Thursday, February 14, 2013

Great love

Today I have to share a quick little story.   (Among a few sweet hoodlum photos.  And oh my word... my son totally has a crush on a girl-and she likes him back!!  Discussed the entire matter with his Mama!!  I played it very cool, just so you know.)

Little story:

My man has been praying about the same thing for a very long time.  If you read my previous post, you get this.  Anyway, he gets up very early every morning and spends time in prayer as he gets ready.  (Praying men are hot.) He said that he had been reading the story of Gideon in the Old Testament and some of the stories where people had depended on God to move in their life, crumble the barriers, get them to the other side, make them conquerors, etc.  He loved the parts where people had been rescued, delivered and what have you... and then had cause to rejoice, celebrate and praise God with whole hearts. 

Well, Adrain had been praying and asking God to give him that moment on the other side of his story.  A moment to revel in the miraculous rescue and to rejoice and praise God with all his heart.  He said something like "God, can you give me this?"  No sooner had these words come from his mouth in prayer than a voice from inside the closet chirped out loudly, "I... AM... THAT...HERO!"

Keep in mind, it was like 5:30 in the morning and the kids and I were fast asleep in a quiet house.

Way up on the shelf in the corner our closet, is a big bucket that holds toys for smaller children.  They come out whenever we have littles over, and they all belonged to our kiddos, years ago.  One favorite toy is a Larry Boy car from Veggie Tales.  If you press the driver down into the seat it bellows in a Larry boy voice, "I...AM...THAT...HERO!"  

Adrain was nowhere near that toy, which is why it startled him.  Nothing had bumped it... just a battery on the fritz perhaps?  I'm not so sure.  I think God is creative and loves us and the words "I... AM... THAT...HERO" fit perfectly with what Adrain was asking.

I know that we can trust God with our waiting periods and believe that a rescue is indeed coming... because He is that hero.  

Do you not just love that?  (And in a Larry boy voice to boot. Ha!)
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  Happy Valentine's Day Sweets!!


  1. God is SOOOO creative!!!!

  2. That is just like God. Reminds me of a time when my mom was visiting and she thought there was an evil spirit or something in our bathroom. Come to find out it was a Finding Nemo fish bath toy. I laughed so hard at her.

  3. I LOVE it, Sasha! God is amazing. :)

  4. Love when you hear him talk to you!

    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Hahaha....
    I really dont mean to laugh at God, but he truly is a rather hilarious dude sometimes :)
    At least hubby didnt hear a Darth Vader toy in the closet ....." I AM YOUR FATHER".
    But I do honestly love the way God speaks to us in the everyday (we just need to look/listen).

    Sending you an email right now :)

  6. Oh my word....what an awesome and slightly funny start to your man's day. Thanks for sharing this! It's such a great reminder that he really is our hero and would love for us to see him that way. I hope your V-day has been blessed...and love that your little guy shared his little crush with you. It's a mama's dream that they can trust you with the details of life.

  7. So cute!!! Happy Valentines Day!

    sandy toe

  8. OH, I LOVE THIS. You are right... sometimes God gets creative in order to get our attention. BTW - tell Adrain to remember that God is bigger than the BOOGIE MAN, too! ;D

  9. Your girl is such a cuite <3 I love her hair all curled up and fancy like that!!! What a trooper for posing with that lollipop too!!!! Great card from the man, I'm guessing, I love the gray and red <3 Adrains story gave me chills!!!! God is so incredible and creative!!! I love it!!!! I am ready for some change myself and so stand expectantly with you while we wait!!! Praise God that He is faithful and His timing is perfect!!!

  10. I love hearing people's God stories. Adrian's is way cool. I don't believe in coincidences. I do believe that was Gods creative way of answering Adrian. So cool.
    Ava is too stinking adore able. What a photogenic little lady she is.
    I think it's so cool that JJ shares things like the "girl crush" with you. It's a great thing when our kids feel comfortable talking about that stuff with us as parents. Way to go playing it cool. ; )
    Sending you an email

  11. So encouraging! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Just a little note, that while that quote is super cute its not actually Shakespeare. I'm not sure if you made it, or if you were going to put it in your shop, but I didn't want you to misquote it. It's been floating around for a while, always incorrect, and its one of my biggest pet peeves right now! It hurts my little English major's heart.

    1. Thanks for the correction. No, I didn't make it, I purchased it from a local shop that I love.

  13. thankful for these men in our lives, who seek God early in the morning.
    celebrating how Adrian heard from the how he speaks to us!!!

    hope you guys have a great weekend~

  14. love that you have such a Godly men. i'd be lost without mine. hope you had a sweet valentine's day. xoxo!