Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Life is full of good patches.

One of my favorite things about sending my kids off to school is helping out with field trips.  Back when we home schooled we did a lot of field trips, but I don't remember feeling as relaxed as I do now.  Maybe it was the kiddos' ages... we were really struggling back then (hence our decision to home school) and I felt like I was constantly chasing JJ.  I guess, truth be told,  I was.  He was a runner.   It stressed me out so much.  Then I'd pull him aside approximately every five minutes, to "coach" him.  I'd look around at all the relaxed moms with cooperative little kids nearby,  not running and climbing things... they were simply visiting with one another building relationships, and in that season of life, I felt like I didn't fit in anywhere.  
Funny how time changes things.  Matures kids.  Relaxes Mamas.  It's a good patch.  We just pulled out of a fairly tough one, and I'm seeing good growth again.  I know this mother hood thing is like a tide.  Ebbs and flows. Good and bad.  Easy and rough.  I'm liking the good and wish we could stay parked on this patch indefinitely.

I suppose the trick is, grasp it while it's around and appreciate it.  Give thanks for it.  Enjoy it.  Laugh through it.  Doesn't it always kind of come down to that?  Grab that good with a thankful heart.

 And this, ladies and gentlemen... is a caddisfly.  The kiddos were doing a freshwater survey and they needed to collect some invertibrates.  (I will willingly die rather than drink from a creek after seeing what they pulled out today.) Anyway the girl doing this part of Joe's study told me that caddisfly's make the casing they live in, from tiny rocks... apparently people buy them, put them into tanks and scatter the bottom of the aquariums with rhinestones and the like.  Then they caddisflies make their little house casings and when they become adults and leave the casings, people use them for jewelry.  So if you ever see "caddisfly jewelry" at your farmer's market or something... you'll know what that came from. 

Guess what my expression was when she shared this informational tid bit with me?  Ha!

I sure do love this curious, inquisitive, knowledge-craving kid.  I know these posts are more for me than they are for you all... but I have to document these fleeting moments because before I know it... they'll be gone.

"For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right." (Psalm 84:11)

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  1. glad to hear youre in a good patch my friend.
    much love you good mama you!

  2. Oh. My. Stars. Can I relate to your first paragraph. I am so right there with ya sister. We actually haven't made our way clear of those times, but it's getting a lot better fast. So glad we can homeschool and work it out in our own way.

    Fabulous that Joe is able to make things work and that you have a support system around you to make it easier.
    Continued blessings...

    Oh, and that tree shot from below to the sky? Stunning!!!

  3. Girl you are so not alone, i have been in your exact shoes before too! Chasing my son everywhere, while everyone else was sitting and talking...ughhh it was so frustrating. I have just shared my journey with my son on my blog. I promise you are not alone.. We are currently in a good patch too and it feels so good! your son is so handsome!

  4. I love the good patches. And as odd as it may sound...I love the ending of rough patches...because I can always look back and see how God has carried us through yet again. :)

  5. Thank you for this good reminder Sasha - good patches are a special blessing along the path of this parenting journey, yet so often I fly right through them without stopping to enjoy them. We're in a rough patch with our uniquely gifted boy right now and it's just hard. Lot's of prayer and reminders, but honestly there are days when I wonder if anything sinks in. I'm looking forward to the next good patch and the lessons we'll learn from this present struggle!

  6. When we homeschooled I was all about the field trips. I found out they learned better from real life hands on. Plus it was nice change of pace to get away from the "school room" so to speak.
    My kids were the opposite. They never veared to far and when they did they were always looking back to make sure I was nearby. I do understand your plight though. I have had friends who had "runners"
    I know I love your posts whether it's one life this one or one with a recipe or decorating. I love them all. Love how you share your heart on being a mom, wife and woman.
    Love the inquisitive pics of JJ. That hoodlum of yours has the most beautiful eyes.

  7. Grab a hold of this good patch and document away! Then when it's needed as a reminder, you have it to help get through the rough patches!!

    Your pictures are gorgeous - don't ya just love spring with all it's vibrant shades of green? Makes my heart happy <3

  8. It is funny how I know deep down in my heart that you truly are a good momma even though we have never "met"! Keep up the good work my friend! XO

  9. Your son has his
    momma's mega-watt
    smile and I'm guessing,
    her warm heart, too.

    My 14 year old grew
    12 inches over the last
    three school years. It
    literally happens before
    your eyes, although you
    don't really "see" it until
    you look back. Now I'm
    looking up at him {which
    is really saying something,
    as I'm 5'10'} and those
    same little boy eyes are
    still there.

    Enjoy this GREAT patch!!

    xo Suzanne

  10. Field trips with older kids rock! Your son looks just like you in the bottom picture!!!! What a fun field trip....nature is the best classroom.

  11. good patches are wonderful...
    JJ looks SO much like you in that last shot. :)