Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring break. Seriously? (And winners)

The only word that comes to mind today is... "Ugh."  
(Okay not really.  I've got loads of words.)
But I have the worst flu bug I've ever had, and it's spring break and that's the one word I keep texting to my husband while he works diligently to provide for my family...
 ...because I'm the worst sick person ever.  I have this twisted need for sympathy and I've honestly never felt this bad.  I think I have every possible symptom you can get when sick.  Hence, the "ugh" I keep sending to Adrain. I'm supposed to go roller skating on Thursday with my friends (technically our kids are supposed to be the reason we are going) and I'm going to be so upset if I have to miss it.  Which I probably will.  Plus my man can't get sick this week no matter what, with his job, so he's sleeping in the guest room.  Not my favorite.  At all. Double Ugh.

Because I may be dead by the end of this week, (heh, heh) I need to pack a lot into this post while I've got fifteen minutes of energy, mkay?  Which also means I don't have to time for proof reading.  But then again, when do I ever?  Ha!

 Resurrection cookie recipe can be found here.  They are awesome and we love the symbolism.

 I got a lot of questions as to why a Christian family like ours, would seek out the celebration of Passover during Holy week.  Awesome question, and I posted an explanation of last year, which can be read here.

 I tasted my first peep.  Grossest thing I've ever tasted in my life.  Of course, my taste buds might have been slightly off, pre-flu and all.  Still.  Ugh.
I've got a few random house photos to share, along with the Easter photos.  Because why not? 
 It's still alive... but some of the tips are turning brown.  What does this mean?  Am I killing it?!  Does it also have the flu?  Ugh!
 We (I) needed a bit of color in here.  I had been wanting to make that chevron remnant into a pillow for EVER, and finally just did it last week.  It kind of unleashed a whole redecorranging process upon the house.

 This is Mr. Chickenpox.  My children used to ride him when they were toddlers.  He used to be black.  Last week I painted him grass green using leftover paint in the garage, distressed the heck out of him with a palm sander, and fell madly in re-love with him.
The kids were not impressed.  They liked him black.  They aren't very big change-agents. (I however, adore him all green and beat up like this.)

Random winners of the Jeanne Oliver creative course are; 
1) Happy Hodge Podge
2) Christy@MCH Photography
3) Kearsie
4) six3design
5) Nantucket Daffodil
(** Winners email me at and I'll get you hooked up with Jeanne.**)

Operation Slash the food budget for March results are in.  
First, don't get sick right at the tail end because if you're not fully stocked up on medicine, gluten free bagels, applesauce, cough drops, tissues, AND you also miscalculated and ran out of dog food, you're going to go over the budget.  It's a fact.  Ugh.

However.  We did awesome comparatively to the previous months when we were spending double what our budget actually was... so our April challenge is to stay UNDER it no matter what.

And we will.  "So let it be written.  So let it be done."  (Yes, I have been watching hours upon hours of the Ten Commandments while sick.)  

I have a couple of new and returning blog sponsors to introduce to you as well (you just "met" Jeanne Oliver who is a beloved returning sponsor) And brand new to LMM with lots of great recipes, is Debbie, at Deliciously Inspired. 

Also returning, is sweet Barbara, who just took some gorgeous photos on a recent trip to Napa Valley. Looking at them, I felt like I was on a mini vacation for a minute.  (Until I came back to reality and realized I still had the flu.)

And now I am going to go lay down.  And blow my nose repeatedly, groan a lot, take my temperature, sip water, and text "Ugh" to my husband a bunch more times before the day is over.  

He is one lucky man.


  1. Oh, no fair being sick during spring break. Hugs and healing energy being sent your way.
    I like the rooster...

  2. Oh, and, you may be watering too much...

  3. Get well soon, Sasha! Sending love and sunshine your way xxx

  4. You're so funny!! I'm sorry, I am, I shouldn't be laughing at someone who will be dead by weeks end....that's some serious flu!!!! :)

    I pray that God refreshes, renews and restores your body and mind as you rest this week. Drink plenty of fluids and sleep, sleep, sleep!!!

    I was looking at beautiful, bright pillows at hobby lobby last night, saying to my kiddos that they would look so nice on our couch (which is the same as yours) but they didn't agree! Dang it! They were 50% off, I should have done it!! My room needs a make over desperately!!! There is no color in there, except brown and black and more brown. One day we'll get to it.

    Love your pics, your kids are beautiful - loved the one with Joe and his guitar....what's that blue think clipped to the neck? My Joe is a guitar player too!

    Ava is precious, love her hair up in ponies.

    Rest my friend (can I call you that?) In my head we are great friends, so I'm going with that, kay??

  5. So Excited, I won a spot, Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!! Hope you get to feeling better soon

  6. No... say it ain't so! You shouldn't be sick during spring break. Ugh! Hope you're feeling better soon -- in fact, in time for rollerskating tomorrow! Tomorrow for us is Chipotle' and a movie. This week has gone two fast!! xo ~Sally

    1. *too* fast. (OH my, I really do know the difference b/t to, too, and two! LOL

  7. Hope you are recovered very soon! Love love that chicken :)

  8. To be sick over Spring Break- NO FUN! I hope you feel better soon. :) I like the green chicken. My kids don't like when I change things either. I currently moved my boys rug into my craft room. But I'm prepared to move it back if they mind!
    My plant, that is a lot like yours, gets brown on the tips and has for the last year and is still alive and doing well! I don't have a green thumb but I THINK it has to do with humidity levels. :) But don't ask me how to fix the problem. hehe

  9. OMG!!!!!!!! I won the coarse.Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.Can you tell I'm excited. I need a boost.My life is in the dog house,not even ,dog houses have a roof. Thank you for the contest. I am sending you sunshine from Florida.Hope you feel better soon.Just rest,no cleaning doing dishes,laundry or making dinner.Let the kids make grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly for dinner. REST.

  10. Ughghgh!! Feel better soon, Sasha. (My daughter adores making the Resurrection Cookies)

  11. ugh!
    girl, i am praying for you.
    Lord, kick this nasty stuff to the curb!
    and please don't let anyone else get it!

  12. Well, you may be feeling UGH but you have definitely not lost your sense of humor. What an lovely entry in spite of your flu. I do pray that you are on the road to recovery and back to your normal routine. Loved the Easter pics, such precious children. May it be a most blessed day for you!

  13. I don't think I've ever won anything before and I am so excited!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway.
    Hope you're over the UGHs real soon.

  14. Did you take those close up pics of your kiddos? Dumb question--of course you did. Where did you have them printed to be all big and square. I want to do that on my staircase--I don't hAve the mad photog skills you do--and you live too far away for me to sweet talk you into taking them, but maybe if I can find out how you printed them that will at least be one step down! Feel better--you are too sweet to be so sick!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. It's been on it's way for about a week....And I was fighting it hard. Then, I made the mistake of a quick trip to Seattle......I am DOWN too! UGH!

    Hope we BOTH get to feeling well soon. :) Your little changes around the house are cute. I especially the pillows.

  16. Maybe we can sit on the "ugh" couch together. =) I have a cold that is lingering since last week, and I am SO READY for it to be gone (and for me not to feel like the only thing my body is capable of right now is producing too much snot). (Was that too much information to share with a virtual stranger? If so, my apologies.) =)

    Hope you feel better very soon. And when you do - don't worry about trying another Peep. They really are that bad. =)

  17. Hope that you feel better soon Sasha, get plenty of rest!

  18. So sorry you are sick. That is not a fun way to spend spring break. Hope you get to feeling better so that you can go rollerskating.

    Off to Cannon Beach today. I'll post pics so that you can take another mini vacation. :)

    Hugs & Prayers,

    mama of 12

  19. Get well soon Sasha. I really sympathise, I had flu at Christmas and it was rotten. Sending super-energy-charged wishes from England x

  20. I do hope you feel better soon, and I have to tell you that you are seriously funny even though you are sick. (Sick as in not feeling well. Not sick as in twisted. But maybe sick as in awesome.) (Slang. Ugh!)
    Each of your "Ugh"s was perfectly placed. Well done. ;)
    Seriously...take care!!

  21. ugh!!! i'm sorry :( I always say, mama's just CAN'T get sick. they just can't. there's no time for it!! feel better, love!

  22. Well shoot! I hate to hear you're sick. :( I hope you get well real soon and can get on those roller skates. :)

    1. I forgot to say how much I LOVE your green rooster!

  23. LORD JESUS, I pray for Your divine healing for Sasha. During her "down time" remind her of Your great love for her. Provide for all her needs according to Your riches in glory in CHRIST JESUS. Love, prayers, and blessings sent your way precious sister!! :o)

  24. Just a few things:
    I am sorry you got hit so badly with this flu bug. Be kind to yourself as you recover.
    Your pictures are beautiful and the pictures of your children are keepsakes.
    Your home has that feeling of comfort (the come in and stay awhile feeling) and I personally like the rooster
    green - it pops.
    Debbie - Deliciously Inspired -