Friday, January 11, 2013

'Tis so sweet.

 So yeah... I didn't do resolutions this year.  I said I had goals.  Resolutions always feel like forgone conclusions of promises to myself I'll most likely break, whereas goals feel more like ambitious hopes I have a fifty-fifty chance of succeeding at.  As I first dipped my toes into this new year, I had decided to keep my Etsy store closed for a couple months and maybe re-open in March so I could ease into things, leisurely work on some personal goals, etc.  At the time I felt like I really needed to do that.  Things change and it's time to re-open my store now, instead of later.  That has caused me to reevaluate a lot of those goals, some of which were very good ones, and some that I needed to let go of.  Isn't life a process of learning to let go? I wish I was better at it.
 Adrain and I have a stack of parenting books beside both our beds and we're frantically trying to play catch up in a game we know we're behind on, but don't know the rules, or all the players.  That has taken a bit of a toll on our relationship in this season, and we're trying to find the time and energy to connect again.  (Is it just me, or is this stage of parenting with pre-teens the most exhausting and mentally consuming one yet?  I'm plugging my ears to those of you who have teenagers because I know what you're going to say. Ha!)
 These things take work and sometimes we don't want to work.  We want to focus on our personal goals, spend quality time with things that have been shoved into a corner for months, and watch past seasons of Downton Abbey in that brief little hour right before the kids walk in the door.  I mean, not that I'd ever desire to do that or anything. I'm just saying.  
  So anyway, I'm beginning afresh in many areas. My store is scheduled to open by the end of next week, (hopefully)  I have been reading (crying) my way through "Plan B" by Pete Wilson letting it soak into my soul.  (It literally feels like the man crawled into my heart and wrote me out on paper.  I have gone wild with a green highlighter.) I'm about to join a bible study that will connect me with other women and  I really need that right now.  I've been extremely lonely and sad for unknown reasons- I think I'm just fighting this weird seasonal depression that so many of us in the Pacific NW fight when the gray skies envelop us.  (Today, as a gift, the sun is shining.  I do not take that sunshine for granted.  Ever. Thank you God... You knew I needed it today!) I'm working on this parenting and marriage gig bit by bit.  Both take everything I've got but God is our core and I know it will all go according to His plan.  And I work.  Work is good for me.  It helps us make ends meet and it gives me purpose and creative outlet.  

So that's where I am.  Right in this intended place... not where I particularly wanted to be... but then again I can't always be on a beach in Maui can I? (grin)

I know God knows what He is doing.  I just have to trust.
  As I work on these (darling new napkin designs) today, I have an old favorite hymn from childhood, stuck in my head, "'Tis so sweet to Trust in Jesus."

 ’Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,
Just to take Him at His Word;
Just to rest upon His promise,
And to know, “Thus saith the Lord!
Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him!
How I’ve proved Him o’er and o’er;
Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!
Oh, for grace to trust Him more!
So here I am... embracing where I am and trusting the One who writes my story. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing that sweet hymn. While you are trusting in Jesus for the direction of child-rearing and marriage, I am trusting in Jesus to lead me into the right direction while I am finding a job. I'm so thankful that I can trust in Jesus when I feel lost.

    As for parenting and marriage, I have 2 teenagers and a preteen. I will say that teenagers do test a marriage better than a beautiful skinny blonde on a beach. The best advice I can give you is from personal experience. I put my marriage first. When the kids move out, I'm stuck with him. If we get through these teens years without killing each other we can make it through anything. My husband and I don't always agree on child rearing but we work hard to come to a compromise and always work as a team whether we agree or not. My children try to play us against each other all the time.
    I am so paranoid about the children's futures. It is the letting go that is hard for me. My husband is so assuring with me when I am scared and worried.
    I hope my advise is helpful. I'll pray for you and Adrian.
    Your etsy shop is always fabulous. Once I start working it will be great to be able to purchase some of your goods!

    Many Blessings sweetie,


    1. Jessica your words are ALWAYS helpful and encouraging and I love the way you said IT!! "teens test a marriage better than a skinny blonde on a beach." AmEn. And Yikes. I'm so grateful for you... and your words of encouragement and wisdom.

      Oh... and I hope you find the job of your dreams!! :) Thanks so much girl.

  2. The very title of your post brought the hymn to mind and peace to my soul as I thought about it! I'm another PNWer enjoying the SUN that's been coming out and trying not to be overwhelmed with the sadness and lonliness that always seems to come this time of year.

    Love what you've got up your sleeve!

  3. So sorry to hear that life is handing you so many lemons right now. I feel your pain with parenting. My girls are only 4 and 6 and the 6 year old is a pistol. The worst of it is...she is just like me! I know that God put in you the qualities that your children need in a mother. I will pray that you are able to find joy in this season of life and encouragement, as you have been such an encouragement to others.

  4. Oh how I love that hymm! I should find myself a good bible study to attend. I miss that. And as for the gray skies...well all I can say is half the year I am lving in pure awe of the goregous landscape in which we get to live and the other half I spend praying for the sun to come again. I went on a frigid walk this morning in the beautiful sun to get my "sun tank" full before it slips away. Living in the PNW is only for he most dedicated! I love it here, but even that isn't enough some days I am practically begging God to move us somewhere warm and sunny...all the time!

    I have no experience with a pre-teen of my own, mine is only 6, but I tip my hat to you. I have no idea what pre-teen or teen life will be like. I'm scared! I have never connected well with children that age, including when I was that age. So it should be interesting as we grow in our praenting.

    Finally in all honesty I have been stalking your shop. LOL I check everyday to see if you have re-opened. Silly? Perhaps but I am excited not only to see what you put up, but to see where God takes you through it. He has obviously blessed you with amazing talent, so I just assume He will bless you in using those talents.

  5. girl those are gonna be soooo precious:) oh and i watched an episode of the downtown was the last season and i thought it was interesting, but a little weird. may need to begin at the beginning to get an understanding of everything going on. love you friend.

  6. Beautiful post Sasha! I feel the same way you do in letting go and trusting in God to lead me in the path He wants to lead me down. Sometimes I feel I am juggling too many balls in my head and everything gets fuzzy and I think it is all going to just tumble straight down. But when I let go of those balls and trust, some that were meant to fall do and others stay and everything is OK and just as it shouuld be. As always, thank you for sharing where you are at in your thoughts. It helps to know that someone else is also feeling the same way.

  7. I love Downton Abbey and I see you are reading Pride And Predjudice, another favorite.

    I think parenting special needs kids is hard. Mine is a special needs kid and it takes more out of me to parent her (8) than it does my 11 yr old, although she's a tween and has some challenges at times, too.

    There is a great FB group called Easy To Love, Hard To Raise(based on the book of that name)that I have found some support from,as well as an FASD group as my 8 yr old daughter is adopted and suffers from this. I felt less alone when I started getting support from these groups. I never thought I needed it but when I shared one too many times with one of my best friends and she told me she couldn't take it on anymore, I realized I needed support from other parents going through what I was, who would get it. It's not for everyone, but it has helped me to get through some rough spots. My daughter is in a special ed day class and it's made all the difference for her, and as she's settled in to a new school, it's made it easier for her to have a very supportive teacher. It's still not easy, she had a kid call her stupid this week, but the teacher was on it and is going to take care of it. We feel very well supported for the first time in the girls' school years. It's hard I know. Glad you are finding some time to interact with other women, that is always a good thing, and maybe working in your shop will help as well. I bead and I haven't gotten back to it since early last fall. I miss it. Like you, I am in N CA and when the sun does not shine it's hard to get up and move. The sun is shining today too. I love it. Hope your afternoon and weekend are nice, Sasha. Hang in there.

  8. look at you and a new header font! cute cute cute!!!

    you are right where He wants you. rest in that. and it is so sweet to Trust Him. and i feel exactly the same way you do about resolutions. soul sisters. amen.

  9. When people don't know Jesus... where do they lay their troubles? I just don't know how I would function. Yes! Tis SO SWEET.

  10. Here you are so thankful for the sun today...and while I love the warmth, my dirty windows are making me wish for rain...or dark...or both!!!!

    My daughter and I went to Squadron of Sisters last night and it was so may enjoy. I've heard great things about Band of Brothers too!

    Your towels are darling!


  11. I love, love, LOVE those cute napkins! can't wait to see the finished product! while Ava and Caroline are only 5 and 3, I deal with pre-teens all day at school, so I can understand what you are going through. Sometimes it is so hard dealing with a classroom full of different personalities, each child needing attention, encouragement and a smile. I have seen so many on Facebook talking about Downton Abbey, I never heard of it until the last few weeks. I am hoping things turn around in 2013!

  12. It's hard but open lines of communication between kids and parents has been key for us. No judgement, as hard as that can be at times. And always remember "that this too shall pass". Donna

  13. That's a good one...'Tis So Sweet. We also have a tween. It is a challenge. I am tired and blue as well. Praying you'll feel more of the "Son"shine on your face. :)

  14. I needed this today. Its where I am right now. Feeling a bit buried in the daily survival routine. I want to rest and trust and be at peace.
    Blessings from New York!

  15. Ah yes, the lovely teenage years! Hold on for the ride, but do know they grow up and out of it and that is such a miracle to reflect upon. Moody, uncooperative, alien teenager to young adult who becomes your friend. I am loving the sneaks of what you are working on. You have such talent and a beautiful voice on life to share.

  16. i love every sweet bit of this!

  17. When my son was a baby (he's 11now) I used to want to rush him to the next developmental stage, because having a newborn was hard, and I clearly remember my mother in law saying "this is the easy age, wait till they are teenagers, that is by far the hardest". And now that my son is almost there, I clearly see that she was right, and how I wish my son was a baby again. I also believe that we learn as we go, and we will never be the perfect parent, but we can definitely come very close, so don't beat yourself up over it, just take it one day at a time. As for the marriage thing, I'm in the same boat, but we are working on it, and I know we will work thru it, marriage is hard work, I give you that. I wish you the best of luck with life and work, it will all turn out just as you hope I'm sure.

  18. My dear girl! Still love your blog and it's honest, comedic style. I wanted to tell you that I was discussing with other hockey moms the other day about our teenage and pre-teen sons. We agreed, pre-teen sons are more difficult than they are when they are teens. Skyler is 16 now and Jaron is pre-teen. Definitely the most difficult for boys. Not so for girls. Not that I have any experience with girls. I'm told that boys once again hit a difficult time when they are most rebellious and apt for bad decisions when they are in their late teens, but mid-teens is a sweet deal!!! Nicole B., Lethbridge, AB, Canada

  19. Keep smiling. Each stage has its own challenges and triumphs. Relish in the triumphs as often as you helps with the challenges. This coming from the mother of two teenagers in the house.

  20. I want to encourage you. I hope that you will yourself some grace as you parent through the middle years. Take it one day at a time. Choose your battles and unerstand that they are changing inside and out and so much of the time tweeners are dealing with many emotions. Also have your vitamin D levels checked. Low D levels can contribute to feeling blue especially during the winter months. Most people don't get enough D these days.
    Big Hug,

  21. LOVE your blog. And the awesome pictures that come along:)
    Check mine out:

  22. I am a mom who has always worked a full time job,and at one point both full and part time. I have 3 great kids.27,22,19. AT ONE TIME ALL WERE IN SPORTS. Football,cheerleading ,soccer,bball.Loved it.Hard to juggle it all. My house was not as clean as it should have been,dinners not always made but somehow managed. Pick your battles. Hair styles come and go as do clothing styles. Bedrooms get real messy. Let it be.There will be a day you want the clothes on the floor to pick up.The dishes in the sink to clean,piles or laundry. One day it will hit you that you don't have to pick up after them,no toys,legos to step on. Oh and how you will want it all back.I'm trying to adjust to it. One day at a time.I remember a parent at football said "Oh I keep my floors tip top clean,you could eat off of them" To that I replied , "Yeah ,you can eat of mine and have dessert." HA

  23. Yes. This season of parenting is most definitely exhausting. We weren't prepared for how tiring it would be.
    So many good things about it, too...but nonetheless, it's tiring.

    I LOVE the embroidery that you're doing....might just have to get one of those for me!