 2013

December 365.... the end of a two year project. Whew.

I'm finished.  A year's project that turned into two years' worth of photographs... done.  I'm glad I did it. However, as I go back and edit these for this post, I realized I'll be doing a lot more random photo dump posts because apparently, this is where I did that... and habits are a hard thing to break.  I take a ton of random photographs.  So I guess be warned about that.  Ha!

Okay.. so back to December's 365.  Here is a little crafty hoop art... (that I'm super excited about since I'll be listing a few of these babies in my shop when it re-opens! No date on that yet... still really enjoying the break and thinking February... )
Peppermints. Like I said... random.
I was running errands all. day. long.  The December rush.
Something in me wants to try and keep this alive.  (I am a killer of plants.)  We will see...Now I have added another plant to the mix.  Two plants.  What am I, crazy??  LOL
Stocking stuffer sweetness. 
Playing with my lens and a black paper end cap with heart shaped opening. Wanted to go back in the daylight and play with it since it didn't work very well at night, but I forgot.  And then the dog sat on it or something, and crushed it.  I mean, it was made of paper so you can hardly expect it to last... but then I was too lazy to make another one.

Over the river and through the woods... heading to a cabin to spend a few days with family.
Fun in some snow!
Back home...
Gifts showing up under the tree always elicit happy sounds.
I found this darling little truck, and it stole my heart.
I love how my daughter wrapped my gift. With LOVE.
Brown wrap.  Best invention ever.
Beginning a few hoops for my store!
I wanted this in my studio... not sure I like it in there... Hmm..Still thinking...
Sick day.
Twinkle lights in my bedroom.
Game time. 
Antler-candle love.
New reading glasses.  Merry Christmas!
Today, my man's Passat cost us a fortune.  Darn VW. (This photo was totally coincidence on this day too!)
Make up is my favorite thing. The end.
About to head to the candle-light service!
Well... most of the bomb had been picked up by this point.  I didn't grab the camera in time to get it in FULL bomb mode.  LOL
A little New Year's Eve decorating!
  I Instagrammed this same photo.  It was just so pretty. 
One of my Christmas gifts- a super pretty dishtowel from Anthro.  My man KNOWS me!!
Making goals, chewing on things...
We spent the day organizing.  Oh boy did this room need it.  I'm not a "go clean your room" mom because for the most part, our living space is pretty spotless a majority of the time, so it seems only fair to let them live how they want in their own spaces. (Remember, I'm a freak and I enjoy cleaning... I also clean when I'm stressed etc.) I pretty much let them do whatever they want to their rooms but sometimes... they need SOMETHING.  Today was that day.
Craft making for a theatre.

Well guys... that wraps up our 2012 and my second 365 project in a row.  I'll miss it a little... but it's also going to be a nice break.  Now to get this year's photographs into a published book!    

Are you doing anything to document each day in photos? 


  1. you did such a great job!! i was so glad to check that off my list in 2011 and did not miss it in 2012 ;)
    you do such a fabulous job on your close up shots!!

  2. i always love these. the twinkly lights framing your bedroom makes me think magic... love the hoop art too...swwwwwweeett. i want one!

  3. love the "Sing til the whole world hears!" photo!

    all the photos are just lovely.

    beautiful life.

    blessings to you!

  4. Love your photos...and can I say. Oh my gosh I am so excited for when your shop reopens and those hoops are avaliable! I want one, it would be prefect and adorable in our new nursery! :-)

  5. Your 365 posts are some of my favorites....thank you for sharing them!

    Many Blessings,

  6. I love all of your photos! Everything is so pretty!

  7. December is such a beautiful month! I've never tried the photo a day but you make me want to. Maybe next year since I didn't start this year :) I do make a "Month in Review" family album each year. I use digital software so no clean up with "real" scrapbooking!

  8. Decided to try the 365 just with my iphone all this year. We'll see how it goes. The Rosemary is an easy grow too, Sasha. Only water it once a week though and leave it by that window. You did great with your garden, indoor plants are just smaller Plants are great for indoor air cleaning, so they look great and are functional too. Together we can make that thumb turn green!!! Donna in Kelowna

  9. I'm new here and I am enjoying your blog! I was curious about your Christmas tree ribbon. Did you make it? I love it!

  10. Lovely pictures. Isn't photography wonderful? :)

  11. I loved each and every photo! Wish I was that organized! Looks like your December was lovely...and wasn't that candlelight service amazing (as always)?
    Blessings to you and yours in 2013!

  12. always enjoyed your 365's. Will miss them. Looking forward to your randome photos. Sometimes those are just as fun.

    Loving that little hoop stitch. Too cute.

  13. Love your photos and its such a great idea. I've never done it but would love to this year!
    Btw, thanks to your inspiration (ruffle scarf) I'm almost finished my second knitting project and excited to start on my 3rd for which my yarn is just waiting for! Loving it! ;)
    Happy weekend Sasha!

    Deborah xo

  14. I'm gonna miss your 365 posts, but understand your needing the break. Looking forward to all of your expectations being met!

  15. Great pics, as always!! Hey have you thought about trying that map print in the guest room or your living room on the ledge with a few small globes?? Just a thought<3

  16. I love love your daily picture posts..and making them into a book is such an amazing thing. think of the memories years from now.
    ...hope your feeling better this morning?:)
    gotta do the grocery store thing this morning..ugh! but we might starve if i don't

  17. I just love your blog! One of my favs!

  18. I love this post and love your blog! Would you mind telling me where you find the brown paper for wrapping gifts that you pictured on December 13th?

    Thank you!

  19. love these photos! your bedroom looks beautiful, love the twinkle lights. i have such a hard time managing photos, there is now way I could a 365 project.

  20. I love to take photos, but as my children get older and older I've realized I don't take as many. Loving the whole "random" thing!! Who knew..... Thank you :-)