Monday, February 4, 2013

Tweeny bopper room flip on a dime

 You'll have to excuse me... I'm a tad emotional about today's post.  My little baby girl... my last-born, is now residing in a room fit for a teenager.  I knew it was coming some day.  I did my darndest to slather her entire room in pinks of every shade when she was a baby... and now pink is history.  (Well, kinda.)

Ava's room has undergone three different transformations since she was born.  First it was pink and stripes, and soft- crib to big bed. Then she asked for blue when she was in kindergarten and adamantly declared that she no longer liked pink.  We painted it blue and converted her big bed to a smaller, twin-sized bed when our house was on the market a few years ago and I walked through Ikea and grabbed twin-sized bedding, not asking her opinion much.  I was going for inexpensive, coordinating and quick, since we were dealing with a time crunch.  (Okay truthfully, I'm always kinda going for inexpensive, coordinating, and quick.)

Fast forward to last Autumn, and she began breezing through magazines like Pottery Barn Teen (how on earth did I get that magazine, anyway?) and pointing out the crazy bright oranges and hot pinks that she liked.  I put her off as long as I could because of money, but I knew if I was careful I could slowly nab deals and be really thrifty over time, so that's what I did.  As of this afternoon, I'm finally done.  I'll try and throw prices and sources at you when I can but most everything was done on the thrift over the space of the past few months.  The most expensive things I purchased were her $20.00 comforter from Target, (I wasn't going to replace her gray Ikea duvet, but sadly the dog ruined it so there ya go. Darn dog.) white Goodwill chair for $14.00, and $10.00 sheets from TJ Maxx which she badly needed anyway.  The only thing I splurged on was an inexpensive poodle sculpture from TJ Maxx that she in no way needed.  I seriously picked it up and put it down five times.  It was so "Ava," that I finally caved in the end. 

Ava was adamant about various elements.  Which cracked me up.  Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh? She even told me what kinds of artwork she wanted me to make, colors and patterns, etc!! By working with existing colors and items, I saved a lot of time and money, making this what she wanted.  Her room already had a lot of gray in it, so we made her color scheme orange, hot pink, white, and gray.
 I found a roll of hot pink and white drawer liner from TJ Maxx for a few dollars and used it on tin cans for pencil cups and of course, the inside of her drawers.  She begged for an orange desk.  She chose "knockout orange" by Sherwin Williams.  I thought it was going to be hideous.  It actually works perfectly in her space and I should have trusted her little instincts. (Lesson to myself- not everything has to be painted white. Ha!) I did spray paint her drawer pulls white.  Now they pop.  (grin) 
 See that little VW Bus?  That was a little early Christmas present from her mama.  From one blogger to a future blogger, since she loves to write.  (I found three of them on Amazon, but I have no idea any other details.) Markers in a well-scrubbed pickle jar, crayons in a random jar, and lids painted hot pink to co-ordinate. (Thanks Pinterest... great idea. )  Her existing lamp shade was re-covered using fun fabric scraps.
 I used a picture frame I already had, pink spray paint I already had, wrapping paper leftover from Ava's birthday last year, and white card stock to make this unique white board.  I didn't show this in the photograph, but it hangs above a little row of hooks for her coat and other items.  Perfect for little reminders.
 This pillow cover was an Ava choice.  It went over an existing pillow.  Who doesn't love bright orange rick rack?

 Her silhouette was cut from card stock, glued onto wrapping paper and framed in an old Ikea frame.  I sewed her bolster pillow from a small piece of the cutest fabric ever.  EVER!  It works great to pull the oranges and pinks together.
 Old Ikea light fixture and sheer, polka dotty curtains (also Ikea) are still favorites in this room.
 Katie Daisy art print that I actually purchased at Christmas time but gave to Ava since it belongs in here.

 Water color of her name.. by me.  :)

Real life (used) book shelves by Ava... keeping it real.
 Happy poodle sculpture, spray painted "ballet slipper."

The sweeties found on this blog here, created this sign for my Ava's room.  It's sort of the cherry on top.  You can visit their shop here.  They are truly precious and this sign was absolutely perfect for my Ava. 

 Finally, a quote that Ava specially requested for this little frame, beside her bed.  "Life itself is the most amazing fairy tale" by Hans Christian Andersen.  You can't see the lightest print in this photo very well, but I promise it's really sweet.  Ombre shades, and then a little hand coloring of the small daisies around the "L" in oranges and pinks.

And now, I'm never ever, ever doing her room over again.  Like, Ever.

We listen to a lot of Taylor Swift these days.

Whaaaa... my baby is growing up. 


  1. precious decor. precious moments. everything is beautiful.
    and believe me - by the time she goes off to college you will be so happy that you decorated her room for her...because it will give precious memories a whole new meaning. trust me.

  2. Cute color palette(and I love the fox:)). I'm begging my 9 year old(oldest) to let me re-do her room. Its still painted in her nursery theme(Little Suzy's Zoo!) from when she was born. She doesn't like change(totally UNLIKE me). I just keep telling myself that these days will be over all too soon. But then when I walk in there it drives me crazy.

  3. Such a FUN room! It looks beautiful! My favorite things are the bolster pillow and all the wonderful art work!!

  4. So cute! I especially love The Hans Christian Anderson quote print.

  5. LOVE IT ALL!!!! seriously so stinkin' adorable. can you believe my girl is 13 FRIDAY! oh my word. love you. so sorry i missed you today.

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    1. I love the colors! Everything just pops with freshness. You always do a fab job decorating lady:-) Seriously, you inspire me. I love the lamp and the art work is beautiful, way to go!!

  7. LOVE this. The colors are great. What a cheerful room. Lucky Ava! I was singing along! LOL

  8. I love, love, LOVE this! So cute and super fun. I hope your (not so little) girl is very happy in this room. I'm she must adore it.


  9. are one amazing mama!
    this all looks so fantastic and i bet your girl is in Heaven!
    love every little bit!

  10. beautiful! I am sure she just loves it:)

  11. love the colors... and all of the special details that you've added... really, really cute!

  12. Everything is SO cute! I do love that color scheme. All the little details are great. I'm sure she LOVES it!

  13. Great color combo!! Love it all!!

  14. So so cute, what a great team you gals are.

  15. I've seen you pinning pink and orange Ava room ideas on Pinterest, so when I saw that first picture I thought, "Oh, what a great inspiration picture"...then I realized it was REAL! Holy Cow, knocked it outta the park! Love.It.All.

    I have wanted to redecorate my 6 year old daughter's room for the past 6 months or so and have sloooowly been gathering items for it. It's been the same pink + celery green since she was born. It's still perfectly fine, but I'm over it. :) I need to paint her walls and a Craigslist may have just inspired me to go bold with the desk color!

    Are Ava's walls light grey or white? I'd love to find a nice cream or light grey for my daughter's room, but it's so hard to find greys when you live in the Northwest (we're in Portland) and it's grey all the time outside anyways. :)

  16. Oh so CUTE . . . and FUN . . . and CHEAP! Nice Job!!!

    My girls have had BRIGHT rooms for many years. We've had oranges, and pinks, and purples, and teals. Always LOUD colors for all 6 of my girls.

    :) :) :)

  17. Adorable! Ava must love it. Love all the sweet touches and its cheery look!
    So fun!
    Blesssings on your week!

    All my heart,
    Deborah xoxo

  18. Awwww, some things are so hard on a Momma. Just think of all the precious girl-time you'll be sharing with her. Continued blessings...

  19. How cute love it!! What a great mix of colors

  20. Oh my goodness, my daughter Callie would be in love! I will show her when she gets home from school. Orange is her favorite color...why do I think I will be painting her desk? C turned 9 in November, and this is so her style! You have an eye ....and so does she! Pretty!

  21. What a beautiful room for a young lady!

  22. Can you please come to GA and re-do my girls' rooms? (ages 13 and 10) Right now they are dark brown, pinks and oranges. I guess I see some light paint in my future. lol! BUT we'd have fun! Come on to GA- bring Ava and we can paint and the kids can swim and play with MY crazy dog!

    Great job, Momma!

  23. What an AWESOME room! Now I'm feeling really guilty that I haven't made over my daughter's room. It's been the same since she was in 5th grade and she's 15 now. Sweet 16 gift maybe?

  24. You did a fantastic job! Im actually in the process of doing MY 13 yr old daughters room over into a more "grown up" look and its funny bc pink and orange was one of our possibilities :) I really love how you are able to make things so cute and get crafty and do the project for cheap. What a great mom you are!

  25. Love how this turned out! I'm working on a color scheme for my girls' room right now. I am trying to find the balance for an almost 7, 2 and almost 1 year old who all share the same room. Ema likes BRIGHT but I like calm and white. ha! Great Job!

  26. AWESOME!!!!!!! FUN!! Where did you find the comforter and headboard???



  27. great ideas! I love that you were so thrifty!! My girls are 11 and 13...hard to believe...

  28. Can you please adopt me? You're probably the best mom ever! SO jealous of Ava's room!

  29. I love you (for many reasons but in this instance-) for using lyrics to a Taylor Swift song that my children sing each and every day at the top of their lungs. I like to think they are practicing for being a teenager and full of love angst. Also, I love Miss Ava's room. Can I be your daughter? Not biologically possible of course, as you and I are the same age. Also, did you know you were born on the exact same day as both my daughter, my best friend, AND my grandmother? Also, does it creep you out that I know so much about you??

  30. don't you just love Taylor Swift:)))
    we listen here too...she will keep you young girl..just go with it and enjoy it.
    we have done Graces room about....10!
    we are doing it in little bits since we've moved here and have told her everyone else wants a room redo too so this is IT...
    she is ROTTEN..
    but i do really really love her did good did good:)

  31. You and this room are AMAZING!

  32. So cute and I love the fact that even though it's a tweeny bopper room I still see Kit. :) I'm pinning...

  33. every detail turned out amazing...loving the hot pink and orange combination that you chose.

    I'm still on the lookout for another color to add to lydia's and turquoise right now. :)

  34. Total sweetness, Sasha!

    And I'm sure that it is
    always this neat and tidy,

    {Actually, my daughter's
    room is far messier than
    my son's; what's up with

    From tweeny to senior,
    hold on tight....

    Happy Friday,
    xo Suzanne

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