Sunday, March 3, 2013

He's the fun one... and other happenings.

As the weekend slides past, I sit reflecting on the state of things.  We packed a lot into this weekend and the back half of last week.  It always amazes me that if things were left to me, we'd miss half of them.  Basically, my man is the most adventurous person I know.  He would try anything, taste anything, go anywhere, strike up a conversation with anyone, and do pretty much anything new without hesitation.  I, on the other hand, am completely opposite and have been known to kind of hide behind his broad back.  Ha! I love that he pulls me out of my box, sometimes kicking and screaming, and makes us try new things as a family. He is the fun one, not me.  Just saying.
I had the opportunity to bask in the glow of one of my sis-in-laws last week.  I don't want to embarrass her but she has been completely transformed over the past year.  It's a thing to behold.  She began walking with Jesus and He brought her out of addiction and pain... her joyful heart is infectious.  We sat giggling about how good Jesus has been.  Talking about past things... about the life she is grabbing a hold of with two hands and I couldn't be more proud of her.  I've known her since she was only eleven.  Prayed for her so long.  Watched her struggle with so much... and I've cheered this past year as she was baptized and began making huge changes.  This little cutie is my three year old niece.  She wanted more juice.  Precious and heart melting.

I fell hard for the Sherwin Williams "color of the year"... Aloe.  I decided to try my hand at painting laminated wood, which was all over Pinterest and making me think it might just be possible...  Thrilled to report it actually worked out really well.  I was wildly skeptical but it all comes down to the right primer apparently. 
Always loved this cheapie computer cabinet that sits in our guest space.  We bought it years ago when we began homeschooling, at a discount store since the doors hang crooked. However... It's kind of a dingy white color in real life so I proposed a paint job.  Since this isn't a high traffic area, an expensive piece etc., my man agreed.  It was terrific fun.  I used an oil-based primer that was meant for glossy surfaces, (Multi purpose oil based primer from Sherwin Williams) and I didn't sand.  Mainly because I wanted to see what would happen so I could tell you guys.  Yeah.  That's why. (And not at ALL because I'm totally lazy, whenever I can get away with it.  Ahem.)  I painted two coats of Pro-classic latex semi gloss in "Aloe" from Sherwin Williams.

I love the little refresh to it's surface and so far the paint is really sticking- it's not chipping or scraping of.  You can see brush marks from the primer but I happen to like that because it makes it look older and not as "cheap."  Does that make sense?  Such a happy pop of green/blue in the corner.  I grabbed a piece of fun fabric and covered the chair seat too. (I probably should have organized the mess you can see in the windows.  But yeah... we use this thing as our family office and y'all know what that means.)

I also found and printed a free botanical print from The Graphics Fairy blog and framed it for a pop of spring time color.  I am loving green right now.  I also traded places with the table that resides here and my tiny book case for a change.  Sometimes a girl needs a change.  I love having my vintage camera collection (tiny though it may be) out and about.  Not sure about the background pattern so I may need to change that eventually but it's nice to have a few shelves here.  Plus our favorite card games are kept in that old blue radio parts box and it's great having it in the living room again.

I would just like to say... my giant plant in the bucket is still alive.  I am in shock.  I can't remember when I watered it last though so hang on while I run and do that..... ..... ..... (The tiny plant on the counter top is FAKE.  So at least I know it will live.)
Another one bites the dust.  We can't get healthy long-term around here.  Can. Not.  Ava's got the head/chest cold now.  I am not getting sick again either.  Mind over matter.  Ha!

I would love to welcome a new LMM blog sponsor!  Sarah from The Rustic Ribbon has joined us and here are just a sampling of the sweetness this girl sews.  I will tell you her items are fantastic quality and I love these fabric choices.  She makes all kinds of sweetness such as clutches, notebooks, journals and crayon rolls.  This clutch she sent me is padded.  And lined with polka-dotty fabric and has little pockets!  I just love it!!

And just because she's new around here, she is offering all of you LMM readers a sweet discount on your orders from her brand new little shop!!  Use "lemonade15" when you check out to get 15% off your orders!
My shop. Yeah, it's neglected.  I know a bunch of you have been asking about some of the items I used to carry regularly such as chalkboards and chicken wire frames, etc... honestly I have had so many intentions of stocking back up but I've been so busy whipping out custom order after custom order (wonderful "problem" to have) and simply haven't had the time for all the things I want to make.  So my shop is kind of bare bones.  For now.
miscellany monday at lowercase letters
And that's pretty much the state of things right his minute.  Always random.  I think those are the only posts I am capable of writing any more and I'm linking up to Lower Case Letters blog.

How was your weekend?? 


  1. Love the "aloe!" Our weekend flew by. It was cold and lazy with a lot of snuggling under blankets -- and movie watching. Great worship today, and a silly adventure to use "FREE" coupons for coffee, pizza, and a freezie drink(what was I thinking? I wore my coat for an hour after we got home!!!) And the weekend's over already. Boo. =/ {hugs} ~Sally

  2. And p.s. my hubby is the fun one too.

  3. LOVE your "brand new" computer armoire. That color is so soft and peaceful! So sorry you guys have been sick's been a terrible season for illness on the east coast too. Have you ever tried a neti-pot? We have for the first time this year, and I swear, that's what's kept us well!

    1. I am terrified of that thing... I want to try it... so much!! My girlfriends keep telling me it's amazing. LOL

    2. It's easy, just weird! I has reduced our colds and longevity by a ton!!! Also, no sinus infections since we started using them 3 years ago. We like the bottle better than the can get it at costco, and we have one for each person. They come 2 to a pack and enough saline packets to last a really long time...I still have a ton!
      You're kids may think it's kind of funky...try it!!

  4. Glad to hear that we aren't the only family who can't get well and STAY well. 3rd round of colds in three months, blah . What is up with that? i love that color, aloe! It is perfect and looks great on your cabinet! Beautiful photos as always, girl!

  5. aloe looks spot on:)) love the name, love the color. hard to believe you could make that room any cuter but you did. you know i love me some COLOR!

  6. The aloe is fantastic! Love your photo's!!!!!!

  7. Oh wow...the aloe is such a subtle, gorgeous color!! The guest room is fabulous!
    Come see me sometime :)
    Buckets of Burlap

  8. love the ALOE! so pretty!!
    and i am loving green right now too. must be spring. or st. paddy's?

  9. Great pics, thanks for sharing all that you do! :-)

  10. loving what you did with that cabinet!
    i am THEEE laziest in...i don't do it!
    you inspire me to actually START projects in my head. :)
    also, i LOVE how fresh and open and DE CLUTTERED your home is.

  11. My hubbie is the fun one too! At least one of us is! :)

    LOVE that fun color! I have a table that needs some paint- I was thinking yellow . . . but now I'm thinking Aloe.:)

    I've been learning how to embroider and it's safe to say I'm officially hooked! Love it! Your welcome sign turned out so beautiful!

  12. funny, I spotted the botanical print right away and was admiring it! And then you mentioned where you found it. I might have to copy that idea from my little mini Martha! I love your guest bedroom. It is so warm and cozy! Sign me up when you start renting it out for a night! :) I am so happy to hear about your sister in law! It is interesting, my Ava who is almost 6 found the Lord at a very young age and it makes me so proud. She asks questions and understands things about faith that most 5 1/2 year olds would not. Can you tell us some of your organizational tips? Pretty please, with a cherry on top? I was doing some cleaning/organizing yesterday and whenever I do, I think of you and I say "What would Sasha do?" XOXO

  13. you weren't kidding that aloe is a gorgeous color...i love ur love of sharing colors with us...i write them down often...(ok i write them in my brain and they get lost and i have to ask you for the names again...what are friends for?!! right?!) hee hee

    as for my weekend? it's always the same....crazy...although this weekend i wanted to go to the irish festival...until i saw the price tag to enter..needless to say 8 of us won't be maybe we'll wait for the scottish festival...whenever that is..

    i ramble...

    have a great monday!

  14. I LOVE that piece you painted! It looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Also, I didn't know you homeschool--we do, too!

  15. I am absolutely loving that gorgeous kitchen and Aloe is my new favorite paint color!

  16. I love visiting your blog, it makes me feel happy. Love your office cupboard, that Aloe colour is lovely. We're going to be doing some decorating around here soon and your home is very inspiring, thank you :) Have a wonderful week.

  17. Your aloe update is beautiful. And I love the fabric you chose for your chair!

  18. The cabinet! I KNEW it would fabulous and it is! The color is perfect.

    My hubs and I just today had a conversation about how he is the fun, adventurous one and I'm the content homebody.:) I LOVE the adventures once we are there, but for the most part, he's the one with the ideas and getting us out the door.

  19. OOOOH that color is fabulous!!!! I love the entire room, but that cabinet is a real stunner!!

    Great work and photos as always

  20. That is a lovely color and looks great in the room, you have a great eye for color, so happy that your plant is still living.
    Have a great day!

    I may have just a week left to get my blog back, so silly.

  21. I am in love with that colour!! What a perfect shade of blue!

  22. Can you share where you picked up your utensil jar? I've been hunting for the perfect one for my vintage rolling pins and voila... there it is!! Thanks!!

  23. Oh My Word! That cabinet is stunning. I am now loving Aloe, too! The seat cover fabric looks perfect next to it. I love blog posts with photos of your beautiful home. All of the Spring touches are wonderful. xox