Sunday, January 20, 2013

So very random...

 I was reading something the other day that encouraged me.  This is so random there is no way to really say it with any kind of lead-in... it was an article talking about the greatest mistakes women make when aging.  (for the record I'm 37 1/2) Among other things, it was reminding those of us approaching or experiencing our 40's (or 50's) to not think we should/could still use the same beauty products we used in our twenties.  But the thing that stuck... was when it also reminded women veering toward these mid-life decades to quit comparing your own self to your twenty year old self.  Don't compare your shape, your body, your energy, your whatever... to the "you" you once were.  Not that you can't be tons better... because to be honest I'd love to go back and give my twenties a bit of a do-over in places, but there are things I do look back on and wish for again.  (Or wish I'd appreciated more in that season of life. Amen?!) It was so encouraging because it reminded me that we are supposed to change.  We aren't supposed to stay exactly the same... better or worse, change happens.  I have no idea why that encouraged me. But it did.

 Random weekend shots...
 I read something else.  On a totally different subject.  It encouraged me too.  It was from the book I just finished, Plan B, (truly one of the best books I've ever cried my way through read through).  It was talking about another aspect of trust.  The book was referencing what someone had said about having an earthly father they could always trust.  If he said he would pick you up at a certain time, he would be there five minutes early.  That kind of trust being the kind you could count on happening the way you anticipated it happening.  I grew up with that, so I have often put that exact kind of expectation on God and trusting Him with portions of my story.  But then the "aha moment" came when they explained, "...that's not necessarily what trust is.  Trust is believing someone is going to be with you no matter what the road is doing in front of you or behind you." 

I bawled.  I'm not going to lie.  I've never considered trust to be anything other than anticipating it would go as you expected.  I even tell my kids, "You can trust me.  If I say I will pick you up at school, you can trust that I will be there."  Pete Wilson, the author says, "...trusting in God does not mean God shows up for you exactly the way you thought He was going to show up.  Trusting God doesn't mean His timing is going to be your timing."

(Sometimes I need that reminder.)

 It's blurry but so cute.  I can't help myself, since he rarely lets me photograph him! It's been a tough couple of years for my man, but he still has an easy laugh.  I love that about him.  (He was writing a poem in my brother's birthday card... and totally cracking himself up.)

Also.  My eyelashes fall out when I get into a very stressful situation.  They have to go through a weird falling out cycle where I literally end up losing almost every single eyelash over a period of time until a whole new set finally grows back in.  Basically I have bald patches over my eyes for months after deep stress.  Thankful that kind of stress rarely finds me... but we had one moment back in early December with our sweet boy.  Many of you know what I'm referring to and it scared the life out of me.  My eyelashes won't be back to normal for another couple of months... I look freakishly hysterical.  My friends are being very sweet and telling me it's not that bad.  They lie well.  Ha!

(I always wonder if anyone else experiences this weird phenomenon.)
 This blessed me.  In a huge way.  One of our sweet readers sent us sunshine in a box.  It literally spilled bright, happy fun all over my household for the entire weekend.  My kids were so excited and said, "You have the best blog friends mama!!" (As they devoured peanut m&m's from Miss Jennifer.  Thank you girl!  You couldn't have sent something more perfect...or at a more perfect time,  and it blessed us like crazy. You will honestly never know.) 
 I can't end such a random post with out saying a tremendous thank you to everyone who cleaned out my shop this weekend!  All the new items are completely gone, with the exception of prints, a few remaining napkin sets and one lone pennant banner.  I promise to make more of everything as we go along, and I do have some other new items in the works of course, but I am so blessed to be creating custom hoops for those of you who missed out.  I'll be focusing on that this week!!  What a fun chore. 

It felt like I was gift wrapping surprises for my dearest friends as I packaged up your orders and recognized your names and sweet comments! 

 Thanks for listening to my random rambling... now I'm off to enjoy some happy embroidering for y'all!

How was your weekend?!


  1. I don't think I even notice peoples' eyelashes. Here's hoping you keep "stress" in its rightful place-out of your head. What a thoughtful gift your reader sent!

  2. Love this post and seeing that you guys had such a good weekend! Jennifer knew how to spread sunshine, for sure!!! :) Sorry about the eyelashes....I've heard of that happening to other people. Have fun crafting and creating!

  3. random posts are usually my favorites, and this one definitely is.....
    love seeing weekend shots of your sweet family....
    love how you love your man...
    HATE that your eyelashes fall out when you're brother's do, too, if it makes you feel any better. ??

    mine don't fall out, but i tell ya....with aging mine have sure changed. i used to have long, thick lashes...not anymore! but, i'm not complaining since you reminded me we're suppose to change. :)))))

    happy week, friend.

  4. I just love your photography! Trusting God is something I'm trying to be better at. In fact, I'm trying to have radical dependence on God. Which for me means not having faith in anything else but Him. It's not easy, but I'm trying. :)

  5. I think I read that same article. I too am 37 1/2 and am finding not only do I need to do things differently for my skin but in my perception of myself. My 20s were a mess of crazy infertility, hormone treatments, disappointments. I couldn't wait to turn 30. My perspective of aging is great. I don't mind getting older, what frustrates me is when my body, or skin doesn't respond.
    But I'm adapting. :-)
    I loved everything in your shop, so much so that I couldn't make a decision on anything! Bah! But I definitely want to get one of your adorable hoops. I just really need to figure out where I want it to live so I know what colors to watch for!
    And the eyelashes...I don't suffer with eyelashes, but my hair. :-( I try to avoid stress (I know your situation, you couldn't avoid that). We have had a long rough 7 years post a horrible work accident my hubby suffered. Needless to say my hair is in sad shape ever since then, but again, just a change of perspective to deal with sad hair.

  6. comparison on any level just leads to problems! at least for me! ; )

    trust - i'm thinking it's a lifelong learning lesson! some days i trust easily others, i fight it. so thankful He is doing a work in us. amen?!

    i knew your shop would be cleared right out. not surprised one bit!

    1. it should say: some days i trust easily, but others...

      can't even blame that on auto correct.

  7. I love random posts! What a fun box of sunshine. What a sweet sweet reader you have to send that! My eye lashes don't fall out or anything like that going on but I'm still in my 20's for a few short months more. eek! I'm sure your eye lashes don't look as bad as you might think. You are gorgeous in every picture you post of yourself!

    I have wondered about your hair...I saw in an old post it was dark brown and now obviously much lighter. Did you dye it yourself (and if so, can you share what brand?) or do you go to a salon. Grey's are creeping in as I'm about it hit 30 so it won't be long before I have to start dyeing!

    Your shop did amazing! I missed out this time but maybe as you list more stuff I can snatch a goodie up before it is all gone!

    Happy Happy week to you!

  8. Trust is my "word" for the year...Never picked a word for the year but ever since I have I am seeing it everywhere! Thanks for the reminder that we will change, have different season's, be different people as we get to where God wants us to be! Love your blog and will have to be more with it on your little shop((: Blessings to you and yours!

  9. I have a little tip to share with you. Just in case you didn't know.....if you put a penny in the vase of tulips, they will not droop as much. I can't remember where I picked that up. Tulips are my favorite flower!

  10. Hi...2 things...first, my eyelashes used to fall out during stressful times too. I used to get those individual lashes and put them on where the bald spots were until the new grew in. Second...where did you get those darling bunny cookies? I need to get them!! I love bunnies.

  11. Love this...and you...and that your shop is cleaned out! :) Yay!!! Don't love deep stress, but I can so relate.

    Sometimes I wonder what "normal" really means.

  12. I would of loved to had read that article as I just turned 40 in November, and within the last couple years I have been struggling with my bodies aging process. It's hard when inside you feel so much like your younger 20's self, but when you look in the mirror your face tells a different story! My main concern is the road map on my lovely forehead! Lol! I have what I and my hubby lovingly call a "five finger forehead". It's pretty big, and doesn't help that my eyebrows have a life of their own, and are in constant movement. This is the first year that I have even seriously considered Botox, but not sure if I'm willing to trade a wrinkle free five head for a frozen, expressionless face! Ahhh! The rest of myself I couldn't be more pleased with. Amen!
    I love hearing about all the books that you read from and what you pull from them as inspiration and encouragement. I just placed Plan B on hold from my library and cannot wait to sink my teeth into it. Maybe a list of loved books on your sidebar would be a lovely addition to your blog?! :)

  13. Thank you so much for such an inspiring post this morning. I am always eager to read what you write Sasha, but this really spoke to me. Unfortunately, this is a huge problem for me as I enter my mid forties. I am so hard on myself comparing my body, my relationships, my decisions, you name it, to those earlier in my life. One moment I remind myself how lucky I am to be alive and healthy, the next moment I regret that I can't remember moments from my past and how I wish my kids were still little so I could love on them a little bit more.

    It is comforting to know that I am not alone in my comparison and that I need to be more "in the moment" and thankful for my teenage and adult children and the great people they have become. And to realize time and change is good.

    We have also experienced a rough couple of years also with my husband's job and trying to relocate. It is a struggle for me to not always ask God why things aren't moving at the pace I want. This is just another push toward paying attention where I am right now, taking in each moment, instead of wishing for time to pass so I can be where I want to be.

    Thank you for sharing these insights!

  14. girl your eyelashes fell out!?? WHAT! poor thing. i just get fat when i'm stressed. geesh! i saw on carissa's blog you were sick. feel better friend. i love ya!

  15. I have only commented a couple times on your blog, but I want to let you know that I so appreciate what you write. I am always so excited to see when a new post is up. You are REAL and honest and such an encouragement and I am often in tears when I read what you write because I can so relate. Thank you! Hope you have a wonderful week!

  16. trust is a big word
    you are so strong and are vulnerable
    and you share your heart and that encourages so many
    myself included:)
    it lets us know we are not alone in our stories
    i love all your sweet color...i can envision our home
    and it is SO hard to only be able to do baby steps but
    just being able to foresee helps:)
    i was ecstatic that your shop sold out. you deserve it
    you work so hard and with such heart...hugs and sunshine to you
    sweet friend.

  17. Hi Sasha~
    Thanks for the reminder that we are SUPPOSED TO CHANGE!
    I am 42 and I am starting to notice more wrinkles and sags and have not been happy about it. :)
    I remember you saying that you were listening to one of your favorite childhhod hymns, "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus" . . . it is one of mine, too. Have you ever listened to Amy Grant's version? My favorite. (I'm listening to it right now!)
    Many blessings!

  18. Hi Sasha,

    I read the same article you did, I think. I remember (as I approach my 50's and am an 'older' mom) that it was a bit of a letdown to me to let some of those things go and to realize my body, skin, hair, etc. is changing in middle age (and I don't feel middle age at all) but I am trying to embrace it and the person I am in this season of life. I have learned a lot and that I appreciate.

    My daughter picks her eyelashes out in stress, it's an actual condition I cannot remember the name of, but she does it and I don't know how to stop her from doing it. Eventually I was told (by another mom who does this and posted it on her blog, 5 days, 5 ways) that they won't always grow back. I'm sad for my girl but I think some ADHD meds might be causing it. Do you have something that you know that helps them grow back?

    I missed getting anything in your shop, so will try for the next time you list. You have pretty things to list. If you ever list a rooster I would for sure buy it, or also have been looking for a jewelry frame to hang my necklaces. Just some ideas of stuff I am looking for.


  19. I loved so much of this post, and especially how God blessed you through a reader. I love how He loves on us through one another:-) Praying all is going well with your little guy. We're in the midst of some incredible parenting stress here, as well (teenage stuff.), and it can do a number to your body. For me it isn't my eyelashes, but I understand that level of stress, and will be praying for you. You seem to always maintain such joy, and share it through your creations and writing. It is a gift to find joy in the trials, and encouraging.

  20. i love your random posts my friend. excellent reminders AND i love glimpsing into just your everydays.
    sweet that he was writing a poem
    sweet package of sunshine
    & congrats on a successful shop re-opening!!

  21. Sasha,
    As I read your post this morning, it truly spoke volumes to me. Isn't it awesome how God speaks to us through others. I will be turning 60 this year and I have been through many changes...some have been enjoyable and others have been nightmares. Nightmares that NO parent would ever want to face, and yet God has given me the comfort, peace, hope, and grace to hold on beyond. Thank you for such soothing words. Love to you and your family.

  22. I'm thinking about buying a yudo printer. Are you happy with yours?

  23. Oh poor girl your eyelashes well at least you can wear false ones they sell all sorts, love the randoms and I also love change it means learning and keeps you out of ruts.
    Happy day to you!

  24. u do have sweet bloggy friends...what a special 'sunshine' box that i am sure totally brightened ur day!!!! sweet!

    as for the eyelashes....can't say i have that one..
    too bad i can't lose 5-10 lbs when stressed...that would make being stressed more worth it hahahaha (esp this pregnancy weight...shesh..i keep on 15lbs when i nurse...gonna me a long long while before it comes off)