Monday, April 8, 2013

The problem is, I'm always changing my mind...

Can we be frivolous for a few minutes?

We CAN?!

That is precisely the reason I love you.  We can go from my last post where I was wrestling through frustrations, hurts, and tears after a week of being in bed with the flu... and we can jump straight into the meaningless.  Thank you.  (And side note- I never post anything that doesn't directly pertain to the moment I'm living in at the time.  If I'm posting an encouragement, it's because it encouraged ME first.  You know that, right?)

Let me begin by saying that I am tired of watermarking my photos.  So I'm not going to do it anymore.  I've had photos flat out stolen and of course you can only protect your images just so much... but for right now, I would much rather skip that part of editing.  The only edits I generally do are resizing anyway.  So there ya go.  I am lazy... and please don't steal my photos.  (Of course, pinnning, borrowing and linking back to me are never an issue.  Just saying.)

So.  What I came here to share is this.  I get so bored with things always the same.  Do you too?  Especially if my life is going along in a never ending yawn of same-ness.  Not that I'm saying that mine is....  Okay, I'm saying that. 
Case in point, this guest room/office/den space.  It's a room I spend a lot of time in.  Last night at dinner, something in my brain snapped and I couldn't take that room for one more minute.  Not one more, I tell ya!  After my man had put his fork down, I dragged him by the arms and then bossed the muscle around for ten minutes while he put everything in the places I pointed.

 He truly deserves awards.  Most of them would come from putting up with me.  But then again, I do bake him pie.  Give and take.  That's what keeps a marriage alive, yes?
 Okay so what I love about this room.  I love the bedding.  It's scrumptious.  I love the spring sheets I just changed out and put back onto the bed.  I love the furry pillow sitting in the espresso leather chair that my husband picked out years ago.  I love the ruffled aqua pillow.  I love the zebra pillow.  (Apparently I've not met a pillow I didn't love.)  I love the subdued gray paint covering the narrow chest of drawers.  I love the tall lamp (But the shade bores me.  More on that later, I'm sure.) I love the candle chandy that's imperfect and crooked.  I love that I didn't cuss while putting it together because I'm sure there's an award in Heaven waiting for me on that one. I love the antlers under glass that my Montana peeps sent me.  I love the painted armoire that houses our computer.
 What I don't love... is that there is an obvious "right" wall for the bed.  We all know it, and it's prettiest when snuggled up against the striped wall.  It's all smashed in the corner now, partially under two windows and that will bug me until forever.  However.  I am coming to terms with the fact that nothing in life is perfect, no plan is perfect, no solution solves every problem, and sometimes you've got to choose the lesser of the evils and in this case, I needed room to breathe.  I needed to see a patch of flooring and move the bed so that piles of paper don't get stacked neatly across the end.  (Not that I'd ever name names.  Ahem.)
 I love the original VW painting that inspired my entire blog make-over a couple years ago.
 I love textures.

And also, I needed to take photographs of something.  My fingers itch sometimes... just to snap something!!  And in case you needed a laugh, since we're being frivolous today... this Ava-child.  Such a hoodlum.  Would not smile for her mama.  Stinker.

So... any rooms in your house drive you crazy?  Have you gotten to the point like me, where you no longer care if it "looks pretty"... you just need to breathe and make it work better?

Or is that just me?


  1. for awhile every room in my house drove me crazy. literally! but kelly has been brightening things up with a can of paint here and there and it's making a world of difference. keep me where the light (paint) is. : )

    i love the changes you made. keeps things fresh!

  2. :-) Sometimes I get those wild change-em-up hairs in the middle of the night and just have to act on them! Too many beautiful ideas/creations/colors/schemes to keep things the same for too long...
    So glad that you are feeling better!!

  3. Your room looks beautiful like that! I like the bed in the corner. It looks cozy and just right. But then who am I to talk...I've tried so many unconventional furniture arrangements that I'm sure I don't even know what's correct anymore. I even put my kitchen table in the living room and a sofa in the kitchen for a while.

  4. FRIVOLOUS? Oh yes, lets. But, you know what this means, don't you? I have to go back and find the original guest room post, and see what it USED to look like. I love to see comparisons. I would love a little room like this for guests -- and another little space to decorate, of course.

  5. I love it! Yes I totally understand both the "can't take it another moment" feeling, and the "get over perfect and let it work" feelings. Have them on the reg. That bedding looks so scrumptious I could jump in it right now for a lovely afternoon nap! :-)

  6. Every room - all the ding dong time!!!! In fact, its beyond time that I do something about it!!! Too bad we are on opposite coasts!! You could come over and give me fresh perspective!! :)

  7. I surely know what your saying when you say you couldn't take it another minute. Shortly after Christmas I was itching to clean out and do a makeover on my daughtes/guest bedroom. I was wanting to carve out a space for a sewing area and redo the bedding and ....blah blah blah. You know the scenario.
    My hubby was out of town and I enlisted the help of my son to help me mover furniture...LOL, because I wanted it done right then!
    Change is always nice, especially when it doesn't cost a dime, just some muscle. :)

    I'm so sorry for yelling. I am overwhelmed with how much I can't stand my home. I want to like it, and make something of it, but...there's so! much! stuff!
    Sigh. I love this post. I love that you are so dang funny. And here's something to make you giggle. I read "candle chandy" and was like,"What the heck is that?!" Then as I scrolled and saw the chandelier...DING DING DING! The light bulb! It went off! ha! I learned something new today...thank you very much. :)

  9. I hear you sister. I'm one of your newest followers and I appreciate your honesty and your words of encouragement. I'm going through a rough spot in life, living in a little bit of limbo here and I totally understand what you're saying here. I'm holding onto His promises...

  10. I think it looks great! But you always manage to make it look wonderful:-) My whole house needs a makeover. I moved into this house almost 3 years ago, & everything is off. Our things were perfect at the old house, but just doesn't work here, sigh:-( Maybe one day I will be able to tackle each day.

  11. I think I like to change things around a lot...all my stuff has been in storage so long I can't remember....

    I WILL have a house again someday and i'll be painting walls every other day i'm sure ;)

    I love the mirror on the stripes. Good one. :)

  12. you just flipped up my whole room compass upside down. i'm thrown was one way and i'm trying to wrap my brain around this other way! waaaaaa! it always looks good. always. and it definitely wins most comfortable bed ever award...just sayin'!

  13. The room looks great. I really like the nail cross you have hanging on the door.

  14. I've been following you for over a year. Each night a new post pops up in my email, I am eager to read any words of encouragement you found helpful. Your decor...refreshing. I was actually in the midst of sprucing up our 1970's kitchen on a $0 budget when I stumbled onto your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share. Time is precious & your followers appreciate your generosity of shared time. As long as you're blogging, I'll keep following :) May peace be with you, always.

  15. Change is good--even if you like to change things a lot:) Beautiful space created by a beautiful face. Glad you're feeling better!

  16. I always enjoy seeing your redecorating - mainly because I fall on the exact opposite side of the spectrum. Once I have the furniture set a way that I love, it's likely to never change. My current apartment is a perfect example - my bedroom furniture has been in the same arrangement for all five years of my living there. I've debated moving it around, but the logical side of my brain has never found a new arrangement that would work as well.

    So all that is a long way of saying kudos to you for following your decorative instincts, and thanks for the inspiration! =)

  17. What a beautiful room...I love the colours. I was wondering if you could tell me as to where you got the cross that hangs on the door of the room with the ribbon?

    Thank you for your inspiration.

  18. Oh, yes. So much so that we just put our couch directly in front of the fire place in our family room. No joke. I'm sure it's considered a cardinal sin of decorating, but the previous formal arrangement and the sideways tv watching were not worth it. Plus, the fireplace doesn't work, anway. Go with your gut, right?! :)

  19. Glad you're feeling better - and I LOVE the flooring in that room. So pretty!
    And yes... the teeny tiny room my two big girls share.... spatially, visually, asthetically challenging .... not helped by the fact that I hate bunk beds. Really hate them. sigh. But... it could be smaller right? Or I could be trying to squeeze 3 children in there - or TWO sets of bunk beds.... so I'll try be thankful :)