Thursday, April 11, 2013

A post that may or may not be intended for my husband. (And a winner)

Mother's day is my favorite holiday.

In all fairness, I do tend to say that about every single holiday.  But the truth is in adult-hood, birthday's are crap.  We all know it.  They stop being fun after twenty one, take a short dip in the celebratory tank at thirty and you just bide your time til forty.  (I hear it goes swiftly downhill from that point.)

Valentine's Day is great but the pressure on your spouse is intense and sometimes you get a vase with a blooming rose because your husband was putting in sixty hours at work, that week and he barely made it to Hallmark before they closed, and by then all the remotely funny cards were gone, and nothing sparkly was going down.  You can hardly blame the poor guy.  Yet you kind of look at this fake rose, blooming before your eyes at the push of a button and think, "It's like he doesn't even know me anymore."

He kind of watches you, watching this fake, blooming rose, and thinks, "She thinks I don't even know her anymore..." 

Not that I've personally ever experienced that particular scenario.

And not that we've laughed at the memory of that particular scenario before as we mentored young married couples after Valentine's fail moments.

That pretty much leaves Mother's day, as the true holiday where your immediate family celebrate the heck out of you, but I've come to believe there's a window.  It's short- and it's open from the time you give birth until the point that they grow up and give birth to their own offspring.  (Because once they give birth, it's suddenly once again about them, just like it was for you when you gave birth and it kind of stopped being so much about your own mother, though you still get her a card.  You know?)

Speaking of cards...I have a delightful collection of mother's day gift ideas for you today (that may or may not have been highlighted, underlined, and left on my husband's desk) and the first idea is actually a very sweet card from
 This card works for the other moms in your life.  It's the kind of gift you give to your Mom, your sis-in-law's, mom-in-laws, best girlfriends, and those that appreciate cute sayings and/or photos of your children.  (Treat offers darling cards of all kinds for mother's day, birthdays and for the many other occasions in your life and you'd better believe I'll be checking them out during the holiday season too!)  You make the card online, they send it for you, and at about $1.99 you can't beat that deal.  Seriously the easiest Mother's Day idea ever.  (But don't tell your mother that.  She might feel slighted.)

If I was going the card route with my own mother, this card is hands-down the winner in my opinion.  She always let us lick the beaters when my brother and I were growing up.  And eat the unbaked cookie dough.  One time we decided we didn't even want to bake the chocolate chip cookies, and we left a bowl of covered batter in the fridge with a giant spoon in it for a week.  Whenever we wanted a cookie, we'd scoop out a ball of dough.  It was awesome.  That's also the reason my mom gets mother-of-the year award.  Coolest Mom ever.  (And nobody died of salmonella either.  We also drank cool-aid and went down metal slides.  And ate high fructose corn syrup as a regular food group.  My kids have no idea what they are missing these days, but I won't tell them if you don't.)

This is my favorite gift pick for Mother's day of all time.  Cinnamonsticks Etsy studio makes these little silver rings that will seriously melt your heart, they are so cute.  I promise I will try not to throw a tantrum if two of them sporting the names "Ava Joelle" and "Joseph Jacob" don't appear in my hand on Mother's day.  

I will hold it together like I did while looking at a blooming rose. 


(My husband may or may not have been provided with this website bookmark.) 

I'm going to be perfectly honest here.  I splurged and bought this for myself as an early Mother's Day gift.  And then as I laughed and cried (for reals) all the way through it, I found myself being really upset that I wasn't a millionaire, because if I was, I would have bought one for every single mother I know, including my sister in laws, my mother, mother in laws, and every girlfriend I've ever had.  I've adored Big Mama for years... lurked on her blog, left an occasional comment, and talked about her like she was my BFF, way too many times.  And now I have a little piece of her.  (You can buy your copy here.)

I may or may not be totally addicted to this particular brand of chocolate from Trader Joes.  And can you really go wrong getting the mother you adore (or the mother your children adore- hint, hint) a woman's favorite chocolate?  I think not.  And they do say, that dark chocolate is sorta good for you.

 A gorgeous sign from Tara over at Between You and Me is a favorite pick of mine too, especially this one with a song that so many of our mother's sang to us.  Well, mine didn't.  But she did let me eat cookie dough so we can give her a pass on the singing thing.   
And if you've got an inclination to go the handmade route on gifts, I saw this idea here. You can tape off the ends of wooden spoons, or salad tongs, and paint the ends with happy colors, making it look like you dipped them.  These scream, "Good Mom gift."  
If you want to toss in a kitchen-y gift to go with your DIY dipped spoons, I am making another big batch of my antique jar flour sack dishtowels soon and they make a fantastic gift.  Hopefully, I'll have my next batch listed here, next week.  I'll keep you posted.  (I know, shameless plug.) 

Thanks again to Maria Isabella for the fantastic recipe in my last post, and the great giveaway! Everyone's comments made me really hungry- y'all are fantastic cooks, I can tell.  This book would make a lovely Mother's Day gift since all the recipes in it, are things that take under an hour to prepare and are fabulous recipes that real life chefs make at home.  If you want to purchase a copy of In the Kitchen with Cleveland's Favorite Chefs, you can purchase it here! 

(The winner of the above book giveaway, was Mama D's Dozen.  Please email me at and I'll hook you up with Maria for your copy of her book!)

What is your favorite gift to give (or get) on Mother's Day? 


  1. Mother's Day is very special to me - not only because I have the greatest Mum in the world, but because there were {too} many years when we lived month to month with the realization that I might never become a mama myself. Those were such hard hard years, but God was most gracious to bear us gently through the pain, to give us joy in the middle of the mess, to heal our wounds and faithfully give us the desires of our hearts in His perfect time. Through the incredible blessing of adoption and one determined baby boy who 'stayed put' long enough to grow and flourish as he ought to, I am a mama!

    Now, like you I've already placed my request for Mother's Day ... but I wont be wearing my gift around my neck - I've asked for wood, good dirt, some sweat equity and load of manure for a bigger garden plot. LOL! I'm still enjoying last years beautiful rose plants, but this year I'm just going to be practical.

  2. Sweet! I'm a winner!

    I think I'll have to pass along this blog link to my sweet hubby, than he can just check out all of your fun Mother's Day ideas. (He knows all about you, as do my kids, because of course I talk about you as if you were my BFF.)

    Love the cards. Will definitely check out that website.

    Love the rings. What would my hands look like if I wore 19 of them all at once (12 kids, 4 sons & daughters-in-law, and 3 grandsons)? Maybe I could string them all on a necklace. :)

    Love your dish towels. Definitely need to let the hubby know about those.

    Can't wait to get this book. Oh yea. Does it have any gluten free recipes . . . for when my gluten free friends come to dinner?


    Laurel :)

  3. no! seriously? that chocolate bar is amazing. nik and i tried them a few weeks back and wished we would have gotten more! we live so far away it is a once a week deal. but YES to the chocolate bar:)
    i don't know what i am giving this year...i know i am doing something handmade i added that book to my post surgery recovery list. i am glad you mentioned it cause i had forgotten:)LOVE all your ideas! and tara and i are friends and we do signs so neither of us share each other on our blogs but SOOO wish we could--but her and andy rock don't they? my fav is the speak true right wrong..LOVE that one. if dakota wasn't 18 i would so put that in his room! we all need to plan a girls trip .. a meet up place
    i do so hope you get your rings....:) love you for YOU
    ps..i know prayers have helped today. really! for the first time in a week i was able to work a wee bit...thank you

  4. love this! those rings are in my favorites...i BETTER get them. jkjkjk!
    allegedly...someone cried for two days after a disappointing birthday this past weekend.
    i have NO idea who that would be and why she felt so sad.
    seriously? what is wrong with me!?!

    1. Been there! We could start a support group together:) Call me!

  5. Love those rings...probably bc they're the only jewelry on your list. Can you guess what my favorite gift is then? Yup, I love me some jewels. Like a Lisa Leonard necklace(MAMA...since that's what my two girls have always called me) and a new Farmgirl Paints cuff. Hmmm...maybe I should forward this post to my husband, putting in the hint. I do love my handmade gifts from the girls and breakfast in bed though. :)

  6. My favorite gifts for Mother's Day: flowers (NOT roses), plants (esp hydrangeas), and gift certificates for pedicures. Oh, and chocolate.