Thursday, April 18, 2013


I always laugh at how one small change can set off a domino effect, shuffling of all of our house decor. 

Someone asked me the other day what I do about the holes in the wall from my frequent changes.  Well... spackle, spray texture and paint are my BFF's.  I don't use them each time I shuffle things around, but occasionally I drag all the paint cans inside and spend an afternoon touching up.  I deal with all the places kids, dogs, and toys have gouged walls, places where trim work has been banged, holes from moved wall hangings, and the like.

It's loads of fun.

(It's really not.  I just said that.)

 Anyway, I've been craving color, and patterns... but I'm on an incredibly strict cash budget. Dangit!  I've already shared that I recently recovered a few toss pillows that were elsewhere in the house, with fabric remnants I'd gotten at JoAnn's.  I hadn't jumped in and done anything with the fabric for a while, because I couldn't visualize how the black and white chevron was going to tie into my current style at all- I just knew I loved it and that's always a fantastic place to start.  The people who "know" always advise that you should have nothing in your environment that isn't useful, or loved.   (The green giraffe pillow cover came from here .) 

Slowly, things began shifting, and moving from room to room.  I normally relocate things to different rooms rather than get rid of them, but if I have kept an item in the hall closet for a year or so without use, I donate or sell it.  It's my way.  I don't like clutter in the house or in my closets.  I'm the exact same way when it comes to my clothing.
I snapped the above photo of Ava randomly, and it was a jumping off place for me.  It was an un-posed, unplanned photograph, but it was an instant favorite.  She was wearing her bike helmet, hair sweetly messed like it normally is, and the photo was pure magic to this mama's heart.  I got lucky and we all know that moment.  I wanted to freeze her like that forever because it's exactly how I see her every day, at this age.  I used Costco for a somewhat affordable 14x14" canvas, and figured I could purchase that amongst our groceries if I was really careful. (Which I was! Yay Operation slash the food budget... it's going really well again this month! More on that to come.)
Then I took a great photo of JJ's hand strumming his guitar while he was practicing, and I fell hard for it.  That was the following payday's "splurge."  (See? Planning.  Careful planning.)  I used to display tons of  black and white photos all the time.  However, straightening all those oft-crooked frames nearly drove me crazy.  (I might be a bit of a control freak when it comes to straight frames.)  These days, I enjoy a few of my favorites blown up really huge.  Having some of them in bold, happy color is good for my heart. 
That caused a shifting and moving and re-hanging of items previously on the shelf above our sofa.  I love this canvas of the kiddos above the guest bed! And of course you know what came next right?  This change up caused me to begin looking at what else I could move around, in every single space. 
 I don't even apologize for it anymore.  Mainly, because I don't feel bad about it.  Ha!  It's so fun to change things, I thoroughly enjoy it, and I don't do it because I hate my surroundings or feel discontented or whatever.  I just stinkin' love it!!  (For that reason, I secretly chuckle on the inside when people kind of raise their eyebrows and comment, "You are always changing things!"

Yes.  Yes I am.  (I know you get this.)

For some reason this caused me to buckle down and do some things I'd been contemplating but putting off.  I finally broke down and scraped all the frosting spray off the french doors.  Some small people (who shall remain nameless but whose names begin with JJ and Ava) put a lot of dirty fingerprints on them just after I sprayed them last summer, and they have needed to be re-sprayed ever since.  I'll get around to it soon, but the finger print smudges were driving me crazy and getting more prominent-looking with time. I have no idea why that is.

Now I have no way to hide the clutter.  Oops.  (And yes, I did have clutter on this bookshelf before.  Don't tell anyone.) 
 At least I can close the armoire doors, though it's a bit scary when we open them.  You never know what's going to come tumbling out. 
Doing these little re-vamps always puts me in the mood for the most random of projects that have nothing to do with anything, and don't really need "doing."  For example, suddenly my boring lampshade needed a mini makeover right that minute!  So, I water colored directly onto it.  Water colors were the only thing I happened to have on hand, readily available for free, and I thought, "How bad can it turn out?  If it's awful, I'll hot glue some fabric over it."

Thankfully, it turned out fabulous.  It's all ombre-ish, watercolor-y, and chervron-ish.

(I just made up three words in a row there.)

Finally, I spruced up the front porch.  I eventually want to sew some cute seat cushions for these chairs and I am considering spray painting the whole bistro set a fun grass green.  We'll see....

So there you go.  A classic case of one thing leading to another- or six.  

And finally in closing, and just in time for Mother's Day gifts...
...I've got some more of these lovelies stocked up in my shop.  I also have a few irregular ones listed for half price, here. (They are the ones where I didn't like the inconsistencies of ink transfer in a corner, or a wrinkle got in the way of perfect ink transfer, or I smeared the tiniest bit of ink someplace.  They are still completely cute... they aren't like Etsy freak show products or anything like that.  (They are ones I normally give to my Mama.  Ha!)**The irregular ones are already SOLD OUT. Thank you guys!**

Happy (Almost) weekend everyone!  It's almost here... yippee!!  


  1. I am SOOOOOO glad that I am not the only redecorranging fool out there!!! Most people say upon entering my home "something is always different when ever I come over". It's true and I'm no longer ashamed!! It's just the way it HAS to be!!!

    Loving those towels, may have to wait to sell a few more cookies before squeezing them into my budget <3

  2. i have the same re-arranging issue!
    LOOOVE IT! :)
    so i'm wondering if you've ever thought of sheers or cheesecloth on the windows instead of frosty paint?
    don't really know why i thought of that except my OCD would go into overdrive about the fingerprints. ha!

    1. Mmmm YES I have!! I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to do right now... and what my budget will allow.

  3. Everything looks great. The photos are amazing! I used to never keep family pictures around because I couldn't figure out how to do it without it seeming cluttery. Now I love them on the walls. Your lampshade is such a jump-out in the room. I love it!

  4. So now I know your "nail hole tricks of the trade." Thanks! I love redecorating, too. It keeps things fresh and alive. I love how your lamp shade turned out. We just bought the Ikea shoe cabinet Tuesday and put it together last night- wow was that a lot of parts! Those photos are perfect. I plan to do photos above our shoe cabinet, probably hung on the wall.

    1. And did the putting together process just about do you in?? LOL Swedish pictoral instructions are a sure way to punish my husband. Poor guy. LOL

    2. Haha! I was in charge of handing my husband 4 of the round thingy-ma-jigs and 6 of the short screws with no point and so on! Good times!

  5. Boy do you motivate me! I can't get over how you really make your home so cozy, so REAL! I love the little touches you add here and there to feather your nest! Have a great afternoon...I am off to get highlights!

  6. Girl I'm terrible at decorating and you're so good at it. I have a bistro set like yours and painted it many times love it, currently it's back to black and when you make those cushions let me know how I have been looking for replacements that fit every since our dog ate them a few years back.

  7. Love, love all your redecorranging! I'm thinking I could probably shuffle some stuff around here for a new look, but I get happy with the way things are and just leave them that way.

    You always bring a smile to my face and to my heart! Blessings my dear!

  8. Love the changes, the colors, patterns, and pictures!!! I'm getting the urge to do something similar around here. :)

  9. Love whenyou change things up. It inspires me.
    I think I have an idea for your french doors that will allow for privacy and still be pretty to look at. I need to snap some pictures and then I will send you an email.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I LOVE that guitar photo---LOVE, Love, LOVE!

    And all the splashes of aqua in your house!

    I've done some decorranging, too, around here. I really want a new look, something fresher and more colorful...but I just feel bad throwing the old stuff out or getting rid of it...ugh!

  11. Hey Sasha, Finally have a day off and some time to sit and read some of my favorite blogs. You home looks wonderful as usual. The patterned pillows definitely make a big statement and brighten up the room for spring. It was great to catch up on the happenings of LMM. Have a wonderful weekend!


  12. I am so glad to see that you turned that pic of JJ strumming his guitar into a canvas...and you're right, the one of Ava is a keeper.

    Your redecoranging is beautiful.

  13. Was a tough day for me here so I decided I needed to come see how Sasha was doing what you were up glad I did! You always inspire me, cheer me and make me want to come for a visit!

  14. that chevron-esqe lampshade is amazing. you are incredible - you are the best redecorranger to live. all the pillows take the cake! LOVE.

  15. Love what you did - the lamp shade is amazing. You inspired me to do a little something with my kitchen window sill and I mention this post in my post today. God bless.

  16. I LOVE your home decor posts. When I saw the title, I purposely saved it to read when I could savor it--redecoranging is my favorite! My poor family goes to look for something, but it's somewhere else. Your lampshade is fabulous. ♥