Monday, May 13, 2013

Finding Help.

I am always blown away by this amazing blog world.  Of course I do realize that there are yucky people out there who leave snarky comments and such, but my experience with that side of blogging has been rare.  In fact, my experiences with people via emailing, commenting, encouraging one another and such, has always been overwhelmingly positive. 

Last week when I un-customized my blog on accident, I panicked.  (I had never reverted to a new template design, back when Blogger was making template changes and therefore, I had never been able to do any customizing for the little appearance-type things such as font, color, and size choices.  I couldn't widen my margins... that sort of thing. Drove me nuts to have a vision in my head but not be able to create it.)  After messing up the entire thing, and frantically texting a few of my buddies, my friend Carissa pointed me to  Pink+Lola.  (And I LOVE the look of Carissa's blog.) Not only are the Pink+Lola blog templates gorgeous, they are also reasonably priced.  She offers all kinds of services and customizations.  (I love her stuff and these photos are two beautiful examples from her shop.) The thing was, I have always designed my own blog header and sidebar buttons... and my cute little VW bus has become my brand, so I didn't really need a template overhaul.  I simply needed help and guidance with some uncooperative tweaking.

The shop owner, Kelly, didn't know me from anybody.  But she graciously offered advice  from the kindness of her heart, and I followed it.

It worked.  Day saved. Yippee!

I've almost got everything on the screen how I see it in my head. I only have two more "tweaks" in progress. One is that "Pin-it" button that appears when you roll your mouse over a photo.  I'm not 100% sure I want it... so I'm still thinking on it.   

Anyway, I don't know if you are looking to make-over your blog, switch something around, or make some customizations but please consider this sweet woman.  She works with Blogger and Word Press. I think you will be so pleased! 

What has your blog experience been?  Has it been positive and encouraging?  Do you have your blog looking just how you want... or are you feeling like the vision you have in your head doesn't match?  Do you use Blogger or Word Press... or something else?  And how do you like it? 


  1. Awesome. My experience has been a lot more sweet than sour. I think the worse things that have happened is some mean comments on my blog and not being able to have a response from Bloglovin on why my pictures aren't showing up. But that's hardly worth mentioning when I think on the lovely people I've met.
    Debbie@Deliciously Inspired

  2. Glad you got things worked out, Sasha! I've thought about that "pin it" button too, but... it kind of frustrates me when I'm reading a blog and I see that pop up over a beautiful photo... so I've decided not to for now. Whatever you decide, stay true to YOU. xo

  3. thank you thank you!! i'm getting down to the wire; going to start a new business page/roll over my blog on FRIDAY and I've been searching for good templates. Wow! She has such beautiful stuff!
    Hope you are having a great week!!

  4. Dang wish I had come across them last month, just updated mine, But I must keep her shop in my favorites. Loving your side bar

  5. glad you found someone. i was clueless. really need to take a class or something. wouldn't that be nice! to actually know what we were doing and no be scared of the computer;)

  6. I toy with the idea of having someone help me with mine all the time. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  7. Love the little changes!!! Glad you got the help you needed.

    I have only seen the good side of blogging too...Thankful for that, for sure! There's enough ugly in the world, I don't want any more.

    As far as design goes, I pretty much love mine. I'm thinking about MAYBE changing up things on my side bar a little bit. Maybe. I got forced into the overhaul the same way you did, I accidentally changed it and EVERYTHING design wise was no more. I didn't have any of it saved or backed up either...OOPS! It worked out great though! After a few hours, I had a brand new, clean look and I still love it. And I know, should I ever get tired of it, I can do it all over again.

  8. Could have fooled me, I always thought your blog looked great and the new look even better. I have tweaked my blog so many times, I can't count them. I'm with blogger and recently had deleted the template by accident. That was a headache, but a blessing in disguise, because I like the new template. I usually tweak things once in a while, kind of fun and helps me keep my creative juices flowing since my blog is currently blah.

  9. It's nice when we find nice people, happy you found the answer.

  10. Love the new font you're using for your post titles and body copy! Very clean looking. What's the name of that font?

  11. I'm loving it over here! So clean and fresh. So glad Kelly could help you - she really is suh a sweetie!

    By the way, ladies are going crazy for a chance to win a towel. It's so cute. You are amazing.


  12. Your blog looks great. For about a year, I changed my blog template over and over and fiddled with everything constantly. I'm sure each time previous visitors came back, they didn't even know they were visiting the same blog sometimes! (And I accidentally wiped out my changes several times!)I even wrote a blog post about "blog design syndrome." I finally settled on a design I'm happy with (at least for a while.) Honestly, your content and photos are so great, your design isn't as crucial as some.