Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Painting...FAQ... and a winner.

 Hi guys!!  Gosh it feels like I've been away forever!  I'm popping in with photos from some fun pottery painting I did with another one of my besties, Nurse Nicki.  That girl... she's like my little sister.  She will let me talk her into anything.  She had never painted pottery before (gasp! I know, right?) so I made her accompany me.  She loved it and even said that it felt very peaceful while we were there.  I am creating special birthday plates for each of my hoodlums (as birthday season feels right around the corner- it's not... but I like to plan ahead).  I did JJ's plate and will come back (next paycheck) and do Ava's. LOL

 I truly adore this place.  Nurse Nicki got creative with some tape and we were both loving the ombre look so she did the inside of her bowl with that, and I worked a little Katie Daisy-esque paint magic with a monogram.  Love it and can't wait to see how it turns out!  (They take a few days to fire and glaze.)

 The Irish girl in me got a kick out of this...

 Changing gears... I get asked a few questions with regularity and wanted to post them so I can add them into my FAQ tab. 
 One question I get asked all the time, are the names of various paint colors in my home. 

A: I recently dipped some paint sticks in each color and then stamped them with all the information I need for future reference.  For those of you who wanted to know colors of walls, trim, cabinets, island, my front door, kid rooms, and table, here you are!  (I threw in the color of my dresser though I still haven't shown it yet... my closet is a long work in progress and someday I hope to show it.)
I get this question emailed to me at least once a week.  And it totally endears you to me, just so you know. I get asked the color of my lipstick.  I love being a girl. 

A: I wear Satin Plum by Revlon. (#643) If you see me with sheer, glossy lips, it's "Dolly" Buxom lip gloss, made by Bare Escentuals. It's quite a bit more expensive than a tube of Revlon, so I make it last as long as possible.  I have been known to cut a tube in half to get it all.  #gettingyourmoneysworth I love both colors and if Revlon ever quits making my lipstick, I will cry.  I'm just saying. 

I still get asked about my camera and lens a lot, and because I've changed lenses this year, here's the scoop.  
A: Still shooting with a Canon Rebel XS.  I loved my 50 mm lens to death.  But I wanted a zoom-just a bit- so I traded both my kit lens and 50 mm for a Tamron 28-75 mm F 2.8 macro lens.  It's not the lens for everyone, but it was perfect for how I use a lens and I'm thrilled beyond thrilled with it.  I can't remember exactly when I purchased it, but I think it was in early Summer. (I need to update this information in my FAQ section in the above tabs.)
 This last question came to me as I was typing this post so I decided to tack it onto the end, as it's also a frequent inquiry. Flor asks,"Do you keep all the pictures that you take? and do you only edit (do you even edit?? your pics look very clean and clear) the "good" pictures? my hard drive is starting to fill up and i'm struggling with how to go about being more selective with my pictures.  i struggle with projects like project 365 because i forget which picture is for what day (if i don't download them immediately from my memory card on my camera which is hard for me to do) so i end up never completing a 10 on 10 or project 365. this year i want to be better but not quite sure where to start."
A: I don't keep all the pictures I take.  I am a deleter.  Most of the photos I take for my blog aren't photos I care to reprint, but the ones I love go into a special file for printing, photo book making, etc.  I take a ton each day and I delete all the ones I don't want immediately to avoid build up.  I use Picasa for my storage and the space has been fine with consistent cleaning and removing of unnecessary photos. I only do minor editing for most photos and the main edits that I do for my blog photos are resizing, watermarking -and the occasional under eye wrinkle diminishing. (wink)  For my 365, I kept a monthly file, depositing each photo at night into that month's file, and because I did that, it kept them in order.  That made it easy to mark the dates onto each photo when I edited them for my monthly 365 posts.  Once the month was over, I simply dumped the entire month's worth of dated photos into a file for the current year, and started all over with the new month.  (Then at the end of the year I had organized, dated photos ready for a photo book!)
 Before I go, the winner of the calendar giveaway by random drawing, was Mary who said, "What a beautiful kitchen!!!!! ;)  and believe me, i NEED that calendar! :) xo" 

Congratulations Mary! Please shoot me an email at lemonademakinmama@comcast.net and I'll hook you up with Betsy to claim your prize! 


  1. I love taking my kids to paint pottery, but I do rarely do it, because they are very expensive, but this is a nice idea, just me and a buddy...will have to do that soon. I love q&a, and I really like your lipstick shade, will have to pick it up next time.

    1. As someone in the pottery world I wanted to chime in real quick. Yes, painting pottery can be expensive but I am going to ask you to keep some things in mind. 1-Keep an eye out for specials. The best places to do this is on their social media, webpages, and by joining their email list. 2-Most studios are locally owned small mom&pop shops. The money you spend with them will go back into your community. 3-Unlike other activities you can do with your kids, like bowling, movies, ect., painting pottery allows you to sit and connect with your kids. The other activities are great, don't get me wrong, but they don't provide the same opportunity to really sit and talk with your kids. AND you get pieces of art to remember your special time together! Have fun!

  2. You are just the bees knees, über organized and so creative! I saw a gal on tv using a lighter to melt her favorite tube of lipstick the used a brush to apply just another option in case the stop producing yours!
    Have a great day!

  3. you are awesome for answering my question!
    i've had such a hard time figuring out what to do.. but this
    year I'm going to get my pictures organized.. promise :)
    thanks so much for your advice! xoxo

  4. sometimes, i wish i could sit in a corner of your kitchen and watch how you get so much done in one day. that's not weird is it? ha
    #slightlyjealousofyourenergy :) Keep it up!

  5. Thank you for sharing your photo organizing tips. They are very helpful! Love your creative eye! :)

  6. Your pottery looks great! I glad I am not alone with my 'old scool' rebel xs lol

  7. such a cute plate. i covet your painting skills. : )

  8. the plate turned out SO SO good!!! and nurse nicky came...yay! i was worried you were going all alone. that wouldn't be any fun. we have to get new phones really soon. my camera is whacked on mine and our contract is up. so torn between an iphone and the other newer bells and whistle models out now. don't want to mess up and get stuck with it for 2 years!

  9. winner winner chicken dinner!
    or calendar in this case! thanks, sash!
    this is so cool. :)
    why don't you hand deliver the calendar, and then we can chat over tea while you teach me EVERYTHING you know about a dslr?! oh, AND picture organizing. sound good?
    honey is buying me one(dslr) soon! pinch me!

    thank you so much again!!!

  10. Such beautiful talent. The plate is beautiful and awesome lens. I really need to upgrade mine, but to find the right one, sigh! Can't wait to see what goodies you have in store for us when you open the shop:-)

  11. that first picture is SO the colors of my home!
    I LOVE LOVE all the pictures in this post...and your lipstick;)
    and nurse nicki
    and the plate
    that is all
    enjoy your weekend

  12. love to paint pottery...haven't done it in a long time...need to make that happen real soon with a friend or two. :)
    love these pictures and all these fun answers to our burning questions. :)

    you're awesome.

  13. Where do you purchase those adorable little bottles with the pins on top for decorating your pottery?