Monday, June 24, 2013

Sliding into Summer

 Hi my friends.  As soon as the kids got out of school last Wednesday, the rain moved in.  Then my man had to leave town on business over the weekend, and gets in late tonight, so we've been hanging out at home doing... nothing.  Ha!  The rain is totally un-motivating so this is short and random.  I'm trying to tell myself that it's actually summer.  It's hard to believe summer has arrived while looking at gray skies (these barn/cow photos were taken last week when the sun was out, momentarily) rain, and temperatures in the 50's. (Hurry and come summer!)

I always laugh how moving one piece of furniture into another room turns the whole house upside down into a big party of moving other things to clean underneath and behind, etc.  (Because as soon as you see what was behind the thing you moved... you suddenly realize it's like that behind everything!  And maybe that's just me.) Since my man was gone last night I took the opportunity to clean and organize a ton of things that I'd been putting off.  JJ helped me move a dresser from the guest room into his room. (We decided that his tiny under-bed drawers were no longer cutting it.) That created a hole in the guest room.. and well, you know how that goes.  Slowly a game of musical chair-furniture commences.  (And yes Alicia, you totally called it when you said things wouldn't stay the same all summer like I planned them to stay.  LOL)

 Plus, I had to reshuffle this area for the sign I won from House of Belonging back in December.  (I had my big white cabinet sitting here but it felt too high to me once the sign was hung above it, so I flipped it with this shelf.)

 I LOVE this sign.  There is a passage in the bible about sparrows that has about a dozen notations and dates from the journey I've been on these past few years.  It always pops back up when I seem to be needing reassurance in my story. 

I filled the hole left from the dresser that used to be here with this delightful stack of vintage suitcases.  (My brother in law gave me the two gray ones a couple of weekends ago and I've had the tan one for a while.) I hadn't been sure what to do with them or where to put them.  I think they like their new home.

Psalm 84: 3-4 "Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may have her young—a place near your altar, Lord Almighty, my King and my God. Blessed are those who dwell in your house;they are ever praising you."

How was your weekend?!  Don't forget to enter the Noonday Collection necklace giveaway, here!  I'll be announcing a winner on Friday.


  1. Hi Sasha! IT is hazy,hot and humid here in Boston with the temps in the 90's. Why can't we both meet in the middle with temps in the 70's/80's? Yesterday I was going through your photos of your home for redecorating ideas. I think I need to be on the waiting list for your guest bedroom! XOXO

  2. I just love seeing photos of your home! Inspiring and refreshing! Can I ask where you took the barn and cow photos? With my hubby gone all week, we seem to work on the weekends...we need to get out and see some of that!
    Loved church yesterday...need to start my reading!
    Have a great week!

  3. As much as I loved that white cabinet, I do like the shorter bookcase w/ your new sign -- which I love btw! You have such a design sense. I love your house to pieces, and think I wouldn't change a thing. Then you change something, and I think it's perfect the new way! LOL

  4. Great new home for the cases, I love them as well. I know what you mean about not keeping anything the same around the home. Hubby said good thing he is not blind because he would never be able to walk around...LOL Well thank God for that as well. Well thanks for sharing your changes, have a blessed day. :-)

  5. Oh Sasha, btw you should enter my give-away for a free RAMSIGN House number. :-) You can find it here:


  6. love that sign you won. it was made for your house. looks amazing.

    praying for your family today. trusting in Him to do some great things.

    love ya!

  7. Love the new sign. Can you share where you got the candle holders and the crocks for you rolling pins ?

  8. That sign is great! And it's in the perfect spot too. I'm with you, where is summer? I actually had a fire going in my fireplace on the 20th. The 20th of June! Can you believe it? It felt so wintery, I just wanted to feel cozy. Love all your photos as always.

  9. Sasha, your house is simply perfect. I love the sign - Tiffani is so talented. You have a knack for decorating. I wish you could come over and play musical chairs with my furniture! I know you could do great things. Have fun with your kiddos this summer. Susan

  10. It's been raining like crazy here as well, and then, in between, it's Hot and Humid!!! Which translates into: GROSS!!!! I pray Adrain made it home safely last night <3

    The house looks great and refreshed for summer....I love the little bookcase in the kitchen. Your corner lazy-susan and crocks, cow & chalkboard is great! Love, love, love the candle containers on the counter...they're so industrial and somehow summery!!

    When I saw the suitcases I thought I hadn't seen them around your place before and then, no wonder....recent score...they look adorable there. I have a similar stack of old suitcases...they're so fun!!

    Two of my kiddos decided to paint a wall in the boys bedroom last weekend and then it was a move around party as they changed up as much of the room as're so not the only one girlfriend : )

    I pray the rain stops soon for you, heck for the country, there seem to be storm cells all over the stinking's to a blessed summer no matter what the weather brigns - Our God is bigger than that!!♥

    Love ya!

  11. That sign....I love it! I would like one of each of their signs. That would be a fun form of 'wallpaper'. :)
    And my weekend....I had my first ever booth at a vintage/junk market! It was fun, but hard work! And my whole family was in town! That made the weekend crazy loud and busy. :)

  12. Hi Sasha,
    I really like the marshmallow saying in your kitchen - made me giggle.
    Debbie @ Deliciously Inspired

  13. it all looks just right, it rained here the last two days now it's hot such crazy weather and we are off to Santa Fe NM where it's hotter!

  14. I love your new night stand! Looks great

  15. waiting and praying as you guys anticipate what's next. :)