Friday, January 18, 2013

Open color...

A good portion of the new items are already gone at this point, (thank you sweet customers!) but I am already taking custom orders for the hello hoops.  If you want one, give me a shout at or convo me through my Etsy shop!  
Happy Weekend to you all!
It's here!!  I am finally finished with my newest Etsy collection. Okay that's a lie.  I'm not quite finished... because there were about three other fun items I wanted to add and they had to wait because I ran out of steam and time.  Ha! Another day... (A few cute chicken wire frames are coming... they are always a hit, and maybe a few more chalkboards for those of you who keep asking me- you know who you are...) But I am finished with my new items... and they are now live and listed!
So let's party!! 

Last week, I realized that everything I was adding to my shop was basically a flurry of crazy, happy, wild, fun color.  

I think this speaks loudly for the general state of my life right now... winter in the Pacific NW forces you to create your own sunshine and without meaning to, I did just that.  I really hope (fingers crossed) you guys love everything as much as I loved making it!!  (And don't miss out on a few sale priced items I'm trying to get rid of, along with many returning favorites- prints and such- in my shop!)
Peacock printed napkins, hand sketchedy-sketched by moi. (That was so fun it didn't feel like work at all.)

Happy sigh... turquoise ink.  I shall happily inflict them on every party or gathering I have, for the next six months. 

This print kind of rocked my world.  I meant for it to be an 11x14" but on a whim, I cut it apart and made two 8x10's out of it and now I can't stop looking at it!!  (FYI The words aren't perfectly centered when you cut it, but it's darn close and OH-SO-CUTE!!)  I'm offering it untrimmed straight from the print shop on 17" long paper so if you want to cut off the edges for one 11x14" print, it's ready... OR if you want to cut it in the center you can have yourself two fun little prints. 

I think it completes me.
 I was tempted to leave everything set up like this...

...but in the end it all ended up here.  Another happy sigh.
This one ended up on our hallway wall too.  It makes me smile BIG every time I see it.  All I can think about is church camp as a kid. 
 Ruffly garnished screen printed dishtowels.

 Happy embroidered things... all shapes and sizes.
 And the item that makes my heart skip beats... oil cloth pennant flag banners.  (Okay so technically it's not the scary toxin containing oil cloth... it's a look-alike vinyl.  And I LOVE IT.  Have I mentioned that yet?)
 How did you like my faux party?  Yeah. I did that just for you.
 I hung these in my ceiling using thumb tacks.  Don't tell my husband okay? (We still need to paint our ceiling.  And when I say "we" I mean him.  Cause yeah... I'm not doing it...)

 Returning favorites also include these photographs of yellow ranuculous... They make me happy every day.  Every single day.
 Lots more goodies in my shop!!  And a few more new things coming soon.  Thank you so much for your constant encouragement, support, business and love with this endeavor.  It means the world to us!

And if something has already sold out by the time you get to my shop and you missed it, don't worry... just pop me an email me and I'll make more!  (

Click below, to shop.

Happy Weekend sweet friends!


  1. LOVE your new collection! SO very happy! :) i was wondering, do you accept etsy gift cards? i got some for christmas and would LOVE to use them :)

  2. oh my Sasha! you have outdone yourself this time girlie! I am going to go check everything out right now! and happy long weekend!

  3. I love it bright and happy and perfect!!

  4. you TOTALLY outdid yourself here, Sash!
    everything is sooo fun and bright and cheery and BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

  5. Ooooh, enjoyed your faux party and all the colourfulness has really cheered me, especially as we're covered in snow in England. That's a lot of work and a lot of lovely handmade goodness you've created, it'll be snapped up super quick I'm sure. Enjoy your weekend x

  6. very sweet...very me. i've always been a color girl. gotta go shop now;)

  7. You are amazing! I love everything and have your shop open in a new tab; I'll peruse after this comment ;) Congrats on all the new, amazing items! Your creativity always astounds me!

    Quick question (that I don't remember seeing elsewhere on your blog--if I missed it I'm sorry!): where do you get your fonts for your prints? I'm in a font-collecting mood and love hearing others sources. Thanks so much in advance!

  8. It is all beautiful. Great job!!!!! Hope you are very successfull in selling it all. You are so stinking talented. Be blessed :)

  9. Everything is so pretty!! It just speaks "happiness." :) Love the colors in your bedroom and those photos are perfect!! :) You are a constant source of encouragement when I visit your blog. :)

  10. sasha you totally outdid yourself!!! everything is so fun & cheerful!!!
    love the colors, love the designs, love all the thought & hard work you put in to your creations!!!
    you're awesome!!

  11. Love everything but I missed the embroidered hoops. SO sad!!! I will try to patiently wait for your next listing--I always forget your noon is different than mine: (((( Congrats on the quick sales!

  12. Oh i know...those went quick! I am making another batch right now though! :)

  13. Such a pretty happy collection! We get sun here in TX all winter but the grass still dies and it gets gloomy!

  14. You bring warm loving sunshine into all of our lives!

  15. Congratulations! You did good, real good I got a banner believe it or not this is my first yikes! Happy day!

  16. Your home always looks so happy and colorful! I love seeing picture in the different seasons.

  17. I LOVE all of the color that you included!!! You come up with the CUTEST things. :) I'm convinced that there's NOTHING you can't do!

    How big are those frames above your bed?

  18. Love it all! So cheerful and happy.

  19. Aaaaah - breathing deep. Sighing big (the good kind). Coming here for a visit always makes me happy, and COLOR is oNe of the reasons -- so WOW, today I really "got my monies worth!" LOL Love ya girlie! ~Sally

  20. I love EVERYTHING!

    So bright and cheery and happy. I adore it. Makes me want everything. lol.

    Very nice job.

  21. Oh my goodness!!! Everything is gorgeous! LOVE!

  22. Wow! So many pretty things., loving those prints in your bedroom they go great!!

  23. LOVE it all!

    I, too, must add a Pop of Color to our Grey Days of NW Washington Winters. :) My house has LOTS of COLOR sprinkled throughout every room.

    Next week, though, I am sneaking away for 5 days of CA Sunshine to brighten up the greyness. :) When I get back, I would LOVE to meet you for coffee.

    Hope your weekend is BLESSED!

    Laurel :)

  24. well i am NOT surprised at all!
    i truly am so happy for you..i know your heart enjoys this so much
    and it helps your family
    sometime in the next couple of months i am going to buy the ranuculous prints for my bedroom...because SOMEDAY i am going to remodel the whole thing.
    those prints make my heart smile so deep EVERY time i see them. always keep them in the shop!! well have a perfectly slow and meaningful weekend
    love ya

  25. OK sooooo---I wanna eat those napkins. So freakin cute! And I am in LOVE with your cozy cute bed. Seriously. so cozy and homey and cute. Love.

  26. What a great opening day! Love the hoops:)

  27. where in the name of all that's holy and things i must have did you get the little wooden (?) silverware??

  28. I love it! Your bedding is also fantastic by the way :)

  29. This is totally cheesy and probably embarrassing...but I sing You Are My Sunshine to my boyfriend every night haha! I love your print and I can't what to get it!

  30. i went on a pinning frenzy just now...
    praying you sell out over and over again.
    those HELLO hoops are todiefor.

  31. ps. went to your shop to find the hello kitchen towels..will you be adding more of them?

  32. I also wondered if you were (would) do more dishtowels? My mom and my kids sing that song to one another, and it would be so fun to give to her as a gift for her birthday (in March). :)

    1. Yes I will be adding them again... I just have a big pile of custom orders to sift through first then I'll restock! :)

  33. i love your bedding! may i ask where you got it? our room is yellow and grey themed and this would go perfect!

  34. Where did you get your bedding, or did you make it yourself? I love the gray and yellow. It's so hard to find a pretty bedding set. Please email me! Thanks! Danielle