Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Laughin' all my days...

I am trying to laugh more.  Recently, I was convicted that I don't laugh half as much as I used to.  And you need to know this about me- I used to laugh a lot.  I've had people recognize me, aisles away, in grocery stores, because they heard my laugh.

(Maybe it's because I have a weird, and crazy-loud laugh?  Adrain assures me that's not the case, but is he really going to tell me if I do?  Of course he isn't.)

I feel as though blah circumstances of life over the past few years have stolen some of my laughter and I'm taking it back!!  I want my hoodlums to remember that their mama could cut loose and laugh her head off.  I want to find the humor in random situations again.  I want "LOL" to actually mean that I threw my head back and laughed... not simply smiled for a second. (SFAS)  You know?
None of this really has to do with horses... except that I had a bunch of photos of our favorite neighborhood horse, who makes my daughter giggle with delight, and I realized, it's finding joy in the simple things again... that's where the laughter begins to bubble. That's where I misplaced it.

 When I was a new bride, someone gave me a little recipe card with some wise words.  "Focus on the important, not the urgent." Nearly eighteen years later, those words haunt me because I focus on the urgent... like... always.  I kind of shove the important to the side until the urgent is dealt with.  Oops.  (Admittedly sometimes the urgent IS important... I'm just saying.)  All this urgent business has sucked the laughter from my heart for some time now, and that's no good.

And as for being a Mama...(focusing on the important) I feel like I almost never laugh.  Not at my kids, not with them, not at their silly stuff.  I get into Drill Sargent mode with chores and routines and schedules and my goodness... laughter?  I surely don't have time for that anymore. 
So you know what I did?  I sat down with my hoodlums and we planned a fun thing into each day so far this week.We did stuff.  Randomly important fun stuff. I tucked my phone and worries over urgent "whatevers" and to-do lists aside, gave them my whole attention, and listened to them- really listened and you know what?  They are becoming some funny little people.  They both laugh easily and that makes it easy for me.  I simply have to be open to the moments.  The memory-making-important moments.  And laugh with them.


Kate@StillRoomToGrow said...

I'm with you mama! I need to laugh more and LISTEN more to my family when they are talking to me, not half listen while I'm running a to-do list in my head....thanks for the reminder.

ade06e08-6b06-11e2-83fc-000bcdcb5194 said...

Great reminder! I was wondering if you could record that laugh of yours and post it on your blog so those of us who don't live in the NW could hear it?? Just imagine what a "laughing" commotion it would cause! :) ~Angela

Lorraine and Jessica said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are embracing laughter again. A life without laughter is not very much fun at all!! And you seem like a fun laughing mama, so I know you have it in you <3 Have you read Ann Voskamp's 1000 gifts? It's awesome and really helps with noticing the gifts and joys and laughable moments. Ann always says that Life is not an emergency!! I'll be praying for you friend, that God restores the joy in your life, the joy that only comes with being tethered to Him <3

I'm Sally. said...

Is SFAS really a real thing? Because, I had no idea. For real. Really. Around here we have S & N -- but that's altogether different. That's SMILE & NOD, and it means somebody is humoring you because you're making no sense at all. Basically, they are laughing at you... I mean WITH you - LOL.

Hugs to you today sweet Friend! =)) Hope you have much to smile and laugh about today!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I hear you loud and clear Mama! This has been a concern of mine lately too. I was watching a TV show with my teen on Monday and I laughed more and harder than I probably needed too, but it felt good to just abandon myself to the sillyness of the show and really laugh.

Alicia said...

i've been so heavy hearted too...makes it hard to laugh. :-/

Leslee said...

I've tried so hard to remember to laugh this last year. I even went to the extent that I write down/type down all the funny little comments my 3 year old says....and of course they end up on my Blog as Kenny-isms. It's fun to look back and laugh a second time. Amazing what we get when we listen :) Keep Smiling! February is almost here and it's going to be a good Month!

Kim said...

Oh, how I get this.

I wrote a paragraph (or two) with examples of my own. The words were inadequate.

I. Get. This.


The Every Day Extraordinary said...

I get so busy on the mundane that I realized--thanks to a little hand on my cheek in the darkness of the night--I don't take enough time to really hold onto or touch my kids lovingly. A holding of a hand, a caress, a hug, a snuggle. That little hand in the middle og the night--made me cry. It was so soft, so sweet, and so powerful that it broke open my heart to see, my kids need that from me. Laughing is such good medicine. I'm way too serious sometimes: (

Theresa Novak said...

This is a great reminder. I feel like I am running in a hundred different directions and I never take the time to just enjoy myself. I have a loud laugh, too and a loud voice and I tend to use both a lot. lol

Momma Bug said...

Awe... good words friend. I think I'm gonna try to embrace some funny-ness and see if I can't get more laughter into my days too!

Thanks a heap :-)

Lindsey said...

What a great reminder! You have impeccable timing...

Farmgirl Paints said...

You do have a great laugh I can vouch. Never will forget laughing our heads off with Jim Gaffigan. I need to laugh more too. It's such good medicine. Like a big giant hug or deep down cleanse.

Farmgirl Paints said...

You do have a great laugh I can vouch. Never will forget laughing our heads off with Jim Gaffigan. I need to laugh more too. It's such good medicine. Like a big giant hug or deep down cleanse.

Masha said...

For a good laugh, stop by my humorist blog and say hello
In the mean time, keep your beautiful posts coming. I love your photography!

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

laughing is good for the soul! and the stomach! i mean, think about how your tummy gets tighter when you laugh. totally burns calories, too. win-win-win! : )

Christina said...

Love this!! The horsey pics are so good, and the one with the talk bubble? Made me LOL, and not just SFAS. ;)
One day not too long ago, as I was driving down the street with all three of my kids, my youngest was doing this obnoxious laugh that was really loud, and, well, really obnoxious. Before the other two could fuss and complain (hello EQUALLY OBNOXIOUS) I said,"What if we all did that?" So...all four of us started laughing this crazy, loud, totally obnoxious, fake, and did I mention loud laugh as we drove down the street. Anyone looking into the car would surely have thought we were a family of lunatics escaped from the hospital, but by the end we were all dying laughing real, big, hysterical laughs. It was one of the funniest, spontaneous, strange things I've done with them lately, should try it. :) You'll laugh really hard, I promise!! ha!
I hope you find your laughter. I'm with you...when I'm not laughing, life is so much harder. And I used to laugh a lot more than I do now, too. I love your idea about doing a fun, random thing with the kids each day.

Between You and Me said...

I sure hope I hear you laugh one day. :)
I don't laugh enough goes in spurts.
I'm pretty amazing at barking chores and orders though....hummmmmm, not exactly what I want to be remembered for by my kiddos.

I feel like I just go from one thing to another...I REALLY need to stop and smell some roses. :)

Jessabells said...

I have a weird loud laugh and a Staten Island accent. My kids make fun of me. It's funny.

You are not alone mama with not laughing. Life is rough and sometimes we are so busy molding our children into smart, independent, and respectable adults that we forget to relax and enjoy the small moments. I enjoy turning off all the electronics and playing a board game with my family. We really get the most laughs then.

Hoping you get your laugh back!


daisy said...

I was in the same place for so many years and I've finally found myself laughing more, smiling more and it feels SO good. I want my boy to have good memories of his silly Momma!

Jackie at Roots and Wings said...

My husband's grandmother laughed all the time--it's one of the things I remember and love most about her.
Laughter is good medicine. Thanks for reminding me. :)
I hope you have a laughter-filled day!

Kristel said...

You have read my mind...yet again! I had these same thoughts a few weeks ago, actually, my husband pointed it out to me, and I quickly realized that he was saying the truth. I have also read somewhere that the more you do something, the naturally it will become. I find that I was living in a very dark cloud, and I will force myself to come out of it. Here's to more laughter and smiles in our lives!

Tonya said...

girl, this post is serious business. i mean it ain't no laughing matter although it is.

i make it a point to laugh as much as possible with my the car, at home and while we are out.

i do it for the same reason you do...i want them to have happy memories of me as a mother.

and i do it also because life kinda zapped my zeal from me and our lives were miserable because "momma was not happy".

so, yes, i laugh often with them because seriously when it is all said and done, memeories will be all i can leave them.

and last night, i spent with my little one reading and singing (and singing and singing) and realized that time is a precious gift. moments are really what count.

laughing with you! and with "me familia"

Barbara said...

I'm laughing right now my co-worker just showed me her Flintstones steak they gave her last night as big as the plate, oh and I really laughed on Sunday, Bruce and I went to brunch, I was in the ladies room at the sink and a nice lady was behind me at the hand dryer, she says to me oh cute jeans I say thanks and smile, then she says oh do you need BUTTER to put them on they are tight! I look in the mirror at her and laugh and then leave, my jeans were not tight but what could I say and why let her ruin my day! So the rest of the day we laughed at what happened in the ladies room and ate our way through the San Francisco Market Place and had one of the best days ever! My pants may have ended the day a little tight!

wendy said...

That was one of my goals last year along with learning new things. Last year I took a knitting class and a sushi making class. I figure your never too old to learn new things and you need to do things for yourself once in awhile. Thanks for the reminder to keep laughing!

Deanna said...

Last night I sat on the couch with Daisy and watched a whole Dora episode with her. We participated fully in the episode, Daisy even hopping off the couch to do the silly monkey dance. I had no computer on my lap, or kindle next to me. And I laughed with my daughter. And I am so thankful for that time with her. I need to do it more often. Be fully present. I laugh more when I'm fully present.

Kerry said...

Hi!! I found your blog whilst looking for new and interesting blogs to follow and I have been hooked for the past half hour reading your posts! I started with your daughter's bedroom makeover and I have to say that I love it and I WISH my daughter's bedroom was as tidy as that, I will be putting some inspiration into there shortly. I love this post, firstly because the pictures of the horse are beautiful but also because it is so true what you are saying...when do we busy mums ever make the time to just sit and be and laugh with our children. Thank you for this reminder, I am going to keep it in the forefront of my mind tomorrow :) You are so crafty and clever and I think I'm going to love it here :)
Have a great laughter filled day!

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