Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mid week pop in.

I have been crazy busy so far this week, and feel like I haven't been around much!  Isn't it funny how some weeks are like that?  I've been trying to finish my custom orders.  (If you're waiting on one, I am so sorry that I'm behind! I promise I'm working on them.) I've also been knocking out more of my antique mason jar flour sack dishtowels and you can't know what an absolute blessing it has been watching them fly off the shelves and into your hands.  I instagramed that it felt like I was wrapping presents for friends as I packaged up my last batch.  I just love you guys.  I listed a big batch of them here, this morning, and half are gone as I type this, so if you miss one, don't worry... I'll be making more soon!  
 They really are my new favorite thing... maybe EVER, in my shop.
 Thanks for bearing with me on my little shameless plug.  You guys are awesome.

Speaking of awesome.  I got this clock several years ago for our old home school room. Where you now see gray, it was previously red.  (I once loved all things red... but I kind of overdid "red" many years ago, and now, it's not my favorite.)  I was on a redecorranging kick and decided this baby needed a new color, so Joe (formerly known as JJ) took the entire thing apart with gusto, let me spray paint it all up, and then put it back together for me again.  Love that kid.

Anyhow.  I wanted to get a nice photo of it for you... but this is the best amount of focus I can get with my broken little baby (aka my camera) today. You guys were so sweet commenting about that the other day.  I mean, I do realize it's only a camera.  Not a person.  But sadly it's nearly dead.  I took it in and the electrical system is shot with a hefty repair price tag that didn't make it worth it, and the shutter isn't far behind apparently, so we are researching our replacement camera options.  Bah!  So for now, shooting with my current broken camera is a lot like walking with a limp.  You can get where you need to go, but it's a slow and painful process, with limited progress.  Poor thing.  I feel like it's going to need a proper burial when it finally dies.  It's become a dear friend.

One side of my brain is telling me that I've wasted entirely too much blog space on a camera.

The other side wants to cry.  Go figure.

The photo you see above won my husband's heart.  He adores Indian food. As part of our meatless endeavor, I used a recipe from the Daniel Fast Cookbook.  As Adrain sopped up his dinner using naan, (Indian flat bread) he actually said, "Babe, I don't think an Indian restaurant could have done it better."  High praise indeed.  Especially coming from someone who has actually eaten this very food in India.  You can find the recipe here. 

I've been holding fast to our Operation slash the food budget and it's been good.  Challenging but good!  I think it's going to work fantastically in the long run.  I have learned a few things so far.

Don't make an untried Greek soup recipe, thinking that leftovers will feed your family for three nights.

Especially when they don't like Greek food. (They are nuts.)

And especially when you spent a wad on fresh produce.

Don't trust a soup that cooks zucchini.  Soggy zucchini = children who won't eat dinner.

Just saying. In case you were thinking of doing that.


  1. i have been dying to make indian food! this is perfect timing. how'd you know?! i think your pictures look great. you are that good even with a broken camera! keep the food budget slashing tips coming. : )

  2. That dish looks delicious. And you could try to blend up whatever veggies they don't care for as chunks, so then it's the base. :)
    I love the clock and that Joe ( :) ) took it apart and put it back together! He must have thought you were the coolest mom ever!

  3. not an idian food fan, but you made it look tasty. and you know those towels are the bomb. can't wait for mine;)

  4. I'm not a Greek food fan either, and my husband is half Greek ;). As for Indian, never had it, but you made it look good, so glad your meal plan is working, very bummed about your camera though, I'm sure you will find one that works for you. About the towels, may have to order one up for myself.

  5. I'm not a huge Greek food fan. I've been to a restaurant and it was ok. I think I've only been to 1 Indian food restaurant but don't remember much about it....I'm so sorry about your camera. :( Sure, it isn't a person but with kids what would we do without our cameras? They grow up so fast and pictures are the best way to freeze that time! Like you said, you've taken thousands of pictures so you and it had a good run together. And with everything you touch flying off your etsy shelves, have fun picking out a new one!! (and maybe even upgrade?) I'm just making lemonade for ya ;)

  6. I sure do love those towels! Maybe next time…
    And I admire your efforts at slashing your food budget. i'm taking notes. :)

  7. oh are precious!
    i know all about being behind but working on it
    i can't seem to get to a caught up
    maybe i never will but i enjoy it all so
    and THOSE towels are TOTALLY sweet and AMAZING...someone should
    pick those up from you and carry them...:)
    i need to order some soon. gotta get past this one deadline then
    i can order some more stuff on my list..yes i keep a list on EVERYTHING...weirdo
    love ya!

  8. We love Indian food this looks amazingly good and quite easy I will defiantly be trying this, and that towel cute as can be!

  9. Girly, I am loving this towel. I told my hubs not to use it, it's too pretty to get it dirty. I know, I know, let's not be selfish. I'll just have to get another one from ya. I had it on my oven rack yesterday, then I hid it in my kitchen drawer, he was like, where did it go? I told him it's safe, until I get another one, he, he. So many of my kitchen towels have been ruined with sauce, oil and hard water. I know, I'm being silly, but it's so darn cute!

  10. Sorry to hear about your camera.
    A few years ago I took pictures at my sons school on the last day and put the camera in his book bag. He then put his book bag in his closet. I forgot where I put the camera and was in a panic for over a month. He fond it when he went to use his book bag for summer camp. He said look mom I found it. Your camera isn't a person but I know how you feel. To tell you the truth I would have never known it was broke because your pictures look great.
    I love your new towels and can't wait to get mine.

  11. indeed i was too late....all of the towels are gone...guess i have to be quicker next time. ;)

  12. I love the towels. Will/When will you have more of them for purchasing in your etsy shop? Thanks!

  13. The Indian food looks great!I have had the pleasure of having two Indian friends who have showed me how to prepare their foods and have given me many recipes.It's one of the cheapest and healthiest foods to cook.

    The towels are darling but I see are all sold out! That's great for you.

    Bummer your camera gave out, I would be sad as well. ~K.Marie

  14. Love, love the towels! I can't wait for you to have more in your shop.


  15. We love indian food....nothing like the "real" stuff from India....I can relate to your husband...i LOVE it. (Andy not so much!)