Friday, June 14, 2013

FAQ, etc, and a winner!

Lots to say and this photo has nothing to do with anything.  Bear with me.  I'm preparing for sweet family-type company and a relaxed BBQ tonight, along with scrambling through the last four days of school (I am mentally SO done people) and Adrain's grandmother's funeral is tomorrow so we were up late tweaking the eulogy. (Well, Adrain was tweaking it, I was watching Superman.) Adrain is reading it.  And honestly it's the sweetest tribute... made be bawl.  She wasn't my grandma but I've actually cried quiet a bit over this loss, especially knowing how special she was to my man.  Loss is just sucky.  Anyway, I've gotten a bunch of email questions lately so I wanted to whip some of them out before the weekend hits. I'll try and get to the rest of them once school is out! 

***The winners of Paige's giveaway were Wendy, Cheryl, and Robyn.***
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Q: "Can you recommend a good bible study book that I can do solo?" 
LMM: Actually YES!  I'll be participating in the online Gideon study through the Beth Moore blog this summer, here.  I'll be blogging on what I'm learning and I'd love to hear what you guys are getting from it too.  I bought my book at and then took it into Office Max, had them slice off the binding and put a spiral on it.  (Around $4.00) 

Q: "How is your Operation Slash the Food budget going?" 
LMM: It's rocking awesome.  Snack bins and portioning out food for each week is the bomb diggity.  (And yes I still say that sometimes.)  Here is an example of the hoodlum's snack bin.  It's a good mix, even though they are mostly ignoring the pumpkin seeds.  We have hit budget with food purchases the past two months. You can read more about our plan, here

Q: "Do you have any good summer recipes?"
LMM: Well. I don't know if it's great, but I made these peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter/chocolate swirl frosting yesterday.  (The recipe explains how to get the swirly effect in your frosting.) I used a regular recipe and then used GF cup for cup flour.  I think they are kind of dry but still yummy and they look pretty.  (If I made them GF again, I'd probably use 1 cup of canola oil instead of 1/2 cup butter.) I'm guessing this recipe would be better if it was made with loads of gluten.  (grin)

Q: "Your them! I get my hair is almost the same color, and amount of highlights, but yours seem more vibrant. Do you use bleach? I use a hi lift tint. If there is any specific color, or amount of highlights (full head, more than one color, etc) please let me know what it is! I will bring it up to my stylist" 
LMM: This question cracked me up and thank you!  I actually kind of cringed at that video I posted last week, because my hair was two days away from getting hacked off for Summer and colored.  I honestly don't know the specifics of what my hairdresser does.  We do about fifteen foils and then she puts toner over the whole thing which helps with my grow out and keeps the blonde from being too wild.  (The hair color you saw in the video was actually something different that we tried last time and didn't work for me, so I just went back to the old way of coloring it-above.)

Q: "Got any good makeup and style tips for a stay at home mommy who is drowning in a sea of toys and diaper changing?  I'm so exhausted and can't always get a shower in.  I feel like I've lost myself in all of the daily duties!" 
LMM: Oh bless your heart.  Been there, done that!  I just posted a great video by a fellow blogger with some date-night makeup tips by Almay, here.  (Make sure and check it out- it's got some wonderful product ideas that might help point you in the right direction, and I personally use quite a bit of Almay products because they are in my budget.  Gotta love that.) Also as far as style goes, in my previous post, I shared about a great workshop my blog friend Paige is doing!  As for my own personal advice...I had two kids in diapers for two years, and I get this.  It really helped me to get myself dressed at some point in the day and put on at least one accessory. Showering was really the main goal but just brushing my teeth and putting on a pretty pair of (tug resistant) earrings was often the best I could do... Those little things really helped me feel like a woman- and it WILL get easier someday.  

In closing... I had to share this quick story.  I told y'all how fun it is to see my man on Instagram and how cute he is. He just posted a photo of an old barn on there for me. Love that man. (You can follow him @adrainbrodeur.)  Well, the reason he's on IG is that, he recently got himself a phone upgrade.  I was so excited because I wanted to surprise him with it for Father's day, (because he spoils me rotten and sometimes I like to plot and return the favor and also because his old phone barely worked) and I'd been saving up for it... but then they had a big sale at the phone store AND he traded in our old laptop for a credit toward it... and anyway, he got a smart phone for a screaming deal.  Screaming deal fits our budget right now.  Amen.  Okay, so he discovered "Galaxy" which is like Siri for i-phones I guess?  (You can ask it just about anything and it will respond with information or something in this lovely woman's computer-generated voice.)  All I know is that while we're setting alarms and plugging things in for the night, he carries on these conversations with Galaxy that make me laugh so hard I'm afraid I'm going to wet the bed.  He asks it things like it's favorite color (Apparently it likes shades of blue like the sky and sea) and it's favorite movie (Galaxy can't choose because there are so many great flicks out there) and it's favorite joke.  (Galaxy's response to the favorite joke was, "I like things like, 'Why did the mushroom get invited to all the parties? Because he's a fungi.'") We've asked it "Do you ever get tired?" and Galaxy responds with "There's nothing better than a good night's sleep to relieve fatigue."  It goes on and on and on until he tells Galaxy good night, and it responds, "Sleep tight."  And then we laugh and laugh, and go to bed.  It's the dumbest thing... yet hysterical for reasons I can't quite explain.  I guess that tells you the state of things in our world.

HAPPY WEEKEND dear friends. 


  1. oh that is hilarious!!!!

    i love your highlights
    & i always love a fun Q&A

    thank you for the shout out. you're so awesome

  2. That is so funny! I was giggling at the joke and am sure my kids will find it sooooo funny. Your hair and make up is always so pretty. I need to refresh my make up and switch to something a little more budget friendly.

    Have a fun BBQ. We will be at a funeral this Saturday, too. Always sad when someone passes away.

  3. You are filled with so much useful info have a great weekend and again so sorry about your loss.

  4. Oh my goodness! I loved reading this!!! Made my day! I, too, am doing the Gideon study and have been following you on IG (theboyandthelittles) as well! GREAT fun! I'm loving it and really, really look forward to your take and blogs on it as well!
    So very sorry for the loss and pray that the words shared will bless and bring peace.
    Be Blessed!

  5. Hey Sasha! I was surprised to hear your voice on your video has hardly any southern-style accent! I guess it became more subtle over time! My son recently traveled to Seattle from Lethbridge, Alberta. It's a very long bus ride. He has a regular teenaged-boy appetite. I thought he would spend a LOT on food for the six days! I was so surprised he managed to spend under $60 for the trip. That's two meals a day for five days minus two suppers. I was pleasantly surprised, as I expected he'd need well over $100. He also got to go to really coo, fresh markets to eat. If we did that in Canada, there would be no markets (maybe in two Canadian cities) and $60 would last about two days. So I guess the lesson here is that I'm not surprised people from Lethbridge travel the 2-3 hours to Great Falls, Montana to get cheap stuff!! lol..... Canada is quite expensive by comparison with a LOT less selection. Partly because the law requires all products to be labeled in French and English. Lethbridge has about 100K population and services the surround farm areas of another 175K. We love WalMart. We have two of the large Supercenter variety. They just helped to put the Canadian equivalent, Zellers, and a smaller, local dollar store out of business. We cannot do the supercouponing thing very easily here. We have different rules and less coupons available. You post about such interesting items for unbelievable prices (unlikely possible to find the likes of in Canada). Sometimes I find myself wanting to go to the US just for more food options and better prices!! No real point to my ramblings, other than maybe some interesting comparisons....... and know that if you ever send you kids on a school trip to Canada, to send double what you think they'd need for food!! ;)

    1. I love Alberta, mainly, Three Hills. It was interesting to read about Lethbridge and high prices in Canada. I visited my friend in Three Hills last year and was so taken with the town , I didn't really notice that the prices were higher but I do know they are. Even so, I still think I would choose to live there if I could. I love your Looney (dollar) Stores.

    2. New technology boggles my mind. My daughter-in-law has a new phone that she can speak a message into and the phone picks it up and sends it as a text message. In the last one she sent my son, she said "I'm almost to Ledore. The gophers are bad here." It showed up on his phone as "I'm almost at the door and the gophers are fat a---- " Sounds like the old game we used to play called "telephone"

  6. so happy for adrain. he is going to have a blast. sounds like he already is. : ) saying a pray for you as you are with family this weekend for his grandmother's service.

    also! i wanted to do the bible study but child care filled up before i could register. so i will live vicariously through you. tell me all about it! : )

  7. Girl, always love your posts. Especially the ones where the picture has nothing to do with it. It usually means we are going to get a lot good stuff...funny stories, recipes, etc. it's like talking to an old friend and we only have 20 minutes to catch up and we give each other the "highlight reel" of our lives at the moment. Love it!
    Praying life slows for you a bit this week. We all know what it's like to be "mentally done". When mama isn't happy, no one is happy.
    Your story about Siri had me laughing hard. My hubby and I did the same thing when he got his iPhone. Too funny.
    Emailed you about the giveaway. Have. Blessed day girlie!
    Hugs, Cheryl