Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Showering Alicia.

My dear friend Alicia is soon to have baby number four and a bunch of us decided to give her a virtual shower today because we love our Alicia-girl!  I have no idea what it would be like to have four kiddos so I can't really offer any experiential advice on that particular front, all I can imagine to say is something like, "Hold onto your hat girl!" because I'm sure it will be wildly fun.  I always wished I had been born into a family with lots of siblings.
 I "met" Alicia a few years ago via her blog, and then was so excited when my buddy in real life Becky, (who I also met via blogging and who came up with this shower idea in the first place) met her in real life and loved her.  No surprise.  This blogging thing... it brings friends together doesn't it?  I laugh sometimes when I go through my text messages and see that half of them are from girls I have never met in real life. I swear I will meet them all someday too.  Anyhow... Alicia made the most darling lamb mobile for her baby's room and was planning to do it in grays and creams.  It inspired me and I really wanted to make her something special to go along with that, so I created a "hello baby" hoop just for her in those colors.  (I also have a few listed in my shop, here.)   I stumbled upon this little lamb at Pier1, and I clutched it to my chest.  I really did.  I was that excited to find it.  It came home with me and I had to swat my daughter's hands away many times because she wanted it.  Kids.
 And because I can't help myself around babies... I tucked one of these little onesies into her gift as well. (Also listed here.)


Her gift has already been shipped off to her and I thought it would be fun to slip a few inspirational nursery photos  into this post since that's kind of one of the main things we talk about when we gather for baby showers.  We talk about birth stories and nursery plans and how cute everything she is getting will look in the baby's room, etc.  Alicia isn't finding out the sex of her baby which has always been the best surprise EVER in my opinion!  You seriously can't top it.  With a neutral color scheme it's easy to add some fun pops of color after the baby comes.  Here are my favorite nursery looks, found via Pinterest:
 This was my favorite.  If I was having another baby... I'd be all over this, pretty much every detail. 
How precious would it be to anoint your little one's wall with this reminder of love from their Creator?
Framed things.  Sigh.  I am a love with this entire photograph.
 This almost makes me want to have another one.  Almost.  (grin) Did  you grow up in a house with lots of siblings? Were you an only child?  I had a little brother (almost six years younger) and I always wanted a big brother.  When I was little I would pretend that I had some older brother off at college that my parents had never told me about.  Ha! Can you imagine something like that actually happening?!  I crack myself up.

Linking up to Miss Becky's shower with Carissa, Suzanne,, Mary, Amy, Amy, Amy, and Amy!  We love you Alicia!!

 We welcome you sweet baby!!

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  1. Sasha, Alicia is going
    to LOVE your beautiful

    I had to laugh, as I only
    have one brother, two
    years younger and I also
    used to dream of a big
    brother who would bring
    his friends home : )

    Like my wedding, I'd do
    the whole nursery thing
    differently ~ so many fun
    ideas that I just never thought
    of, and so much inspiration,

    Happy Shower Day!

    xo Suzanne

  2. Your work is so amazing....every piece made with love. I agree with what you say...the friendships through these blogs just take my breath away!

  3. The stitching on your hoop is GorgEouS!!!!!! But then again, everything that you do seems to be that way <3

    I am an only child and for the most part didn't mind it too much! I was a bit envious of my one friend, who was one of five!!!

    Funny thing, I ended up having five children of my own! It's a cool dynamic to watch their interactions with eachother! I guess you could say, I have the best of both worlds <3

  4. you girls have NO IDEA how much you're blessing me heart today. i needed a shot of sunshine and this is more than i could ask for! total surprise, by the way...pregnant woman in the dark!! but i love surprises...obviously :) and i LOVE what you made!!! total treasure...i can't even tell you how much that means to have handmade gifts from my sweet friends for my Spring Chick. thank you so much. love you, sweets.


  5. What a lovely and thoughtful idea, a baby shower for Alicia. Your hello baby hoop is beautiful, Alicia will love it. A sweet little bundle of gifts. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have siblings (I'm an only child) and when I was a child I had imaginary friends. It's been a joy to have two children and watch them grow together.

  6. OK so I wish I had a reason to receive a gift from you! I looovvee the way you wrap! OMG. I can hardly stand it.You should start a line of wrap. Really.You have a gift .Have a wonderful day.

  7. What a sweet idea! That lamb would have had to be wrenched from my hands just is so precious. I have a sister who is 2 years younger and always wanted a big brother. Alsways. Someone to protect me and stand up for me. Have a great day!

  8. All this baby showering kinda gives me baby fever too! :) I LOVE everything about your shower- especially the hand made goodies. You have such talent girl!

  9. I love her theme. It really is the perfect baby room idea. She's going to love your sweet hoop...I know I LOVE mine! And that lamb and onsie is to die for. Honey says that saying to me all the time btw...nobody puts baby in a!!!

  10. So sweet! I absolutely adore handmade, thoughtful gifts :) Spring Chick....too cute! XOX

  11. this is amazing, really. i adore EVERYTHING you make. but that's a no-brainer! i'm certain that hoop is going to be a favorite. or it'd be mine at least. wish we were in a big room today and i could hug your neck. xo!

  12. Oh, Sasha, I am dying over that hoop! I am Amy, another one fo the Baby Shower hosts, hi there. You are so thoughtful, Alicia is going to LOVE your sweet handmade gifts and I am really kinda wanting that gray & white striped rug in that nursery picture. Kind of a whole lot. I so wish we were all really at a baby shower today because I would love to meet all of you in person!!

  13. What a perfect time to check your blog today as I am getting things together to send to my niece and her new bundle of joy. I am one of twelve, yes my mother gave birth to 8 girls and 4 boys...what a fun childhood we had and although we never had privacy for one second of it I wouldn't change it for anything. Thanks for the inspiration today.

  14. love your hoopy much! I've never heard of a virtual baby shower....this is the sweetest!
    And I am the 2nd of 7 children...whew! Can't imagine that for myself!

  15. This is the sweetest!
    Love your thoughtfulness and these precious gifts will be a blessing to Alicia.
    My daughter loves that saying too...sounds like its a favourite to many! ;)
    What a special time..I adored being pregnant and everything about this wonderful journey of motherhood.
    Sweet post!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  16. Oh my goodness what could be cuter then that lamb! Such a sweet gift.

  17. I absolutely love this surprise that you guys planned for Alicia.
    My wheels are churning about what I can send her.

    I have one older brother (4 years) and that's it.
    I was also the only girl on both sides of my family...with about 12 boys.
    I was also the baby of all those boys. :)
    You'd really think I would have been spoiled rotten, but my aunts were all mothers of boys, so they were determined to make me a tough cookie. It mostly worked. :)

  18. What a beautiful gift. I looove the little lamb!!! Do you know what's funny? I pretended to have a long lost older sister. I had three younger siblings and I really wanted someone to look up to:) I figured my parents had given my long lost sister up for adoption and someday she'd find me. A couple of years ago I became friends with a girl and everyone says we look like much so that I questioned if her parents were really her parents (they are) so yeah, I found her;)