Sunday, April 28, 2013

Still EXPECTING. I just am. (And winners)

We had a sock hop at the kids' school Friday night, so I'm going to entertain you with a few of the photos from that night while I fill ya in on life.

Do y'all remember back in the week of New Year's when I first said I was going to go into this year expecting good things because I believe that God meant what He said when He promised that He has a future and a hope for our life... and that He came not only so we could have life, but have it to the FULL?  I talked about it here too.  And blabbered some more here.

Lately, we've been dealing with a lot of random crisis moments that I can't share details about here.  My Dad who pretty much knows about all of them, had a really good chat with me on Saturday morning.  He told me that Adrain and I remind him of those people in circuses spinning lots of plates.  I laughed.  Truth, right there.  As we verbally walked through so many of my fears, worries, frustrations and hopes, we were talking about how it seems everyone out there is experiencing so many of the similar issues.  No one is spared from a life without issues at one time or another, but it matters how we move through those trials. 
Many of you remember a year ago last April, when our two-year-old puppy, Lucy, was hit by a car, two days into a much-needed vacation.  I remember that afternoon so clearly.  Adrain and I had been working out things in such a way, that we felt our heads were finally breaking the surface of the water, so to speak.  

We were reading some amazing books and encouragement was ripe for the picking.  We were getting so excited, and we had promised to put the kids to bed that night and really focus on the amazing changes our hearts were beginning to take.  Then we got the frantic phone call from my mama who had come home to find our dog missing from her backyard.  We loaded up the kids and headed back home.  After driving for seven hours through the night, with many phone calls from my police officer brother who had been calling buddies in our city trying to locate any stray dog reports... we arrived home just in time to put her to sleep.

I can't tell you the tail spin that one event sent me on.  Well, if you read my blog you've probably picked up on the roller coaster of emotion over the past year, as I scrambled to regain ground I had suddenly lost.  I can't fully understand why that (or any other yucky things) had to happen.  This week, we are facing some health issues with our Daisy pup that may mean some big decisions.  It would seem unbearable to me to ask my children to say goodbye to two dogs in the space of a year... but I know this;  Not one thing touches my life without first passing through the hand of God.  He knows my family (and so many of yours) is weary.  But He also made me a promise several years ago and just this morning, the words of that promise sprang back into my view.  "Because of the LORD'S great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail.  They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." (Lamentations 3:22-23)

I believe it. And oh how I love it.  I feel like I kind of came back full circle in so many ways with just the reading of this sweet promise in our family devotional today. 

We all juggle plates... but we can do so expectantly.  Because great is His faithfulness.


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  1. Echoing your thoughts with an AMEN!
    Your hoodlums look so adoreable. Loving their outfits and those antique cars.

  2. Those kids have grown so much and they are just gorgeous.

    You are a fantastic plate juggler by the way. Keeping you in my prayers.

  3. Sometimes it takes our Daddy to remind us of what our Father says. Blessings to you and your family, Sasha...and those pics are such fun!

  4. ARE one of my favorites.

  5. God grows our character through the ups and downs of this life journey. We wish we could have the hard times skip our children; that they wouldn't need to know the tears of loss, hurt and fear. (I'm sure your daddy still feels this way about you.) Yet as you pointed out God has allowed the challenging time to pass though His hand and He alone can use those times to bring us closer to Him. One of the most important things a parent can do is point a child to Christ so they learn where to turn for help and where to go to say thank you. If the hard times didn't come would we seek Him? It is always my experience that I seek Him more when I'm hurting, that I am more open to spending time with Him and learning.

    The sock hop pictures were fun.

    PS - I hope your dog is going to be okay.

    Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

  6. Cute pics!

    Gotta tell you . . . the Lord gave us a big slice of HOPE this week, in one of the plates we've been spinning. Hop over to my blog to read about the huge breakthrough with our Little Miss. God is working!


    Laurel :)

  7. SO, so true. Thanks for the reminder. Praying for your family this week!

  8. Yes, this is so true! We all have spinning plates, I love this analogy! I'm so sorry about your dog, I pray for a miracle. Love your pics, your kids look great!

  9. Love the beautiful pictures. I'll be praying for your sweet Daisy.

  10. Highlighted those very same verses yesterday! Have been praying for your puppy and the entire situation, especially as I walk my own two dogs, you weigh on my heart as I put myself in your shoes. Thankful you are once again willing to share what you are learning through the trials, and the reminder that God promises we always triumph. Will be praying for it all.

  11. Oh, sweet Sasha. I hate to hear about your Daisy pup. Hoping all is well. Sounds like your daddy is a wise one. LOVE the Word you shared.

    Your photos are fun!

    Yee Haw! I won! I'm so excited!! :)


  12. After being without a working computer for some time, it feels so good to be able to "see" you again! Ava and JJ are adorable in their outfits! I hope they had a wonderful time! I missed reading your blog, I have a lot of catching up to do! XO

  13. So sorry to hear about poor daisy, Oh my your boy looks like a young John Travolta lol

  14. "Not one thing touches my life without first passing through the hand of God" That one truth can change a persons life, if we allow it! Thank you for the truth reminders!

    Your kids are so beautiful! I love how "Joe" is rocking his slick hair, it looks like he really enjoyed that! And Ava is looking more and more like you - what absolutely beautiful shots you captured of her!

    Have a blessed week - from on plate juggler to another!

  15. I so needed to read that scripture you put on your post. Thank you so much!

  16. love this of your kiddos. spinning plates gets pretty darn exhausting. praying some of them fall away and the right ones stay intact!

  17. Look at your Sock Hop cuties!! So adorable.

    I'm so sorry about Daisy. That is just sad. Praying for you. His compassions are deep and wide - carrying us through much. Praying you feel His comfort in big ways.


  18. Once again your post is what I needed.I'm jugling (sp) turkey platters!!!! And they are crashing all around me. I have some huge big life altering decisions to make .I 'm not sure if they are the ones God wants me to make because I don't know what door is the right one to go thru.Oh how I wish I could clearly hear him.

  19. i love your heart.
    life is so hard sometimes and the unknown is scary and well.....just unknown!
    i want to KNOW everything RIGHT NOW LORD!
    but maybe i don't, really. i definitely wouldn't have wanted to know that we were losing our farm, but looking back, He was so gracious to spare my heart those details.
    He plopped us right down and covered us with His wing and told us every little thing would be all right if we would just trust.
    and He took care of it.
    all of His time.
    of course we still have questions, whys and the such, but we know that like you said, it's how we move through these times and Who we cling to.
    love you and your realness...the way you are able to express yourself honestly here.


  20. I absolutely love to read your blog. I am so often on the same page as you. That's absolutely true of this post. God's been working in the lives of my little family with work and future plans and the ups and DOWNS of it all have been so difficult. Today, God has been working on me to be thankful and to thank him for what I have instead of focus on what I don't. I am struggling with that because I can't see what he's up to! But he is speaking to me today and the message is loud and clear and your post has been part of his speaking to me. Your words, "Not one thing in my life happens without passing through the hands of God first..." So huge and that verse in Lamentations really spoke to me where I'm at. So great! Thank you for giving yourself to blogging. The things you write are amazing and have an absolute impact for the kingdom. Thank you for being open to sharing because today, God has used you to encourage and teach me.

  21. Thank you for this today. We are juggling health issues with my son and they seem insurmountable. A mom is only as happy as her unhappiest child - you've head that saying? It's true.

  22. Liz! Your little boy should be a model or an actor...he TOTALLY GOT the whole "cool guy with a Camaro" thing

  23. I'm so sorry with all you are dealing with!! I usually don't comment, but I am a faithful reader. I wanted to share with you real quick - I recently saw Sara Groves in concert - she wrote a song called "Open My Hands" that might be an encouragement to you - it comes from Psalm 84:11 - that he witholds no good thing from us (salvation, peace, etc.).

  24. joe looks entirely too grown up in these pics!!!

  25. I love that we are to expect. I love to thank God before hand.

    So nice visiting with you tonight. New follower of your blog.

  26. I'm so sorry to hear that you guys are going to have to give Daisy to a new home. Are your kids asking for another dog or are you guys going to give it a break for now?

    glad you are leaning into the truth that nothing comes our way that doesn't pass through his hands..
    praying for you all...