Sunday, February 10, 2013

... in which I realize I'd never make it as a nature photographer.

Alternate post title: "...and why we probably should have just visited a bird farm."

Or: "I neglected my blog last week so I'm here with 742 photos just for you."
 Life has been way to serious around our household the past few weeks and we needed some family fun.  Make that "inexpensive family fun."  We've been fighting the never ending cold season and it hit me really hard last week so if you wondered where I was... I was bleaching every knob and switch in the house, between finishing up custom orders (that I tried not to breathe on) and doing a whole lot of nothing.  This weekend we felt the need to escape and laugh, so we hopped the border into Canada and hit a zoo. 
1) I am completely in love with these little squirrel monkeys.  
2) I am not a nature photographer and never could be, because gosh darnit, these animals aren't very cooperative.  Also, chain-link makes photography a challenge.  And also makes me slightly sad.  Just saying.
3) It is a known fact that every animal you really want to see (big cats) will always be laying with backs to you. 

 I did come home with exactly 180 shots of birds.  Peacocks, black swans, ducks, crows, turkeys, and a whole plethora of other assorted fowl.  I couldn't care less about birds.  Well, I mean I did kind of like the peacock. 

 I also photographed the hoodlums doing a whole lot of this.  Try not to get too carried away by all of the excitement.


 Welcome to my world.

 Canada's a little chilly.  But the people are super friendly and it more than makes up for the nip in the air.  Plus the sunshine was out and that makes a Sasha very happy. 

 Richard Parker.  (Scary big.  Scary close to the fence.  Scary awesome.)
 Wicked hot.


My fave shot of the day. 

Also, before I go, I wanted to point out that Lent begins this week!  And if you are looking for something really great to give up, the peeps over at Blood Water Mission are working on a fantastic Lent project called 40 Days of Water.  It is running from Feb 13-Mar 30.  Basically, participants to give up all beverages except tap water for 40 days, save the money they would have spent and donate it towards their clean water projects in Uganda. The idea obviously is giving up everyday luxuries for a small time to give those in Uganda the most basic water.  (They let you have one day a week as a "feast day," to enjoy something other than water too, if you so choose. Great for those going through caffeine withdrawals.) You can even keep track here, and unite with others doing this too.  Such a fabulous way to deny oneself and give.  I love those Blood Water Mission peeps!

Do you participate in Lent?


  1. Excellent pictures. I just love it when your kids look directly at the camera. They both have the prettiest eyes.

  2. Hey there, I've recently stumbled upon your blog. We are new to WA (husband is navy). Anyway, we've been looking at some activities north and I was wondering if you guys had to have passports to get in & out. I've heard some conflicting information. I have all the forms ready to get us the passport cards. Thanks!

    1. Just popping in here to say we're from New York State(only 3 hours from the Canadian border) and yes, we have to have passports to cross into Canada. We don't need them for our girls(7 & 9). We just take copies of birth certificates for them.
      We got our passports done through our local post office. Hope that helps!

  3. Your comments and pictures were cracking me up. It's so the way it is at a zoo! The cats are lying far away and not looking at you at all! And the kids are always with their backs to you because, hello! they're looking at all the animals! :) You got some great shots anyway! Glad you had a chance to get away from crazy and serious, and have fun together!!

  4. Glad you got some sun and had a great time with your family! :) You got some great pictures.

  5. Looks like a fun day <3 what a great family you have!!! Plenty of reasons to laugh it up, so glad your man had you laughing all day <3 <3 Glad you're feeling better - missed you last week!!! xoxox

  6. Sasha,
    You can tell quite the story with the best of them. ; )
    I love reading your posts. It's like sitting down with an old friend I haven't seen in while Nd we just pick up where we left off.
    Too funny about the pics you get at a zoo. You are so right.
    Important thing here is that you got to spend some time with your family and the sun was out! Girl, there is nothing better than that. Beautiful pics BTW.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. What a fun day...looks like something we would do! I adore the hippo pic....although your bird photos are awesome too :)

  8. #2 and #3 on your list of photography comments made me laugh, because I say the same thing very often. Usually, while I'm standing next to a particular animal enclosure, muttering under my breath about how annoying it is that the beautiful pacing leopard won't stand still long enough for me to take a photo - or that the brown bear I really want to photograph is lying with his back to me. If only they were more cooperative, right? =)

    I once commented to my mom while we were visiting the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum that I liked the "hall of animals" (i.e. a large display room of stuffed animals) that it was like a zoo, but better - because all of the animals were standing still.

    Beautiful pictures regardless, and so happy that your family had a happy experience at the zoo. =)

  9. i think we need a family FUN day too. much toooo serious here in these parts. good way to distract everybody. love it...and the cat's backs. they're so fickle.

  10. looks like a fun day away! and i really like your animal pictures - chain link and all. hope you laughed like crazy, you cute snow bunny, you!

  11. I think zoo shots are the hardest. Animals just do not cooperate. I'm glad you had a necessary every now and then. I need a good laugh. Hmmmmm.

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Richard Parker!! :D

  13. When I saw the close up of your man I knew you were going to say something about how hot he is! LOVE THE WICKED HOT comment. That's how I feel about my hubby! :)

  14. looks like fun...makes me want to go back to when the kids were younger and we did stuff like this. before blogs ever really existed...geesh! what does one do!
    you two are a wickedly hot little couple..the IG was a hit:)
    hugs girlie..gotta go take a shower...ugh...somedays i hate taking a shower and drying my hair...just sayin