Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am loving...

I am loving these free printable cards that will help you teach sweeties with little fingers how to sew/embroider. 

I am loving this DIY that shows how to make the most adorable Easter baskets using recycled grocery bags.  (I pretty much told the hoodlums if they made them... I'd fill em. That's out project for after homework is finished today.)

I am loving this DIY for sugar scrub cubes. I am going to try and whip a batch of this up over the weekend.

I am loving this necklace that I made.  It literally goes with everything.  Even things it doesn't go with.  Savvy?  Love.  (Not sure if I'll be able to swing more than a few for my shop but hopefully a few will be coming soon!  Poor, neglected shop.) 

I am loving this fridge organization set up.  I am working HARD to create snack bins for the hungry hoodlums as we are working to cut our food spending almost in half during March. EEK! Operation slice the budge is in full effect and I'm hoping some huge prep work and organization will really help! 
I am loving this lotion.  I bought it months ago (Back when I wasn't working my grocery budget in half. Heh, heh.) and haven't been using it until this week for some reason.  It's like Hawaii in a bottle.  An under $5.00 bottle, mind you.  Hallelujah! 

It seems like everyone I know has a birthday between now and the end of April.  Both my kids and my man...so it gets crazy, and I'm always on the lookout for cute, easy, inexpensive party decor.  I am loving this pom pom tutorial.  Who knew you could use a fork and make tiny ones that turn out this cute?  Who knew they were so easy?  I'm going to put one on everything now.  Because... if a little is good... a lot is, well... a lot.

What are YOU loving?


  1. i love whatever you love...so i love all this stuff.


  2. Great "lovelies" for sure! The necklaces are so pretty! Will have to try some of that lotion. Blessings to you!

  3. I hope you share about your food budget and cutting your grocery bill. This is an on-going conversation in our house. Spend less, eat healthier. We definitely try, but are always looking for other ideas and suggestions!
    Love that beautiful necklace you made!

  4. Cute stuff! Thanks for sharing all that. Love the necklace too!

  5. i must try that lotion! i get some from trader joes for $3 something and it's amazing. but hawaii in a bottle could totally get me! : ) and that necklace?! amazing. please share those food budget cutting tips! PLEASE!! thanks my dear! xo.

  6. I love a coconut cream lotion by Laura Mercier--a gift from Christmas that I wouldn't be able to afford on my own--ha! Happy to know there is an alternative! I also am loving a really adorable hoop I have to give my man for our anniversary: ) LOVE is an understatement, I think: ) I also love that our kid's conferences are over and they are doing well academically but even better--they are shining His light in their classrooms--I LOVE that! Happy day!

  7. i pretty much love all of this!
    i sure hope i can get my hands on one of those necklaces.


  8. Adorable stuff! Love it, thank you for sharing it today:-)

  9. I am loving this post!! :) I will be checking out several of these things...but not when it's so late! ha!
    Just so you know, I can hear you smiling, and it's a beautiful thing!
    P.S. That necklace is gorgeous!!

  10. I am loving this post as well and all of the sweet goodies that you've packed into it!! I am also loving that you used the word "Savy"!! lol It reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean, and I love me some Johnny Depp!! haha

    Can't wait to see the baskets!!!

  11. I love seem to love everything you love. Never tried the lotion but I'm sure it is wonderful. That necklace is beautiful. Hope to grab one in the shop. I know they will go fast. Those little sewing cards are so cute. I pinned it (pinned a lot of those links for that matter). My oldest will love them. And those pom poms are the best! Here I've been making pom poms in a much harder way!

  12. The necklace? Yeah, I want one:)

  13. Thanks so much for posting! Can't wait to try my hand at the pom poms & citrus cubes!

  14. All good stuff, I put a lazy Susan in my frig pretty handy for all your jars. Love the sugar cubs I think I will try them as well.

  15. Today, I am loving the fact that my favorite band (Lady Antebellum) has a new song on the radio and a new album coming out in May.

    I am also loving my trusty purple scarf that, like your necklace, either goes with everything or gets worn anyway. With snow falling outside, it's keeping me warm, just as it has for the past six years. =)

  16. you had me at the printable cards that will help the littles learn how to sew/embroidery.
    Lydia would LOVE to do this!!! Thanks for the hook up.

    That necklace is legit. too legit to quit. :) It's beautiful, friend!

    operation cut your food budget in half is HARDWORK. good luck with that. :)

  17. Happy Wednesday Sweet Friend, having a few minutes to comment and send hugs and hellos! What a great post and encouragement, Yes, Yes, LOVE the necklace do tell if and when you post to etsy! Just started new budget in our house, back to the basics "cash in envelopes" and made some cute envelopes from card stock :) Keep your inspiration coming, we love to follow along!! Blessings!

  18. I WANT THAT NECKLACE!! Start selling those please :)

  19. may i whisper this to you...i know you are crazy busy but when and if you ever put those necklaces in the shop..mark nik and i down. we LOVE them. girl you are getting yourself quite the following..lol! you might need to hire the kids!!
    everything you do is so pretty
    so sweet
    hugs friend..

  20. cute stuff! the necklace is darling!!! can't wait till ya make more!

  21. Can I have that necklace? Pretty please?