Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Photo Recap

We had a really full weekend starting Friday afternoon with extended family coming in from out of town, a big BBQ/campfire in our backyard, Adrain's grandmother's funeral on Saturday, more family time all afternoon, park time, hanging out with Adrain's cousins and siblings while Joe tried to catch crawdads and Ava played with a lizard named Bob, more BBQing, and then goodbyes on Sunday ending with a little evening celebration of coconut oil popcorn and basketball on the TV for Father's day. (And if you haven't tried popcorn cooked in coconut oil, you are seriously missing out.)  

My kids played hard for the past three days, and they just dropped last night.  They stayed up late the past several nights giggling with cousins in sleeping bags.  (I can't lie-it was so much fun to see them all having a good time, amidst the sadness.  Those are precious memories in the making.  I always remember slumber parties with my cousins whenever we stayed at an Auntie's house.)  

This is our last week of school (Done on Wednesday afternoon) and I am mentally toast.  It was a nice service and there were lots of emotions and tears and it kind of drains you.  It got me thinking deeply about the kind of funeral I hope to one day have.  And how I need to go about living my life in order to get that result.  My prayer is that I have so many loved ones and friends, they have a packed house with standing room only.  And that nobody wears black because I know exactly where I'm going when I die and there's no sadness in my heart in finally making that destination.  It better be nothing short of a party.  I hope they sing worship songs and that the gospel is preached and anyone who doesn't know where they are going in the afterlife, gets a chance to learn about it before it's too late.  I pray that there's an open mike with funny stories, touching moments, and plenty of laughter- mostly at my expense.  I pray that I leave a big gaping hole where my life once stood.  I pray that my kids are close and that if I am given the gift of years to enjoy future generations... that I am KNOWN and that I KNEW them.  Really knew them.  So in light of that, this post is a smattering of random photos from our weekend, along with some song lyrics that I was listening to on this morning's walk.    

"When you feel like you're alone in your sadness  
And it seems like no one else in this whole world cares  
And you want to get away from the madness  
You just call My name and I'll be there"
-Third Day "Call My Name" Lyrics

 "Days will come when you don't have the strength  
And all you hear is you're not worth anything  
Wondering if you ever could be loved  
And if they truly saw your heart they'd see too much
You're beautiful You're beautiful  
You are made for so much more than all of this  
You're beautiful You're beautiful  
You are treasured, You are sacred, You are His You're beautiful
Praying that you'd have the heart to fight  
'Cause you are more than what is hurting you tonight  
For all the lies you've held inside so long 
They are nothing in the shadow of the cross"
- Mercy Me "Beautiful" Lyrics 

"All of you, is more than enough for, all of me,
For every thirst and every need,
You satisfy me, with your love,
And all I have in you is more than enough.

You are my supply, my breath of life, still more awesome than I know,
You are my reward, worth living for, still more awesome than I know."
-Barlow Girl "Enough" Lyrics 
Do you know where you're going when you die? You can find out why I'm unafraid of death and confident of my eternal future, here. Do you ever think about what you want your funeral to look like? Do you want it to be a party like mine?

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  1. Such a touching post, Sasha. So thankful to have you as a fellow sister in Christ.

  2. So glad there was fun in the midst of sadness. And friend when you go there will be a gigantic gaping hole no doubt. You just make life sweeter.

  3. Oh friend that made me cry. It also made me laugh because I also have my funeral planned! I thought that I was the only one my age who did that! I love that you have peace knowing where your sweet granny is now. Could that be more fabulous? I pray that God fills my daughter's life with people who love her, that she has a husband who is her best friend, and children who will "get" her like I "get" her. The only difference in our funerals Sasha is, that after the preaching is over, the disco ball will lower and everyone will dance like Saturday Night Fever. I want to go down as the disco queen too(: Blessings. Susan

  4. praise Jesus for your boldness and the Hope that we can have.
    blessed assurance! Jesus is mine!
    these kind of posts make me all giddy and goosebumpy.
    have a great week, sister.

  5. This is such a beautiful post Sasha. I want you to know how much I appreciate having you as a "bloggy" friend. Teaching in a Christian school, I make significantly less than public school teachers. Yet, when I see amazing ladies like you writing about your faith and sharing it with everyone, it reaffirms that I might be making a difference in someone's life. XOXO

  6. What beautiful words, Sasha. I'm so glad there were sweet and fun memories even in the sad times. Thank you for sharing the tender parts of your weekend as well as the fun.

  7. joy in the midst of goodbyes... that can be our reality because of jesus. what a gift. so thankful to see this gift at work in your lives. xoxo.

  8. Sorry for your loss. Great pictures as usual and you look great in green! Also, your words are perfect on how to live a life after God's heart. Great reminder on how you want to be remembered.

  9. This is my favorite post ever. I loved every bit of it. Funerals are so very bittersweet. May you all find peace that she is with the Almighty and at peace as well. Easier said than done, but sounds like you got a great start surrounded by the ones you love this weekend.

  10. Praying peace for your family...

  11. Beautiful post. I too think this was one of the most touching post. Thank-you for saying you want to be remembered. I've said the same thing and people just look at me as if I just grew a second head, which made me feel like I was self centered. Jesus has been my personal savior for 33 yrs. now, and to read your post....made my heart swell with such happiness that I had found a person that isn't afraid to make her stand, and in love past that knowledge on so that others might have the joy of knowing Christ as their personal Savior. Thank-you Sasha
    P.S. Joe not smiling in 2 photos! Unheard of! lol Love your pictures.

  12. Love all of the pics. Glad that your weekend was BLESSED in the midst of sadness.

    Laurel :)

  13. Do you use photoshop? I love your photos!

    1. No I just use my shots straight out of the camera. I resize them on PicMonkey because it's free, but that's all I do. I am currently taking an online Photoshop class and I can't wait to try it out once I've learned it!! :)

  14. I just found your blog and it is gorgeous! Your family, your home - I love it all! I'm Courtney over at One Fine Wire - if you ever get a chance to come visit, I'd love to see you there!

    Thanks so much, and so nice to meet you!