Tuesday, May 28, 2013

...as promised.

(I just realized that my last two posts have had "little green eyes" as the cover photo.  That kid.  He loves the camera.  His sister has to be coaxed... JJ does not.  Ha!)

I promised to share our teacher gifts.. so "TA-DA!"  (grin)  Both my kiddos said their teachers liked gardening.  This may or may not be true and could also have merely been an impression they got simply by hearing that a teacher did "yard work" all weekend.  I'm just saying.  Kids, you know?  They assume.

Regardless, we're going to go with it for the sake of argument because this is what the hoodlums wanted to make/give.  Potted herbs.  Last year, they got breakfast in a bucket.  Which was super cute but my kids suddenly have opinions on these things. 

 I stamped some cardboard tags and found some really cute magnet letters at JoAnns.  Then the kiddos wrote a note on the backsides, and dangit, but I forgot to read JJ's!  His random, unfiltered notes are always the best for entertainment. I normally photocopy them. I'll have to make them all into a book and give it to his future wife someday.

And then we'll all roll around on the floor laughing our heads off at things like JJ filling out a questionnaire and writing that one of his goals for the future was to "have a fulfilling 401K." 

Adrain may or may not have rolled on the floor when I read that one.

And we may or may not have photocopied the entire thing and brought it out for future laughs.

And I may or may not have snuck a photocopy of it to my parents so they could laugh too.  
 We found (and fell crazy, happy in love with these sunshine-y yellow pots.) Even if we couldn't handle doing the fabric covered ones that I was dying to make, these were so cheerful it was difficult to be sad about that. 

(This is what coaxing looks like.  So you know.) 

This is what "zero coaxing required" looks like.  In fact, there may have even been a, "Hey Mama, get a shot me doing THIS!"  What a ham.
 It got a little messy but they loved it. 

And FYI- he often freezes what he is doing if he knows I'm standing there with my camera so I can get a nice shot.  And I never ask him to do that.  Ever... he just does it!!  See?  A total ham.

Sweet, and simple.  I hope it helped our teachers know that they are so appreciated. Do you do teacher gifts too? 

And now.. for this yummy little recipe! 
 Debbie, from Deliciously Inspired shared a recipe for these yummy looking Stuffed apples.  So simple, quick and fun, and my hoodlums went nuts about them.  Debbie's stuffed apple recipe, can be found here  (We used the toppings we had on hand but hers look so good!) What a perfect after school snack. If you don't know Debbie yet, please click on over to visit her.  She's a sweetheart and I know you'll love hanging out and browsing some of her other yummy-looking recipes! 
 We (as in JJ and Ava) topped them with peanut butter, shredded coconut, sprinkles (thank you Debbie for the AWESOMELY fun idea!) and butterscotch chips.  So yum.  They were gone in minutes.  Which is really too bad, because I want one right now. 
I'm working on more antique mason jar dishtowels and the cute lobster dishtowels (from last summer) this week.. but I've got three of these babies up for grabs (here) for whoever wants them.  Think teacher gifts! :)  I might be completely in love with the polka dotted ruffle. 

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Jessie May said...

Oh those teacher gifts are very pretty, they will love them no matter what. Don't you just love tying cute labels on things, it makes a gift really stand out. And I think I'm going to have to go on a yellow polka dot fabric hunt tomorrow. Ohhh, I wish you lived nearer, I would so pop round!!

Lorraine and Jessica said...

So cute!! You come up with the best ideas :)

Grateful said...

Ah Rats! Someone beat me to those precious dish towels! I'll keep my eyes peeled for your others coming up:) what type of stamps did you use on the tags and from where if you recall, I like that font...

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

i think this is so awesome because the kids got to help! making it an even more meaningful teacher gift. hunter's teachers got gift cards. LOL. i'm lame sometimes.

also, those apples are really fun. my kids are going to love that.

Nantucket Daffodil said...

I love that sweet towel with the ruffle! And I do teacher gifts....your sweet blue Ball jar towel with a blue ball jar and some other treats! So you are my teacher gift...how funny!

As a teacher, I would LOVE that pot of herbs...made with love! I have enough candle s and mugs to start a shop! My favorite gifts are those that show the kids got to know me....or a sweet note from a student or parent.

Christina said...

Love the teacher gifts! They are perfect. My mom is a retired teacher and I remember she got so many #1 teacher mugs it wasn't even funny. Those apples look yummy and make me very hungry now. Thanks for sharing!

Deanna said...

Dani saw that picture and had to have her own apple right then. Luckily we had sprinkles and chocolate chips. Yum.

ashley j said...

So sweet! That's such a thoughtful gift. I'd love one of my babies bringing in plants for me.

And those apples- yum-o!

D said...

My kids fell in love with those apples when they saw them. Thank you for sharing them. I love the teacher's gift:-) Pinned it.

D said...

My kids fell in love with those apples when they saw them. Thank you for sharing them. I love the teacher's gift:-) Pinned it.

brockey said...

I wanted the towel.....I guess you snooze you loose :(

Barbara said...

These gifts of yours are just so darn cute and thoughful. I wat a fullfilling 401k too tell Joe when he figures it out let me know.

Lisa Joy said...

I saw you pin those pots tonight on Pinterest, but didn't realize you had made them. I was *this close* to sending you a comment saying, "These totally look like something you'd make with your kids!" Guess I was right about that one. Hahaha. :)

Michele Smith said...

What sweet gifts! Those apples look so fun, my daughter would love them!!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Super cute idea, totally pinning that one for future reference

Between You and Me said...

those are adorable.
Here's what I did for teacher gifts this year....since I'm the teacher...I got myself a pedicure. the end.

I feel bad for saying this, but Luke has 7 teachers in middle school...so I didn't do anything. SHAME.
I need to change this next year...but what in the world could I do that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg?

Farmgirl Paints said...

seriously girl your craftiness should be put to use on martha's advisor panel. that's all i gotta say. it just never stops. they will love these!

d.l.hallock said...

Oh this makes me happy.
Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

d.l.hallock said...

Happiness - glad your little ones enjoyed the stuffed apples.
Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

d.l.hallock said...

Here I was just enjoying your post on the teacher gifts and wham! I saw the apples and thought look at that someone else's does apples like this before realizing you were referencing me. Thanks Sasha - really appreciate it. Love the teacher gifts. I worked at an elementary school for years and the getting a beautiful pot of herbs is a stellar idea. I, too, was disappointed I wasn't fast enough to get home from work and score one of those towels. Tell the children I think their apples are wonderful and very patriotic.
Debbie @ DeliciouslyInspired

Tiffini said...

if i didn't know better i would think you were perfect....ha!
no i don't do teacher gifts anymore.
i miss those days..now with grace we did christmas but middle school starts to
be a little tricky..they have their favorites but you can't just give one or two and
not all 7?:/
love ya