Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A tale of two simple projects. (And probably too many photos)

 Operation slash the food budget is going strong as we begin the downside of this week.  Really, the stress of meal prep (which I often actually enjoy) has been completely gone with all of the chopping and freezing I did, and I made the most amazing meatless dish (hopefully coming next week) this week.  I can't tell you how much better things feel in this area of our life, with a plan that seems to actually be working!  Time will tell if we made the best plan and spent our money wisely to that end.   (fingers crossed!)

Anyway, a few fun things were carefully carved into the budget on March first, and we can't forget St. Patrick's day, right?  I mean, that would just be wrong.
 I began by collecting two jars (that I already had, since these are our drinking glasses). I also gathered a roll of green washi tape (that I already had) two generous handfuls of marshmallows (that of course, I already had on hand) and two simple tags that I created and printed onto a piece of card stock.  The only thing I purchased were some gold-wrapped chocolate coins, and a large bag of skittles.  This made enough for two jars. 
 For the tag- I printed the words "You are the rainbow on every cloudy day," in a plain text font.  I went back and colored each word following "ROY G. BIV."  (Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet just in case your mind went blank.) I cut them out and snipped the corners to make a tag shape. 
 I took way to many photos of my sorted skittle colors.  The easiest way to do this, is in a few small dishes like you see here.

 Then, simply begin by layering your gold coins evenly between the jars....
 ... a handful of marshmallows.  Put more in than you think you need as they need to be kind of smashed down gently so the skittles down fall in between the cracks and ruin your rainbow effect. 
 Finally, layer all of your skittle colors!  I sprinkled them in handful, by handful, until each color was evenly dispersed between the two jars. 
 I taped on the tag, and now I'm all ready to surprise the hoodlums on St. Patrick's Day.  (Yes, there will be sugar rationing in effect.  Cause that's a lot of candy y'all.)
 Aren't they darling?  
For my next simple project, I already posted a couple of these photos in this post.  However, I'm re-posting them here, because they are relevant.  I really wish 1) I had more photos of this DIY step-by-step to share, but it's hard to do a project and photograph it sometimes, (especially when two hands are needed, and/or covered in paint.) and 2) I wish I had better photos but it was so dark and cloudy the days I was working on it, and this sign was very hard to photograph to showcase the sweetness of the finish.  Take my word on it, it was adorable. One of my friends is having her first baby girl and she asked if I could do something with a quote she liked in champagne pinks and such.  Pink is my magic word.  I'm not kidding.

What you will need to make this sign: 
A board, sized 20x30."
Gray stain of your choice,
Sandpaper, palm sander, chisel or other pointy tools, screwdriver, and some pent up frustration. Ha!
2-3 bottles of Martha Stewart satin craft paint in "Porcelain doll"
1 bottle of Martha Stewart satin craft paint in "Camellia Pink"
1 bottle of Martha Stewart satin craft paint in "Wild Salmon"
1 bottle of Martha Stewart metallic craft paint in "Light Gold"
mixing dish, plastic spoon, paint brush and wiping cloth
Vinyl quote of your choice, found here, at my darling friend Leen's shop.
I dragged this board on the ground, smacking all the corners on the pavement as I exited Lowes.  That's normal, right?  Once I got it home, I whacked it with a chisel all over, gouged a bunch of holes into it, poked it with a screwdriver, sanded the edges and sides more, and used a few random tools to scratch it.  If you are sensing that I was enjoying this... you are correct.

Then I stained it with a bit of leftover gray stain that I mentioned here, in this post about my potting bench.  I loved how the stain soaked into all the holes and scrapes I made.  
 Once dry, I mixed up my champagne pink color.  The ratio was approximately one tube of Porcelain doll with about two to three drops of the Camellia pink and wild salmon stirred in. (shown above) I completely covered the board with two coats of that paint and let it dry for a day or two.
I hit it gently with a medium grit sand paper, scuffing the sides and a few places where the board had been especially beat up.  I wanted some of that to really show through.  After that was cleaned, I took a dry rag and small bits of the "Light gold" paint, and began sort of a smearing/wiping technique to get it all over the board for a very soft and subtle shimmer.  One that is impossible to photograph properly.  Sorry guys. I trusted my instinct on how heavy to apply the gold, and wiped off quite a bit, leaving only a slight trace of the color all over the board.  It added a great depth to the finish.
I ordered my vinyl quote from Leen in white, followed her instructions on applying it, and was finished in about five minutes!  Seriously, that Leen is fabulous.  If you don't shop from her, you are missing out!  She is my hook-up for every vinyl, wall-stick, canister update, or word I want to put on random platters.  The girl is awesome.
 I really wish you could see how adorable the finish was.  All soft, and shimmery.. and champagne pink-y.  So perfect for a much anticipated baby girl's arrival. 
 I wrapped it in a soft feather-printed wrapping paper that I found at Marshalls, and delivered it to the Mama-to-be.  Why do I love feathers so much? 

I hope you enjoyed and were inspired to create something simple today! Sometimes simple things turn out to be my favorite, how about you?


  1. You make me think that I could actually accomplish some of the ideas that rattle around in my head for our home!! I would like to just make an order for one Lemonade Makin' Mama, please. ;) The sign is gorgeous! And the rainbow jars are, indeed, darling.

    1. Hahaha that is cute. If I could hire myself out, I would totally do it.


      That might have come out wrong.

    2. I totally got there ya go. ;)

  2. Lovely ideas! Now I need to ask: Where did you get those adorable small white cups holding your Skittles?

    1. Hi Maria!
      I actually got them at my grocery store. I feel like I have also seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond before but don't hold me to that.
      I hope you can find some! We use them for EVERYTHING. They are the perfect size.

  3. Replies
    1. You have the best compliments. Thank you for the constant kindness. You always bless MY heart.

  4. Those jars are too cute and I LOVE the sign! Thanks for sharing great ideas!

  5. looks like some creativity going on over there! So happy and fun and colorful love this!

    1. There is just something about a rainbow of color, isn't there? :)

  6. You are one creative Momma! Where did you find the gf coins? Are they also dairy-free?

    1. Thanks girl! I think they have dairy. I don't check that since it's not our issue... I found them at the grocery store - Fred Meyer in the candy aisle.

  7. i love feathers too.

    i am making these for my kids too.

    mostly because i want skittles.

    i still want to eat your paint.


    1. I'm still laughing over your paint comment. It really did look yummy though! I bet your kids are going to LOVE them! And we'll have to be sure to talk mid-afternoon to see if the little sugar-highs are driving us both bonkers. LOL