Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hoodlums and eating green.

 It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

It was the best because it was St Patrick's Day weekend, and we love this holiday. I also convinced the hoodlums to let me drag them across the street, over the ditch and into a patch of tall grass so I could take some photos of them that I've been promising their grandmother I would take for ages. It was the best, because they smiled. It was probably the best for them because they knew they had a jar of skittles and gold coins and marshmallows awaiting their return home. It was the best because we beat the rain. It was the best because we attended a phenomenal Taste of Passover at our church and once again I was reminded why Easter is my hands-down-all-time favorite holiday. I love it more than Christmas.

It was the worst because upon arriving home and beginning to edit my photos I realized that the issues I've been having with my camera were getting to the point that I either need to replace it or get it serviced and I have no idea what that is going to entail.  It's been acting broken and doing weird things like not turning on, or simply not working in the middle of using it, but I've been making it work by doing all kinds of random things photography websites recommend.  Then on this photo shoot I couldn't get it to focus in Auto focus.  (I'm not super comfortable in manual focus- especially with breathing people, though I probably would have gotten the nice, crisp photos I wanted had I switched and done that! Bah!) The focus point lights went out on me, and it kind of acted like it's insides died.  That can't be good right?  So... I'm crossing my fingers that I can get it looked at this week... but I'm not very hopeful.  It's not even that old. I got it back in February of 2010!  Then again, I've taken thousands upon thousands of photos with it.  I'm trying, (kind of unsuccessfully) not to stress.  It's just a camera.  Still... it's also my baby.
  Speaking of babies...


"Please stop growing!!"
Regardless of my camera focus fritzing out, I've got some awfully adorable tweenagers.
I also made these Antique ball jar dish towels, listed them in my shop on Friday night, and sold them all by Saturday.  (More are coming sometime this week!)  My sweet Instagram peeps dove right in and nabbed 'em before I could show them to y'all here!  Totally blessed my heart to see them gobbled up like that.  THEY ARE SO CUTE!!  What is it, about flour sack dish towels?  And turquoise ball jars?
 My man made us (green) mint chocolate chip pancakes for St. Patrick's Day breakfast.  He is so freaking hot- I mean, he whips these up like it's no big deal, using coconut flour so they are gluten free for us, and they were so good I nearly cried.  (It was my day off from the Daniel Fast for Lent and I fully enjoyed every taste.) They were fluffy.  And minty.  And chocolate chippy.  We topped them with whipped cream and star sprinkles.  (They make me want to go kiss him right this minute, just thinking about them.  I'm just saying. What is it, about a man in a kitchen? Sigh.)

 This was Ava's lunch.  Green. 

I had a heart wrenching Mama moment of sudden reflection on how quickly time is passing, here.  For lunch they begged to eat in front of the TV (a rare treat) and watch Veggie Tales "Sumo of the Opera."  It's a St. Patrick's day tradition for us, because it contains a short clip of the life of St. Patrick.  I looked over at my pancake flipping man and said, "Do you suppose they are going to still want to watch this with us in five years?" 

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you my heart, cut in two pieces, living outside my body.  It's named Ava and Joe. (Not sure I'm used to calling him that just yet.... ) 

 How was your weekend? Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day too?


  1. We celebrate St. Patty's Day with green pancakes for breakfast and corned beef, cabbage, and green dumplings for dinner. I also make fun St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. My kids love it as did I when my Mom did it for me and my brothers.

    I am in the same boat with you with the growing tweenagers. My girl is the oldest...she will be 17 in 5 years. That fact brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart hurt. I love this stage so naps, diaper bags, car seats, etc. but I do miss my babies. I can't imagine how I will feel in 5 years. It's going by so fast.

  2. I have a couple of minutes before I leave for school, but I have so many things to say! Your photography touched my heart! Maybe it's the Libra girl in me who loves all things beautiful! Your children. Gorgeous. Innocent. A light. Your home....well, so gosh-darned NEAT! And welcoming. Where did you get the pretty cream rug in front of the TV and how on Earth do you keep it clean?? And those bags! So rustic chic! I have wanted to screen print but I have been afraid! You make it look so about a tutorial some day??

    Have a wonderful day Sasha!

  3. Your kids are too cute! My man is not much into cooking, but when he helps out by doing dishes it melts my heart! I hope you have a great week!

  4. Love, love, love the dishtowels.

    Can you ever notice how grown up your kids are getting. Isn't it funny how it just sneaks up on you even though you're watching every minute?

  5. Beautiful photos of your kids! I love those dish towels, Will look out for the next batch since I am not on IG.

  6. Love love love the dishtowels! Hoping I can nab some :) I swoon over anything involving a mason jar!
    They do indeed grow so fast, and my are only little still....but some days it seems like they grow on fast forward.
    I really am enjoying your blog, such a lovely read as I enjoy my green tea and the children have their morning play/wreck the house time!

  7. I'm definitely not used to you calling him Joe!
    Looks like a grand day overall.
    Wow! Especially Ava looks so grown up lately! She's really changing. It's all good...

  8. Beautiful photos! Your children's eyes sparkle so beautifully. I especially love the second photo of Ava. She is so pretty. Joe (still JJ to me) is turning into such a young man! I've only been following your blog for about 2 years but oh my how they have changed!

    Blessings to all of you

  9. Oh my word -- your kiddos are getting so grown up -- so adorable!! What a great weekend you had!! Hope the camera gets fixed easily and cheaply -- your photos are fabulous!

  10. What beautiful photos and kids!! Thank you for your super sweet comment the other day :) I absolutely LOVE those Mason jar towels!!

  11. Can I add my agreement that your kids are precious?!? Seriously- JOE is quite the handsome guy (so says my 11 yo daughter and she has GREAT taste...) and your daughter, so sweet. Love the pictures and hope your camera gets well soon!

  12. joe instead of JJ? or is one of his j's really a joe or joseph? i really really intended to do your st. pat's surprise for my the store tho, my sweet 14 y.o. daughter wanted to make EASTER shakes w/ malted eggs (a recipe she'd seen online) and so i let her do that instead. i was there, at the store, and everything...ready to do YOUR cute thing! i REALLY am BAD at traditions!!! i want to start ... is it too late???? they are 16, 14 and 11. my mid and youngest (both girls) would REALLY love this! so, i'm adamantly reading your posts...keep the tradition ones coming!!

    love your blog so so so so so so much!!!

  13. ps: sorry but barf-a-roni on the brussel sprouts...i know i know it's been a new trend to get back into them...but i tried them and YUK.! the same yuk as when i yukked them at age 5! BUT OH! vegie tales!!! i too miss that! and recently, my kids no longer like to listen to kids' Christian radio in the car! that hour of fun stories! the sugar creek gang, etc. they'll only indulge me on adventures in odyssey! man!

  14. What a happy weekend you had sorry about your camera, I have not cooked the brussel sprouts yet kinda scared of them but I will. My weekend was all about the backyard cleaning planting and adding a shirt to the deck that was Bruce's job but my idea. It was all good but this weekend we are going on a long weekend to Napa can't wait we usually take two trips out that way spring and fall.
    Have a great day!

  15. Sorry to hear about your camera. My camera broke as we were coming home from vacation last D.C. We brough it to a local shop and they couldn't do anything. We have to mail it to Nikon.

  16. Beautiful photos. I'm so with you about kiddos growing up too fast. I've gone through it with my kids now it's the grandkids!! We don't usually do anything special for St. Patrick's day, but this year it fell on a "family dinner" My brother and sister and their families came over and we had Creamed Potato Soup with cheese on top (aka Pot of Gold) we also had a Beef Stew (aka Luck Irish Stew) and Split Pea Soup (green) there was lime knox blox, veg tray, and home made bread. For drinks we used the sherbert (lime) with ginger ale poured over. Pie was desert. It was a fun time, maybe do it again next year! Love your towels also.

  17. i'm so sorry about your camera!!! yucky!!! hope its ok!

    i'm afraid of the word "tweenagers" because i'm afraid i have one. but if i say i don't then i don't right??

    ok. so i don't.

    i also want brussel sprouts.

    love you.

  18. you're such a good mama AND i LOVE tall grass field photos!! those are some of the most beautiful images of your children!!
    major bummer on your baby. i can totally understand. praying it's simple & not expensive.
    i wore green gingham. the end. no green food was prepared. boo me.

  19. Wow, you were able to take those amazing pictures with a broken camera? Seriously, they are beautiful. I totally agree about the getting older moment, I get those a lot, and they sadden me as well, why does time have to go by so fast? Enjoy our liitle ones.

  20. I've been so wrapped up in my health issues, I didn't celebrate St. Patrick's day..not the first thing...didn't even wear green.
    I also haven't done one single thing for nothing. hoping to pull something together this weekend...geeeeeez.

    You captured your kids beautifully in these tall grass shots.
    I have so much to learn about my fancy camera...need to take a class of some sort....or just take more pictures for practice.
    I really only ever use my 50mm lens...need to stretch myself a little.

    hope your camera isn't hard to fix and definitely praying it's not expensive!!!

    okay...I missed something on calling your boy Joe....I vaguely remember you mentioning that he wanted you to call him it only on the blog or in real life? :) these boys of ours...

  21. st patty's was a complete non-event here...except for some amazing cupcakes that were left in my mailbox by an ig friend. i always love how you do it up big. so excited about those mason jar towels. i want one for my bday. can that be arranged?? i'm your biggest fan you know that right? gotta get that camera working. we need to see the beauty in your life. i know just how frustrated you feel. is there anything worse than techy mechanical issues with anything! i hate problems. praying it's an easy quick cheap fix. ya bye.

  22. The fact that your camera was not working but you ended up with such gorgeous photos shows that you are really professional!! And oh my. Your children are beautiful, Sasha!! Treasure these moments - trust me as I look back on those tween years they fly by more quickly than you can even imagine. You're such a great momma!! Happy Spring, sweet Sasha!

    Debbie S.

  23. Your kids are so pretty/handsome! I know the time flies so grands are teens now and I so miss the days of them being little. You are amazing with a camera, regardless of its condition.